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Incomplete Thought: The Time Is Now For OCP-like White Box Security Appliances

— Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen some transformative innovation erupt in networking. In no particular order OR completeness: CLOS architectures and protocols are evolving the debate over Ethernet and IP fabrics is driving toward the outcome that we need both x86 is finding a home in networking at increas...
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Gates Foundation & Our IoT 2040: Nice Contrast

— The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently identified four keys areas in which to focus for the next 15 years: Health, Farming, Banking, and Education. Bill himself holds forth on a regular basis about the challenges facing many billions of people in the world, particularly in Africa, as well as the opportunities t...
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SDN and Gartner’s Hype Cycle By @MartenT1999 | @CloudExpo [#SDN]

— Many years ago Gartner introduced their technology Hype Cycle, which maps visibility against maturity for new technology. The Hype Cycle in essence states that many new technologies get a large amount of visibility early in their maturity cycle. The visibility and enthusiasm drops significantly when reality sets in: te...
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Sorry, Box, but free is not a business model

— Free is not a sustainable business model. Everyone knows this, especially those who lived through the dot-com bubble 15 years ago. Everyone, it seems, except for cloud storage investors. Billions of…
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Enterprise Content Management in the Big Data Era

— There is no doubt that Big Data is one of the major trends in the IT industry that has developed and matured over the last few years. Financial Services, Healthcare and Energy are just few examples of industries where enterprises … Continue reading → Author information Michele ...
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4chan founder Chris “moot” Poole steps down

— Famous and infamous in Internet circles, moot built 4chan over 11 and a half years.
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Remembering AWS Evangelist Mike Culver

— Earlier today, after a hard-fought battle with pancreatic cancer that lasted nearly two years, my friend and colleague Mike Culver passed away leaving his wife and adult children behind. Mike was well known within the AWS community. He joined my team in the spring of 2006 and went to work right away. Using his business...
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IBM hits the $7B mark in cloud, but what does that mean?

— IBM has pledged to deliver a $7 billion cloud business by 2015 for a couple of years — and now, according to its own numbers, it’s achieved that goal. On its fourth quarter 2014 earnings call, IBM CFO Martin Schroeter said — a couple of times actually […] IBM hits the $7B mark in cloud, but w...
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Redefining Clinical Imaging and Unstructured Content Management

— For more than two decades, hospital imaging strategies have focused on radiology departments using picture archiving and communication systems (PACS). But in recent years, the science of clinical imaging has made huge advances to further the capabilities that the healthcare … Continue rea...
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Enterprise Incubator Alchemist Lands $2.1M From Impressive Backers

—  The Alchemist Accelerator started two years ago with the goal of creating a platform to help promising enterprise seed-stage startups. Today, it announced $2.1M in funding that should provide enough capital keep the company going through the first quarter of 2018. The round is led by Mayfield with help from Ty...
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SAP’s lower profit guidance blamed on “tough” cloud transition

— SAP, like its enterprise software competitors, has been talking cloud for years, putting a ton of effort into promoting HANA as a cloud-enabled in-memory database for example. But early Tuesday, a preliminary earnings report for its fourth quarter 2014 had analysts wondering about just how well it’s executing ...
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The New Data Science and Big Data Analytics Text Book – Another Best Seller from EMC?

— Alok Shrivastava “An unparalleled best-seller” is how the leading publisher, Wiley, describes EMC’s Information Storage and Management book. We had taken up the ISM book project few years back to address a serious skills gap across the IT Industry. The book helped hundreds of thousands of...
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Five Things You Need To Know About Microservices

— Scott Bils The concept of microservices is rapidly moving up the hype curve in 2015 as enterprises look to further replicate the successful models of Amazon, Netflix, and other cloud-based disruptors. But as with many technology trends in the past few years, the lack of a commonly shared defin...
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The ‘IT-ification’ of Business… By @ExtraHop | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— A few years ago, there was much ado about the “consumerization” of IT, and its impact on IT operations. As a CIO, “consumerization” was an issue, but in my experience the more profoundly impactful trend has really been the “IT-ification” of business. I’ve spent the last 20 years watching as information te...
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Project VRC “State of the VDI and SBC Union 2015” Survey

— For the last five years, Ruben Spruijt (@rspruijt) and Jeroen van de Kamp (@TheJeroen), two of the leading lights in the desktop and application virtualization market, have been working together on an independent R&D project, Virtual Reality Check (VRC). Together with Login VSI, they have published in-depth studie...
Jan 13 12:46:18 pm GMT / The Virtualization Practice»

What’s big in venture capital: Security, security, security

— Steve Herrod has seen a lot in the enterprise IT space, having spent 12 years at VMware — the last several years as CTO and vice president of R&D — before leaving in 2013 to join venture capital firm General Catalyst Partners. And right now, after […] What’s big in venture capital: Securit...
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4 thoughts on 4 clouds, from a guy who sees them all

— Sebastian Stadil has been managing cloud environments for years as the creator of the Scalr project and founder of the startup he built to commercialize it. It’s his business to know how the various public clouds work, and to understand how Scalr’s customer are using them. He […] 4 thoughts on 4 cl...
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Apache Hive creators raise $13M for their Hadoop service, Qubole

