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VMware Bridging Gap Between Traditional, Virtualized Data Centers

— NEWS ANALYSIS: At VMworld 2014, host VMware is saying that it is ready to bridge the gap between the traditional IT and hybrid cloud systems and the software-defined data center.
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@HarbingerSys | Possibilities with Cloud-Based Healthcare Records @CloudExpo

— Over the last few years the healthcare ecosystem has revolved around innovations in Electronic Health Record (HER) based systems. This evolution has helped us achieve much desired interoperability. Now the focus is shifting to other equally important aspects – scalability and performance. While applying cloud computi...
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@Citrix To Present Crash Course in "Open Source Cloud" @CloudExpo

— In his session at 15th Cloud Expo, Mark Hinkle, Senior Director, Open Source Solutions at Citrix Systems Inc., will provide overview of the open source software that can be used to deploy and manage a cloud computing environment. He will include information on storage, networking(e.g., OpenDaylight) and compute virtual...
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Clean CRM Data Starts With A Great Mobile Experience

—  There is no doubt that Salesforce is one of the most widely used customer relationship management systems. However, the shift to BYOD is changing the game for sales and marketing, and we need an immediate infusion of technology in CRM. Read More
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— Who's Hiring? Apple has multiple openings. Changing the world is all in a day's work at Apple. Imagine what you could do here.  Senior Software Engineer -iOS Systems. Do you love building highly scalable, distributed web applications? Does the idea of a fast-paced environment make your heart leap? Do...
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Unified, Comprehensive and Easy-to-Use IT Systems Monitoring

— This one-hour webinar will cover the core benefits and features of up.time, including how up.time proactively monitors, alerts and reports on the performance, availability, and capacity of all physical servers, virtual machines, network devices, applications, and services. We’ll take you through the up.time Dashboard...
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Cisco's Q4 revenue and profit flat; Chambers cites a 'tough environment'

— Cisco Systems posted fiscal fourth-quarter revenue and earnings that were roughly flat from a year earlier as the company works through what Chairman and CEO John Chambers called "a tough environment."
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Florida Polytechnic University, Flagship Solutions Group and IBM Announce Supercomputing Center

— Florida Polytechnic University, Flagship Solutions Group, and IBM today announced a new supercomputing center at the University composed of IBM high performance systems, software and cloud-based storage, to help educate students in emerging technology fields. E-mail this page ...
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VMware Virtual Volume Integration with Hitachi Storage Virtualization – A Winning Combination

— Continuing from my last blog where I shared my views on the passing fad of stand alone storage solutions, like all-flash-arrays and file sync and share solutions that are not integrated with enterprise systems, I see tremendous adoption for new storage technologies like Virtual Volume (aka VVol). VVol, from VMware, whi...
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To Scale Is the Answer. The Question Is How.

— Scalability isn't a matter of deploying the latest technology, but encompasses a range of systems, processes and organizational attributes.
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Shirt Sizes are not the Way to Buy IT Infrastructure

— Last week we had an internal meeting in Santa Clara with representatives from all the geographies in Hitachi Data Systems. Since last week was also the finals for the World Cup in Football, we all received football shirts emblazoned with the words “One Hitachi”. As you can imagine, with an international audience, o...
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Challenges in Designing at Scale: Formal Methods in Building Robust Distributed Systems

— We all know that when designing and operating applications at scale, it is persistent state management that brings the most difficult challenges. Delivering state-free applications has always been (fairly) easy. But most interesting commercial and consumer applications need to manage persistent state. Advertising need...
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Broadband providers should not treat all bits the same, says Cisco

— All bits running over the Internet are not equal and should not be treated that way by broadband providers, despite net neutrality advocates' calls for traffic neutral regulations, Cisco Systems said.
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HP's Federated Catalyst lets users combine backup systems

— Just as computing power and primary storage are becoming virtual shared resources, backup capacity is also starting to be pooled, with promises of easier management.
Jun 10 11:01:27 am GMT / Storage - Infoworld»

Malicious major website ads lead to ransomware

— Malicious advertisements on domains belonging to Disney, Facebook, The Guardian newspaper and others are leading people to malware that encrypts a computer's files until a ransom is paid, Cisco Systems has found.
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Beware the next circle of hell: Unpatchable systems

