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OSS Development for the Modern Data Center By @John Savageau | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— Modern Data Centers are very complex environments. Data center operators must have visibility into a wide range of integrated data bases, applications, and performance indicators to effectively understand and manage their operations and activities. Unfortunately, in many cases, the above systems are either done manual...
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Part 1: Cloud and the Customer Experience – A Changing IT Ecosystem

— VJ Manickam Technology brings tremendous opportunity to all facets of business. However, if neglected or misused, rigid technologies can prevent ecosystems from being responsive to evolving business and customer needs. The role of “the cloud” is dramatically changing the technology landscap...
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System Center Virtual Machine Manager Add-In Update – Import & Launch Instances

— We launched the AWS Systems Manager for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) last fall. This add-in allows you to monitor and manage your on-premises VMs (Virtual Machines), as well as your instances (running either Windows or Linux) from within Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager. As a r...
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.@Virtustream xStream CMP Now Certified Vblock Ready | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— Virtustream has announced its xStream cloud management platform (CMP) software is now certified as Vblock® Ready for VCE® Vblock Systems. Targeting customers running SAP applications, xStream will enable enterprises to easily move existing mission-critical workloads to Vblock System-based Private or Hybrid cloud envi...
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Meet Your Data Protection SLAs for NAS Servers

— A Network Attached Storage (NAS) server is a storage system connected to a network providing access to a variety of clients, and optimized for file-level access. It doesn’t seem that long ago when NAS systems were just a few Terabytes, … Continue reading → Author information ...
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Redefining Clinical Imaging and Unstructured Content Management

— For more than two decades, hospital imaging strategies have focused on radiology departments using picture archiving and communication systems (PACS). But in recent years, the science of clinical imaging has made huge advances to further the capabilities that the healthcare … Continue rea...
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What Practices Shape Your Best IT Decisions?

— A study by the MIT Center for Information Systems Research concludes that the quality of a company’s IT portfolio (and in turn, it’s financial performance) is influenced heavily by two factors: 1) how well senior executives understand IT, and 2) the extent to which they are engaged ...
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A Guide to Recurring Revenue Success By @AriaSystemsInc | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— Regardless of the business or industry you’re in, there’s no doubt that a successful year is at the forefront of your strategy. And at the helm driving that success is revenue. But not just any kind of revenue… we’re talking recurring revenue. When an average of 80% of a company’s future profits comes from 20...
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LifeSize Expands Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Solution

— The company enables businesses to connect to video meetings via Web browsers, and also offers a pair of systems for smaller conference rooms.
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How NASA launched its web infrastructure into the cloud

— Among U.S. government agencies, the adoption of cloud computing hasn’t been moving full steam ahead, to say the least. Even though 2011 saw the Obama administration unveil the cloud-first initiative that called for government agencies to update their old legacy IT systems to the cloud, it […] How NASA launche...
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Dell PowerEdge VRTX through the eyes of the customer

— Ed. note: this post was authored by Charlie Rice, Information Systems Analyst, Trico Corporation For more than 90 years, Trico Corporation has provided our customers lubrication management solutions focusing on industrial equipment performance and reliability. We’ve done this by combining high-performance, globa...
Dec 10 07:00:00 pm GMT / Inside Enterprise IT»

What Role Will VARs Play In A Future Of Networked Hybrid Clouds?

— With the recent introduction of more comprehensive partner networked ecosystems such as the VMware vCloud Air Network and the Microsoft Cloud OS Network, the value that a VAR traditionally brings to a customer wedded to their on-premise solutions has changed significantly. VARs must look to align more closely with mana...
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Microsoft, Others Partner on Fuel Cell Research with $5 Million Awarded by ARPA-E

— Cross-posted from the Microsoft Green Blog Josh Henretig, Director, World Wide Environmental Sustainability Microsoft is once again partnering with others to further fuel cell innovations, with the goal of developing a very efficient, low-cost fuel cell system. Microsoft, Redox Power Systems LLC, the University o...
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Air Traffic Control System Failure & Complex System Testing

— It’s difficult to adequately test complex systems. But what’s really difficult is keeping a system adequately tested. Creating systems that do what they are designed to do is hard but, even with the complexity of these systems, many life critical systems have the engineering and production testing investment behin...
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Updated Lampson's Hints for Computer Systems Design

— This year I have not been able to publish many back-to-basics readings, so I will not close the year with a recap of those. Instead I have a video of a wonderful presentation by Butler Lampson where he talks about the learnings of the past decades that helped him to update his excellent 1983 "Hints for computer system ...
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Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - U-Net: A User-Level Network Interface

— Many of you know Thorsten von Eicken as the founder of Rightscale, the company that has helped numerous organizations find their way onto AWS. In what seems almost a previous life by now Thorsten was one of the top young professors in Distributed Systems and I had the great pleasure of working with him at Cornell in ...
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Observations on Errors, Corrections, & Trust of Dependent Systems

— Every couple of weeks I get questions along the lines of “should I checksum application files, given that the disk already has error correction?” or “given that TCP/IP has error correction on every communications packet, why do I need to have application level network error detection?” Another frequent quest...
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when architects worship the model and methodology

— In the last 4 years of IT architecture,  I’ve seen a movement to promote modeling and taxonomy discipline into the profession.    This has promoted consistency where more and more IT architects can model systems with less confusion...(read more)
Apr 29 05:36:39 pm GMT / Thoughts from the raised floor. Lewis Curtis Blog site»

Silicon Architecture will change the way we work

— I've been exposed recently to some incredible developments in the silicon world. Some that I cannot mention. However, I do want to share with you an opinion about how this world will impact our world. Over the years, servers, storage and network systems...(read more)
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