— Qubole, the Hadoop-as-a-service startup from Ashish Thusoo and Joydeep Sen Sarma, has raised a $13 million series B round of venture capital led by Norwest Ventures. Thusoo and Sen Sarma created the Apache Hive data warehouse framework for Hadoop while at Facebook several years ago, and […] Apache Hive creators...
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Dell PowerEdge VRTX through the eyes of the customer

— Ed. note: this post was authored by Charlie Rice, Information Systems Analyst, Trico Corporation For more than 90 years, Trico Corporation has provided our customers lubrication management solutions focusing on industrial equipment performance and reliability. We’ve done this by combining high-performance, globa...
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Midsummer Cellars

— I came upon Midsummer Cellars and its owner/winemaker Rollie Heitz while planning a day of tasting along the Silverado Trail a few years ago. What I love about this boutique producer is just how down-to-earth the entire operation is. Book a tasting and it’s Rollie that sits down and taste with you. The best part ...
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The Story of Apollo - Amazon’s Deployment Engine

— Automated deployments are the backbone of a strong DevOps environment. Without efficient, reliable, and repeatable software updates, engineers need to redirect their focus from developing new features to managing and debugging their deployments. Amazon first faced this challenge many years ago. When making the move to...
Nov 12 04:00:00 pm GMT / All Things Distributed»

Microsoft’s Biogas-Powered Data Plant Opens in Wyoming

— Cross posted from the Microsoft Green blog Josh Henretig, Senior Director Energy, Environment & Cities Two years ago, we announced a partnership with a number of private and public sector partners to build the first zero-carbon...(read more)
Nov 07 03:15:00 pm GMT / ms datacenters»

Three Years of Cloud Predictions

— I just published a series of 2015 cloud predictions, as have many fellow bloggers.  So to complement these predictions let me offer my 2013 and 2014 predictions, along with 2015.  I’ll let you decide which ones I got right and which ones I missed as we look to 2015: Dec 2012: Top Five Cloud Predictions for 2013 ...
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August 21, 2014 Computer History Museum Presentation

— Dileep Bhandarkar put together a great presentation for the Computer History Museum a couple of weeks back. I have no idea how he got through the full presentation in under an hour – it covers a lot of material – but it’s an interesting walk through history. Over the years, Dileep has worked for Texas Instrument...
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Microsoft Announces Largest Wind Project to Date

— Rob BernardChief Environmental StrategistWorld Wide Environmental Sustainability Microsoft is committed to reducing our environmental footprint, and over the past two years we continue to meet our goal of becoming carbon neutral. Our approach to meeting that goal, however, continues to evolve. Today, we are announ...
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How To Be a Cloud Mogul(l) – Our 2014 RSA “Dueling Banjos/Cloud/DevOps” Talk

— Rich Mogull (Securosis) and I have given  a standing set of talks over the last 5-6 years at the RSA Security Conference that focus on innovation, disruption and ultimately making security practitioners more relevant in the face of all this churn. We’ve always offered practical peeks of what’s coming and w...
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Redshift: Data Warehousing at Scale in the Cloud

— I’ve worked in or near the database engine world for more than 25 years. And, ironically, every company I’ve ever worked at has been working on a massive-scale, parallel, clustered RDBMS system. The earliest variant was IBM DB2 Parallel Edition released in the mid-90s. It’s now called the Database Partitioning F...
Nov 28 05:37:51 pm GMT / Perspectives»

Cloud in five years' time

— Here are my thoughts on the outlook for cloud in the next few years. Growth, disruption and regulation all loom large.
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ARM V8 Architecture

Years ago, Dave Patterson remarked that most server innovations were coming from the mobile device world. He’s right. Commodity system innovation is driven by volume and nowhere is there more volume than in the mobile device world.  The power management techniques applied fairly successfully over the last 5 yea...
Jan 02 05:21:02 pm GMT / Perspectives»

All cloud roads lead to applications

— How has our perception of cloud-computing services changed over the last few years? Where do we go from here? The answer relies on one key princi...
Jun 30 07:49:25 pm GMT / The Wisdom of Clouds »

I went home and cried realizing that I was about to spend all of the money I'd made

— Two years ago I sat down with John Keagy and David Hecht from ServePath (most widely known for GoGrids.com now).  Unfortunately later that day I had a hard drive failure, with little recovered. About six months ago I found a VIM swap file of my notes with them, and today decided I should post what I have. My hope is t...
Jun 10 03:04:46 am GMT / mhalligan's blog»

when architects worship the model and methodology

— In the last 4 years of IT architecture,  I’ve seen a movement to promote modeling and taxonomy discipline into the profession.    This has promoted consistency where more and more IT architects can model systems with less confusion...(read more)
Apr 29 05:36:39 pm GMT / Thoughts from the raised floor. Lewis Curtis Blog site»

Silicon Architecture will change the way we work

— I've been exposed recently to some incredible developments in the silicon world. Some that I cannot mention. However, I do want to share with you an opinion about how this world will impact our world. Over the years, servers, storage and network systems...(read more)
Feb 26 09:10:00 pm GMT / Thoughts from the raised floor. Lewis Curtis Blog site»

Softlayer releases a new Anycast DNS service.

— Softlayer just announced that they've deployed a new IPv4 Anycast based DNS service. This is particularly fun for me, because I've been running a large (200,000+ domains) authoritative DNS service using Anycast out of two datacenters for over three years now. I've also set this up for a few smaller ISPs and web startup...
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