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The Enterprise in an App-Driven Universe

— The enterprise is having to deal with app performance expectations from users. But users don't consider that enterprise apps can't compete with consumer app performance.
Aug 19 08:09:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

MongoDB adds paid support for its free software

— By offering users of its free software the same support it offers users of its paid software, MongoDB is actually making a pretty bold statement. As competitors encroach on its turf and IPO demands ramp up, the company is doubling down on its open source foundation. MongoDB adds paid support for its free software orig...
Aug 19 05:11:20 pm GMT / Structure ? Cloud Computing News and Analysis»

Selecting a Provider and Infrastructure for Running an In-Memory Database

— The need for database speed is always a given. Recently, application response time has been shown to not only provide customers with a better experience, but also directly impact the bottom line. Think about companies running mobile advertising networks that are paid for delivering an advertising impression to users sw...
Aug 19 05:00:42 pm GMT / GoGrid Blog»

SanDisk announces the Ultra II series of SSDs

— PC enthusiasts dig the very fast solid-state drives that SanDisk builds, but the drives in the company's Extreme Pro line can be pricey. The Ultra II series of SSDs that SanDisk announced today target mainstream users who focus on price first and performance second.
Aug 19 03:55:39 pm GMT / Storage - Infoworld»

Sponsored post: “Are we there yet?” IT teams share plans and concerns with SaaS

— More and more SaaS solutions are targeting business customers, and while business users are eager to leverage cloud apps, business IT hasn’t been. Is IT warming up to SaaS and if not, what’s holding them back? We ask IT teams if they’re finally ready for SaaS. Sponsored post: “Are we there yet?” IT teams sha...
Aug 19 12:55:52 pm GMT / Structure ? Cloud Computing News and Analysis»

Linux-on-the-desktop pioneer Munich now considering a switch back to Windows

— City Hall claims that users aren't happy with Linux, costs are higher than expected.
Aug 18 08:51:29 pm GMT / Uptime»

@CloudExpo | Migrating Apps to the #Cloud

— Security professionals are constantly negotiating the tension of balancing ease-of-use with data security. Savvy security professionals know that their users will often choose a less secure technology that makes getting things done easier over a more secure technology that makes getting things done more cumbersome. The...
Aug 16 08:00:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»

Why Apple Is Storing Chinese Users' Data in China

— NEWS ANALYSIS: Some countries demand that local user data be stored locally. Apple reportedly is storing Chinese user data in China, and that's a big deal.
Aug 16 03:25:00 pm GMT / Data Storage - RSS Feed»

10 Ways to Ensure Sync-and-Share Works Well for IT, Users

— Enterprise users and consumers alike need the simplicity and ease of use of consumer-grade sharing and synchronization.
Aug 15 05:35:00 pm GMT / Data Storage - RSS Feed»

Does Facebook think users are dumb? “Satire” tag added to Onion articles [Updated]

— Tags only appear once a user clicks through and FB generates "related articles."
Aug 15 03:59:23 pm GMT / Uptime»

T-Mobile to throttle P2P traffic and excessive tethering, leaked memo shows

— Only users who pay T-Mobile for unlimited high-speed data will be targeted.
Aug 14 04:03:06 pm GMT / Uptime»

Cisco: Blackhole arrest cuts exploit-kit traffic, but don't let your guard down

— Exploit kits of cybercrime tools fell into a big slump in the first half of this year after Russian authorities nabbed the alleged creator of the popular Blackhole kit, but users aren't necessarily safer.
Aug 05 04:31:00 pm GMT / Computerworld Cisco News»

Survey: benchmarking cloud expectations, 2014

— Surveys of both mainstream and leading-edge users from the second quarter of 2014 suggest that another wave of investment in cloud technology is planned for the next 12 to 24 months. Survey: benchmarking cloud expectations, 2014 originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. Continue reading….
Aug 05 07:00:01 am GMT / GigaOM Cloud Computing»

HP's new lifeline for OpenVMS gets a thanks from users

— The decision by HP to license OpenVMS source code to a new engineering firm is getting mostly positive reaction from the likes of user groups such as HP-Interex France.
Aug 01 04:32:00 pm GMT / Computerworld HP News»

Virtual servers still face real security threats

— Don't let the word "virtual" in virtual servers fool you. You're the only one who knows it's virtual. From the perspective of the virtual server itself, the devices connected to it, applications running on it, end-users connecting to it, or security threats trying to compromise it, the server is v...
Jul 28 10:15:00 pm GMT / Computerworld Virtualization News»

Dropbox for Business grows more security, IT admin muscles

— Dropbox will continue beefing up the business version of its cloud storage and file sharing service, adding security features to shared links, full-text search capabilities and new tools for enterprise developers. For Dropbox content shared via links, it will now be possible for users to require a password for access t...
Jul 23 02:10:58 pm GMT / Storage - Infoworld»

EIA Predicts Rising Electricity Prices

—                     Summer is almost here, and that means one thing for power users: Prices are on the rise across the country. New data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA’s) latest report shows that energy prices will be higher this year than...
Jul 23 01:00:00 pm GMT / ServerTech Blog - Information for the Data Center Equipment Manager»

Are users hoarding data? Here's where to put it

— Data migration is one of those aspects of life that makes us shudder with dread.
Jul 07 10:00:00 am GMT / Storage - Infoworld»

Network Neutrality and the FCC Proposal to Abandon it

— The internet and the availability of content broadly and uniformly to all users has driven the largest wave of innovation ever e experienced in our industry. Small startups offering a service of value have the same access to customers as the largest and best funded incumbents. All customers have access to the same arr...
Jun 09 11:07:15 pm GMT / Perspectives»

Rise of the Personal Firewall

— The other day I read that Comcast is launching a new plan to turn home internet users into unwilling participants in their new global wifi strategy.  I'm sure that they will soon be touting how insanely awesome it will be to get "full strength" internet access virtually anywhere just by subscribing to this service.  ...
Jun 02 10:07:16 pm GMT / Web Admin Blog»

Adobe's Flash Player gets an emergency update

— Adobe Systems released emergency security updates for Flash Player in order to fix a vulnerability that has been exploited in attacks against users since earlier this month.
Apr 28 05:37:00 pm GMT / Computerworld Cisco News»

NGFW = No Good For Workloads…

— So-called Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) are those that extend “traditional port firewalls” with the added context of policy with application visibility and control to include user identity while enforcing security, compliance and productivity decisions to flows from internal users to the Internet. NGFW, ...
Feb 14 04:09:34 am GMT / Rational Survivability»

Remote Desktop Manager Case Study: Porsche Informatik GmbH

— RDM gives us a fast, single point of access for all our administrative needs, which supports our users and helps them save time and effort. In addition, Devolutions offers the best support and the fastest response to feature requests, bug reports, and so on. We're very grateful for that!Peter Cermak, Partner at Porsche...
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