— Insecure by design and trusted by default, embedded systems present security concerns that could prove crippling
Jun 02 10:10:00 am GMT / Computerworld HP News»

Cloud, software options deflate sales of enterprise video systems

— Sales of videoconferencing and telepresence hardware systems are declining, hurt by an increase in cloud and software-based options that often are cheaper and simpler to deploy, according to an IDC study.
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New attack methods can 'brick' systems, defeat Secure Boot, researchers say

— The Secure Boot security mechanism of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) can be bypassed on around half of computers that have the feature enabled in order to install bootkits, according to a security researcher.
May 30 10:22:00 am GMT / Computerworld Dell News»

Cisco CEO tells Obama that NSA spying hits tech sales

— Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers has written to U.S. President Barack Obama, asking for his intervention so that U.S. technology sales are not affected by a loss in trust as a result of reports of surveillance by the U.S. National Security Agency.
May 19 10:22:00 am GMT / Computerworld Cisco News»

Air Traffic Control System Failure & Complex System Testing

— It’s difficult to adequately test complex systems. But what’s really difficult is keeping a system adequately tested. Creating systems that do what they are designed to do is hard but, even with the complexity of these systems, many life critical systems have the engineering and production testing investment behin...
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Adobe's Flash Player gets an emergency update

— Adobe Systems released emergency security updates for Flash Player in order to fix a vulnerability that has been exploited in attacks against users since earlier this month.
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Heartbleed could harm a variety of systems

— It now appears that the 'Heartbleed' security problem affects not just websites, but also the networking equipment that connects homes and businesses to the Internet.
Apr 11 10:52:40 pm GMT / Cisco»

Cisco Systems focus of Russian bribery probe

— The company said it has hired international law firm WilmerHale to conduct its investigation.
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Spherix sues Cisco for 'immense' patent infringement

— A company that bought Nortel patents is suing Cisco Systems, alleging "immense" infringement by the network vendor's switches, routers and other products.
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Updated Lampson's Hints for Computer Systems Design

— This year I have not been able to publish many back-to-basics readings, so I will not close the year with a recap of those. Instead I have a video of a wonderful presentation by Butler Lampson where he talks about the learnings of the past decades that helped him to update his excellent 1983 "Hints for computer system ...
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Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - U-Net: A User-Level Network Interface

— Many of you know Thorsten von Eicken as the founder of Rightscale, the company that has helped numerous organizations find their way onto AWS. In what seems almost a previous life by now Thorsten was one of the top young professors in Distributed Systems and I had the great pleasure of working with him at Cornell in ...
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Critics slam W3C over inclusion of DRM in HTML5

— The latest version of the World Wide Web Consortium's HTML Working Group charter includes provisions for ongoing work on restrictive content protection systems a a decision that has angered groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Free Software Foundation.
Oct 04 06:01:00 pm GMT / Computerworld HP News»

µVM - A Kilowatt for the Cloud?

— It's been interesting getting settled into a new company, specially one that's not mine. From expense reports to new platforms and new systems to learn, I'm actually quite enjoying the change of pace and scenery. Over the last couple of weeks a big part of my job has been getting a feel for our Virtustream technology a...
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Observations on Errors, Corrections, & Trust of Dependent Systems

— Every couple of weeks I get questions along the lines of “should I checksum application files, given that the disk already has error correction?” or “given that TCP/IP has error correction on every communications packet, why do I need to have application level network error detection?” Another frequent quest...
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when architects worship the model and methodology

— In the last 4 years of IT architecture,  I’ve seen a movement to promote modeling and taxonomy discipline into the profession.    This has promoted consistency where more and more IT architects can model systems with less confusion...(read more)
Apr 29 05:36:39 pm GMT / Thoughts from the raised floor. Lewis Curtis Blog site»

Silicon Architecture will change the way we work

— I've been exposed recently to some incredible developments in the silicon world. Some that I cannot mention. However, I do want to share with you an opinion about how this world will impact our world. Over the years, servers, storage and network systems...(read more)
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