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Report: New Start menu and free cloud-based Windows to debut this fall

— Microsoft will reportedly debut its revamped Start menu -- along with a free, cloud-based version of Windows -- this fall. According to information reportedly authored by Wzor, a Russian blogger notorious for his accurate leaks of Windows information, Microsoft will launch the revised, Windows 7-style Start menu inside...
Apr 22 11:03:03 am GMT / Cloud Computing - Infoworld»

See ya, Microsoft: Intel looks to Android for growth in tablets

— In case it wasn't clear already, Intel and Microsoft are no longer joined at the hip. Intel is trying desperately to grow its share of the tablet market, and with Windows flunking out on those devices, Android is where it's at.
Apr 15 11:43:00 pm GMT / Techworld.com Data Centre»

Window XP Rest in Peace

— Last week Microsoft finally stopped support and updates for Windows XP.  Windows XP might rest in peace but for millions of PC’s still running this operating system peace is the last thing they will feel. PC’s running this operating system will continue to work but Microsoft will not issue...
Apr 15 12:57:26 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

Windstream Automates Migrations to Cloud Infrastructure

— Now, up to five existing Windows or Linux servers can be migrated to Windstream Hosted Solutions vCloud infrastructure at no cost via Racemi’s cloud migration technology. Racemi, a provider of automated server migration software that streamlines the process of migrating workloads to public, private, and hybrid clouds...
Apr 15 12:30:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»

Microsoft's WIMBoot Trims Windows Tablet Storage Requirements

— The company spills details on a compressed, bootable version of Windows for devices with limited storage.
Apr 12 03:30:00 pm GMT / Data Storage - RSS Feed»

Windows XP expiration couldn't save PC market in Q1

— The looming threat of running an unsupported OS wasn't enough to save PC shipments from continuing their slide in the first quarter.
Apr 09 09:25:00 pm GMT / Techworld.com Data Centre»

How to run Windows XP in a virtual machine

— If the imminent end-of-support deadline for Windows XP has finally spurred you to make the update to Windows 8, you might be concerned about whether you'll still be able to run your old programs. Fortunately, there's a way you can run any Windows XP software you wish, using virtualization.
Apr 08 02:10:00 pm GMT / Computerworld Virtualization News»

Windows XP support ends today. Discuss!

— So this is today: Do you care?...(read more)
Apr 08 06:10:00 am GMT / Brian Madden»

Microsoft teases touch-first Office for Windows

— Microsoft teased a touch-first Office for Windows 8.1, but contrary to many experts' expectations, previewed only one app and declined to define a release window.
Apr 03 01:17:00 pm GMT / Computerworld Dell News»

Is the persistent VM the new user profile?

— Here's a simple question for Monday: in today's world (and moving forward), has the persistent Windows VM become the new user profile? In the "old" days, the value of roaming profiles was that they packaged up all of the important bits and allowed us...(read more)
Mar 24 04:03:00 am GMT / Brian Madden»

Microsoft tries to tempt XP diehards with $100 discount on new PCs

— Microsoft is pitching another deal at pry-XP-from-my-cold-dead-hands customers, offering them $100 off a new Windows 8.1 device if they spring for one that costs more than $599.
Mar 21 08:18:00 pm GMT / Computerworld Dell News»

Microsoft dangles $50 carrot in front of XP users

— Microsoft has anted up in its attempt to convince last-minute laggards to abandon Windows XP by handing a $50 carrot to people who buy a new Windows 8.1 device.
Mar 16 09:33:00 pm GMT / Computerworld Dell News»

Two tricks to automate the export of live VMs in Windows Server

— I bet you didn't know that Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V lets you export your virtual machines -- wait for it -- while they are running.
Mar 12 10:00:00 am GMT / Storage - Infoworld»

Review + videos: 3 convertible Windows laptops try to be all devices to all people

— We look at three Windows 8.1 convertibles that can transform into laptops, tablets or presentation devices, and try to discover how useful they really are.
Mar 11 10:30:00 am GMT / Computerworld HP News»

Microsoft hates RDSH. What if they killed it? Hyper-V is the new MultiWin!

— While doing research for our upcoming DaaS book , (look for it next week!), I spent some time—too much time, really—buried in Microsoft licensing documents explaining licensing for Windows client SA, SPLA, and Office. One thing that became...(read more)
Feb 24 05:03:00 am GMT / Brian Madden»

Microsoft sets Oct. 31 as stop date for Windows 7 consumer PC sales

— Microsoft has set Oct. 31 as the end of sales of new consumer-grade Windows 7 PCs, but for now has left open the do-not-sell-after-this-date for business machines.
Feb 15 07:09:00 pm GMT / Computerworld Dell News»

An analysis of Windows Azure’s strengths and weaknesses

— Windows Azure is emerging as a credible cloud platform for both startups and enterprises. Here is our analysis of the key factors that turned its fate around, and what it must do to stay relevant.
Feb 10 02:32:45 am GMT / GigaOM iaas»

Power to the portable: 3 high-performance mobile workstations

— When you're running a large-scale simulation or editing a professional video, you need more computing power than most laptops can give. In this roundup, we review three high-powered Windows mobile workstations.
Jan 28 11:30:00 am GMT / Computerworld HP News»

How to safely mingle personal and business data in a Windows world

— Work Folders, new to Windows Server 2012 R2, helps administrators manage user-created data in a BYOD environment.
Jan 09 11:30:00 am GMT / Computerworld NOSes and Server Software News»

Chromebooks charge into business market

— Sales of Chromebooks exploded from basically nothing in 2012 to more than 20 percent of the U.S. commercial PC market, analyst firm NPD reported on Monday, while Windows PCs and MacsA remained flat at best.
Dec 24 02:40:00 pm GMT / Computerworld HP News»

Security Best Practices for Developing Windows Azure Applications

— Security challenges exist in the cloud and applications must take these challenges into account. Our team recently collaborated with other security experts to publish...
Jun 11 09:07:00 am GMT / ms datacenters»

Microsoft Preps Array of Windows Patches

— The upcoming Patch Tuesday roundup targets a handful of fixes for Windows, several of which impact all supported versions of the OS.
Jan 01 12:00:00 am GMT / InternetNews Realtime News for IT Managers»