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.@RingCentral Opens Cloud Communications Platform | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— RingCentral Inc., has unveiled the RingCentral Connect Platform™, a set of tools and services to build, deploy, and manage custom integrations using RingCentral APIs. With this platform, developers can build out-of-the-box integrations with RingCentral to add powerful communication capabilities to business applicatio...
Feb 27 03:45:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»

Cloud Migration Getting Automated

— Consistent with multiple predictions about cloud migration getting easier I present a case study for a financial services company in Florida.  The case study was done last year, but it demonstrates the power of automation over manual processes and early tools: case study. “In 2013 we evaluated a variety of cloud mig...
Feb 27 01:09:35 am GMT / ARCHIMEDIUS»

Biz Break: Hewlett-Packard stock slides after earnings report disappoints

— Today: Hewlett-Packard disappoints with its quarterly sales and forecast, and shares decline rapidly in late trading. Also: SunPower shines after deal with rival, Tesla Model S wins again.
Feb 25 03:24:42 am GMT / HP»

Heroku’s new app-development product line is meant for the enterprise

— Heroku, the Salesforce-owned company that powers the application-development process of hot startups like Lyft and Upworthy, announced a new product line Thursday called Heroku Enterprise. It’s geared for big companies that want to develop the kind of modern applications seen at startups while providing the type ...
Feb 19 09:29:48 pm GMT / GigaOM Cloud Computing»

Watson-powered toy blows past Kickstarter goal in a day

— First it was Jeopardy!, then it was cancer, e-commerce and cooking. Now, IBM's Watson artificial intelligence system is powering a line of connected toys. And it looks as if people are…
Feb 17 07:46:39 pm GMT / Structure ? Cloud Computing News and Analysis»

Beyond UPS: Tips to Keep the Power Flowing

— After all those hours listening to the server fans continuously blowing, the only sound more frightening is dead silence.
Feb 13 07:39:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

The Library of the Future, Powered by Dell

— Ed. Note: This blog was authored by Scott Horst - Executive Director, ESG Solutions Marketing at Dell In today’s highly digital world, a library might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cutting-edge technology. But to stay competitive and prepare students for future careers, university...
Feb 13 04:00:00 pm GMT / Inside Enterprise IT»

Gallery: Xiaomi wants you to want its $200 Mi Pad and $8 Mi Power Bank

— Ars scopes Chinese startup's devices on display for the first time in US.
Feb 12 11:40:15 pm GMT / Uptime»

Are you ready for Video IT?

— Video surveillance infrastructure has historically been deployed and managed by security specialists, using analog cameras connected via coaxial cable to banks of VCRs or servers with encoder cards. However, the popularity of low-cost digital cameras, receiving power and streaming video through conventional shared TCP...
Feb 12 07:00:00 pm GMT / Inside Enterprise IT»

z13 a Mainframe Designed for the 3rd Platform

—               On January 13 IBM announced the new z13 Mainframe, that was promised to be the most powerful and secure system ever built. The press release made the following claims: First system able to process 2.5 billion transactions per day, built for mobile economy 
– Make...
Jan 31 01:12:33 am GMT / Hu Yoshida»

Power Prices Set to Surge as Temperatures Plummet in New England

— Businesses and consumers across New England are preparing for a big spike in energy prices starting in January. What’s responsible for rising energy prices? The increase can be attributed to the recent western fracking boom, which initially drove down the price of natural gas and caused a large amount of people to i...
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Microsoft’s Biogas-Powered Data Plant Opens in Wyoming

— Cross posted from the Microsoft Green blog Josh Henretig, Senior Director Energy, Environment & Cities Two years ago, we announced a partnership with a number of private and public sector partners to build the first zero-carbon...(read more)
Nov 07 03:15:00 pm GMT / ms datacenters»

Microsoft, Others Partner on Fuel Cell Research with $5 Million Awarded by ARPA-E

— Cross-posted from the Microsoft Green Blog Josh Henretig, Director, World Wide Environmental Sustainability Microsoft is once again partnering with others to further fuel cell innovations, with the goal of developing a very efficient, low-cost fuel cell system. Microsoft, Redox Power Systems LLC, the University o...
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Cloud computing in Europe should put power in the hands of the customer

— This is an extended version of an article that appeared in the Guardian today We are rapidly entering into an era where massive computing power, digital storage and global network connections can be deployed by anyone as quickly and easily as turning on the lights. This is the promise – and the reality – of clo...
May 15 05:00:00 pm GMT / All Things Distributed»

How Can Datacenters Help Build a New Energy Economy? Just Ask San Antonio

— Brian Janous, Director of Energy Strategy Global Sales Foundation As Microsoft embraces a more thoughtful approach to powering the cloud, we're looking at how we can reinvent the datacenter to be more efficient and use more sustainable energy...(read more)
Apr 16 05:53:00 pm GMT / ms datacenters»

Three Ways Microsoft is Working to Transform the Energy Supply Chain

— Brian Janous, Director of Energy Strategy Global Sales Foundation As Microsoft has embraced its identity as a devices and services company, we've also embraced energy's role in powering the cloud. In the past 12 months, we have made significant...(read more)
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Giving the Gift of Power: For The Gadgeteer that has everything…

— I hate to admit it but I am one of those “hard-to-shop for” gadget guys.  Its true.  I just cannot seem to wait until gift-giving season to get that special new piece of technology.  I usually go out and get … Continue reading →
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Datacenter outage in Sunnyvale brings down Friendster

— A friend of mine just called me to tell me that QTS's Sunnyvale had a major power event today. Details are slim, but apparently it was an entire site outage. He told me that he's about 50th in line to get access to the facility right now. Due to this outage, Friendster is offline right now.To read this article in full ...
Nov 13 11:20:50 pm GMT / mhalligan's blog»