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Convo Brings Chat To Its iOS And Android Apps

—  Enterprise social network Convo has finally brought chat from its desktop and web apps to mobile. Today, the company is rolling out a new version of its app for iOS and Android that significantly changes its look while bringing real-time chat to its users when they aren’t sitting at their desks. Read More
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Advance your Captiva & Documentum Skills – Latest IIG Training Schedule

— If you're interested in honing your technical skills, or in hearing the expert's view on IIG technology capabilities, there are multiple courses available throughout the remainder of 2014.   Captiva users can find Captiva 6 & 7 classes available Update your feed pref...
Sep 16 04:02:10 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

Recruitment Trainwreck BranchOut In Talks To Be Acquired, May Sell Mobile Team To Hearst

—  BranchOut’s story is a brutal lesson about building on someone else’s platform. After raising $49 million and growing to 33 million users, Facebook changed its viral channels leading BranchOut to starve. Now the “Linkedin Within Facebook” wants to throw in the towel. Sources confirm that B...
Sep 15 09:41:44 pm GMT / TechCrunchIT»

Comcast calls rumor that it disconnects Tor users “wildly inaccurate”

— The Internet is mad at Comcast, but the latest rage appears to be unjustified.
Sep 15 04:40:11 pm GMT / Uptime»

Phishing Campaign Builds on iCloud Fears to Snag Log-in Credentials

— Days after compromising photos of celebrities were leaked online, cyber-criminals are using fake security alerts from Apple to fool users into giving up their user names and passwords.
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Dropbox reports a steady rise in government data requests

— Interest in Dropbox is growing among users, and law enforcement too.
Sep 11 06:55:00 pm GMT / Virtualisation»

BitTorrent to ISPs: Pay us and our users to stay in the “slow lane”

— Instead of paid "fast lanes," manage congestion with incentives to limit use.
Sep 11 05:30:31 pm GMT / Uptime» warns customers of malware attack

— users are being targeted by a new version of a computer Trojan that has typically attacked online banking customers until now. The malware threat is called Dyre or Dyreza and came to light in June. Like most online banking Trojans, it hooks the browser process to capture log-in credentials entered by use...
Sep 09 02:48:49 pm GMT / Cloud Computing - Infoworld»

IndependenceIT On the "Tremendous Growth" of DaaS

— Seth Bostock is CEO of IndependenceIT, a company that encourages its users to “think outside the boxes.” It is a pioneer in the idea of Desktop-as-a-Service (which can also be though of as Workspace-as-a-Service). Its core service is Cloud Workspace, designed to deliver apps, desktops, and entire corporate IT syste...
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Long Live the New Tablet/PC Thingy

— The perfect device for enterprise users is up in the air. PC sales are up, while tablet sales are down. Could there be another option?
Sep 08 06:48:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

“Showing” the Way Makes IT the Hero

— Our IT community has long been held captive by requirements to “tell” end users what to do. Use this app, don’t use that one. Read the 20-page manual. But the new shapes and forms of software are changing how end … Continue reading → The post “Showing” the Way Make...
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Facebook’s “privacy checkup” aims to make users comfortable again

— Research shows you'll post more if you know your audience.
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EMC Hybrid Cloud: Demolishing Barriers Faster

— Ten years ago I made my living as an analyst with IDC, focusing on the business side of mobility. For sure, it was a different era; texting was really a European-only phenomenon and the “mobile Internet” delivered speeds of 25-50kbps (k … as in kilobyte). But with a couple million users, ...
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Amazon's file sharing service Zocalo now generally available

— Enterprises that want to share and store files online have yet another option now that Amazon Web Services has opened its Zocalo service to general availability. This year has seen Amazon focus more on services aimed directly at end users; besides Zocalo it has also come out with hosted WorkSpaces virtual desktops. The...
Aug 28 11:59:42 am GMT / Storage - Infoworld»

Why You Shouldn’t Phish Your Users

— As an Information Security Program Owner, I get a barrage of e-mails and phone calls multiple times a day from vendors looking to sell us their latest hotness security product.  Between the e-mails, phone calls, expo floor at BlackHat this year, and several talks that I've seen at past conferences, I have noticed a di...
Aug 25 03:23:14 pm GMT / Web Admin Blog»

Selecting a Provider and Infrastructure for Running an In-Memory Database

— The need for database speed is always a given. Recently, application response time has been shown to not only provide customers with a better experience, but also directly impact the bottom line. Think about companies running mobile advertising networks that are paid for delivering an advertising impression to users sw...
Aug 19 05:00:42 pm GMT / GoGrid Blog»

SanDisk announces the Ultra II series of SSDs

— PC enthusiasts dig the very fast solid-state drives that SanDisk builds, but the drives in the company's Extreme Pro line can be pricey. The Ultra II series of SSDs that SanDisk announced today target mainstream users who focus on price first and performance second.
Aug 19 03:55:39 pm GMT / Storage - Infoworld»

Survey: benchmarking cloud expectations, 2014

— Surveys of both mainstream and leading-edge users from the second quarter of 2014 suggest that another wave of investment in cloud technology is planned for the next 12 to 24 months. Survey: benchmarking cloud expectations, 2014 originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. Continue reading…
Aug 05 07:00:01 am GMT / GigaOM Cloud Computing»

Network Neutrality and the FCC Proposal to Abandon it

— The internet and the availability of content broadly and uniformly to all users has driven the largest wave of innovation ever e experienced in our industry. Small startups offering a service of value have the same access to customers as the largest and best funded incumbents. All customers have access to the same arr...
Jun 09 11:07:15 pm GMT / Perspectives»

Rise of the Personal Firewall

— The other day I read that Comcast is launching a new plan to turn home internet users into unwilling participants in their new global wifi strategy.  I'm sure that they will soon be touting how insanely awesome it will be to get "full strength" internet access virtually anywhere just by subscribing to this service.  ...
Jun 02 10:07:16 pm GMT / Web Admin Blog»

NGFW = No Good For Workloads…

— So-called Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) are those that extend “traditional port firewalls” with the added context of policy with application visibility and control to include user identity while enforcing security, compliance and productivity decisions to flows from internal users to the Internet. NGFW, ...
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