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Docker Raises $40M, Plans New Enterprise Tool for 2015

— Open-source Docker virtualization container technology gets a big vote of confidence from investors, with Docker Inc. receiving a new round of financing.
Sep 16 04:50:00 pm GMT / Virtualization - RSS Feed»

As the data center shifts to the cloud, VMware struggles to stay relevant

— For years, when you thought of virtualization, you thought of EMC's VMware subsidiary.
Sep 03 10:00:00 am GMT / Virtualization - Infoworld»

Data Virtualization Promises Flexibility, Efficiency

— What is good for infrastructure is also good for data, which is why many organizations are looking to augment virtual plans with data virtualization.
Sep 01 01:58:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

Global Storage Virtualization with GAD is GA!

— The global active device (GAD) feature that we announced with our VSP G1000 storage array on April 23 of this year has been released for General Availability after extensive testing of its use for both block and file storage by several key customer accounts. GAD greatly simplifies and automates high availability to ens...
Aug 19 10:48:05 pm GMT / Hu Yoshida»

Brian answers the BriForum "What would you ask Brian?" questions

— BriForum 2014 Boston just wrapped up. One of the cool things we did this year was to include the following questions on the registration form: If you had a chance to ask Brian Madden one question at BriForum regarding desktop or application virtualization...(read more)
Jul 25 05:37:00 am GMT / Brian Madden»

Cloud DR is the Future and the Present

— Since launching Archimedius more than 6 years ago I’ve enjoyed pontificating about long term trends, from the rise of virtualization security to software-defined networking and the internet of things.  Lately I’ve been on a data center consolidation and cloud DR kick, spurred by career choices architected to place...
May 13 06:16:29 pm GMT / ARCHIMEDIUS»

My Information Security Magazine Cover Story: “Virtualization security dynamics get old, changes ahead”

— This month’s Search Security (nee Information Security Magazine) cover story was penned by none other than your’s truly and titled “Virtualization security dynamics get old, changes ahead” I hope you enjoy the story; its a retrospective regarding the beginnings of security in the virtual space, ...
Nov 05 05:12:37 am GMT / Rational Survivability»

Got Questions on Desktop Virtualization? You're Not Alone.

— Read this blog posting on Desktop Virtualization to get some of your common questions answered.
Jan 01 12:00:00 am GMT / Microsoft Virtualization»