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Windows 10 Hits 1.5M Testers, With 450K Using The OS “Day To Day”

—  Microsoft’s Windows 10 has around 450,000 users on a daily basis, according to the software company. A new blog post from the Windows team highlighted the statistic, also noting that it has collected 1.5 million testers for its preview operating system. That number was 1 million on October 13. So, the pac...
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Netflix: Offline video watching is “never going to happen”

— PR director says users won't even need offline options "in five years' time."
Dec 17 05:59:53 pm GMT / Uptime»

ShoreTel Enhances Cloud UC Solution for Mobile Devices

— The company is rolling out ShoreTel Sky Mobility, which enables users to more easily communicate with video through their Apple or Android devices.
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Content Delivery Network with @VZCloud’s James Segil | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— "Verizon Digital Media Services is responsible for the broadcast, video and content delivery network that accelerates, scales and helps our customers reach end users with all kinds of video and web content," stated James Segil, CMO of Verizon Digital Media Services, in this interview at 15th Cloud Expo, held...
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— Peripherals are supposed to be redirected in a virtualization environment, but they don’t always subscribe to plug ’n play. Even more important is the question of whether IT organizations should permit all peripherals for all users from a security and business perspective. From a technical standpoint, the technolog...
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FCC Boosts Rural Broadband Speed Requirements to 10 Mbps

— Broadband providers that want to get funding through the Connect America program to help bring services to more rural users must now agree to provide download speeds of at least 10 Mbps.
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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For December 12th, 2014

— Hey, it's HighScalability time: We've had a wee bit of a storm in the bay area. 33 million: things in the American Museum of Natural History; 40 million: Target credit cards compromised; 300 Million: Instagram monthly users; 1 billion: Telegram daily messages Quotable Quotes: ...
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BitTorrent Opens Alpha For Maelstrom, Its New, Distributed, Torrent-Based Web Browser

—  BitTorrent, the peer-to-peer file sharing company, is today opening an alpha test for its latest stab at disrupting — or at least getting people to rethink — how users interact with each other and with content over the Internet. Project Maelstrom is BitTorrent’s take on the web browser: doing aw...
Dec 10 07:01:16 pm GMT / TechCrunchIT»

‘WhatsApp For the Workplace’ Cotap Adds Universal Chat Feature Accessible Via URLs

—  Cotap, the enterprise messaging app founded by ex-Yammer execs that bills itself as a ‘WhatsApp for the workplace’, has launched a new feature to expand the circle of people who use the app: it now lets others send messages to those users via a URL on, without having to download the app itse...
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Sony Pictures mad at Netflix’s failure to block overseas VPN users

— Leak accuses Netflix of “semi-sanctioning” piracy by “illegal” paying users.
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Bitcasa CEO: Unlimited storage “a wildly money-losing proposition”

— In an interview with Gigaom, Bitcasa CEO Brian Taptich explained that removing unlimited storage was not a pleasant experience but necessary for the company to get back on track financially. Bitcasa simply could not afford to keep unlimited-storage users as customers. Bitcasa CEO: Unlimited storage “a wildly mo...
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Mirantis will “solve” OpenStack upgrade woes in the next 6 months, CEO predicts

— One of the biggest sticking points in OpenStack adoption is the pain users must go through when upgrading from one version to the next. Mirantis thinks it will soon have this issue licked. Mirantis will “solve” OpenStack upgrade woes in the next 6 months, CEO predicts originally published by Gigaom, ©...
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8 Steps CIOs Can Take To Bring Shadow IT Into The Light

— Nearly every IT leader these days is wresting with Shadow IT – the dynamic in which end users obtain IT solutions from cloud service providers without informing corporate IT. In fact, CIO Magazine’s 2014 State of the CIO Survey results revealed four out of five IT leaders feel IT projects done without IT involvemen...
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Why You Shouldn’t Phish Your Users

— As an Information Security Program Owner, I get a barrage of e-mails and phone calls multiple times a day from vendors looking to sell us their latest hotness security product.  Between the e-mails, phone calls, expo floor at BlackHat this year, and several talks that I've seen at past conferences, I have noticed a di...
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Network Neutrality and the FCC Proposal to Abandon it

— The internet and the availability of content broadly and uniformly to all users has driven the largest wave of innovation ever e experienced in our industry. Small startups offering a service of value have the same access to customers as the largest and best funded incumbents. All customers have access to the same arr...
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Rise of the Personal Firewall

— The other day I read that Comcast is launching a new plan to turn home internet users into unwilling participants in their new global wifi strategy.  I'm sure that they will soon be touting how insanely awesome it will be to get "full strength" internet access virtually anywhere just by subscribing to this service.  ...
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NGFW = No Good For Workloads…

— So-called Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) are those that extend “traditional port firewalls” with the added context of policy with application visibility and control to include user identity while enforcing security, compliance and productivity decisions to flows from internal users to the Internet. NGFW, ...
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Simplifying Mobile App Data Management with DynamoDB's Fine-Grained Access Control

— Speed of development, scalability, and simplicity of management are among the critical needs of mobile developers. With the proliferation of mobile devices and users, and small agile teams that are tasked with building successful mobile apps that can grow from 100 users to 1 million users in a few days, scalability of ...
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