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Nutanix NX-3000 review: Virtualization cloud-style

— Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform brings resilient, cloud-like server and storage infrastructure to traditional virtualization deployments
Jun 01 01:13:00 pm GMT / Computerworld Virtualization News»

Why Microsoft Might Just End Up Owning the Future

— The past two years have seen an arms race at the high end of the virtualization arena. The biggest players in the space have competed furiously to add features and capabilities to their combined platform offerings, either by swallowing up smaller companies or investing heavily in product development. MDM, DaaS, hybrid ...
May 30 12:05:21 pm GMT / The Virtualization Practice»

Google Cloud previews Docker-based virtual machines

— Google is throwing its weight behind containers, an increasingly popular virtualization technology that can ease the process of spinning up applications in the cloud.
May 23 08:27:00 pm GMT / Computerworld Virtualization News»

Where are the performance specs for VSP G1000?

— In my blog post that supported the announcement of the VSP G1000 with SVOS, Storage Virtualization Operating System,  I described VSP G1000 as a unified storage platform that can provide approximately 4 million random reads for 8KB blocks or more than 1.2 million NFS operations for file. While the 1.2 million NFS oper...
May 23 06:08:51 pm GMT / Hu Yoshida»

Brian Madden's BriForum 2014 London "State of the Industry" keynote

— As part of my opening keynote at BriForum 2014 London this week, I talked about the state of the desktop virtualization industry. (Specifically the "Top 3" thoughts on my mind this year.) Unfortunately we didn't get that keynote recorded, though several...(read more)
May 22 03:40:00 pm GMT / Brian Madden»

Microsoft Releases User Experience Virtualization 2.1 Beta

— The virtual desktop solution gains Office 2013 and Windows 8 support, along with enhanced user setting roaming, backup and restore features.
May 19 09:20:00 pm GMT / Virtualization - RSS Feed»

Cloud DR is the Future and the Present

— Since launching Archimedius more than 6 years ago I’ve enjoyed pontificating about long term trends, from the rise of virtualization security to software-defined networking and the internet of things.  Lately I’ve been on a data center consolidation and cloud DR kick, spurred by career choices architected to place...
May 13 06:16:29 pm GMT / ARCHIMEDIUS»

My Information Security Magazine Cover Story: “Virtualization security dynamics get old, changes ahead”

— This month’s Search Security (nee Information Security Magazine) cover story was penned by none other than your’s truly and titled “Virtualization security dynamics get old, changes ahead” I hope you enjoy the story; its a retrospective regarding the beginnings of security in the virtual space, ...
Nov 05 05:12:37 am GMT / Rational Survivability»