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Application Virtualization: Is It Really the Tale of the Hypervisor?

— What influence do hypervisor offerings from VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft have on the application virtualization vendor solution? In the case of VMware’s Horizon View, there is only one choice, because the product does not function with any other hypervisor. And in the case of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop, many organ...
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VMware Partnership Opens VDI Space to Nvidia, Exec Says

— Nvidia official Sanford Russell says VMware's embracing Nvidia's Grid vGPU technology brings high-performance graphics to the desktop virtualization space.
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VMware just announced VMware Player 7 Pro. Is anyone using this for desktop virtualization?

— Yesterday VMware announced that they're going to release VMware Player 7 Pro . I'm curious as to whether anyone's actually using this in an enterprise setting? If you've never heard of Player Pro, it helps to take a look at all of VMware's desktop products...(read more)
Oct 02 06:13:00 am GMT / Brian Madden»

Brian answers the BriForum "What would you ask Brian?" questions

— BriForum 2014 Boston just wrapped up. One of the cool things we did this year was to include the following questions on the registration form: If you had a chance to ask Brian Madden one question at BriForum regarding desktop or application virtualization...(read more)
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My Information Security Magazine Cover Story: “Virtualization security dynamics get old, changes ahead”

— This month’s Search Security (nee Information Security Magazine) cover story was penned by none other than your’s truly and titled “Virtualization security dynamics get old, changes ahead” I hope you enjoy the story; its a retrospective regarding the beginnings of security in the virtual space, ...
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