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Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Others Put Power of IoT in Developers' Hands

— A growing number of tech vendors seek to give developers and do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts the tools they need to easily create connected devices.
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Affordable Flash: New Dedup Power a True Game Changer

— By Paul Divittorio — Director of Cloud Infrastructure, EMC IT Flash technology isn’t just for storing your most critical data anymore. Thanks to all-flash storage arrays with super-efficient, in-line deduplication capabilities, flash can now be the most cost-effective choice for … Con...
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Could Your Data Center Handle a Long-Term Power Outage?

— How long could your data center continue operating following a major power shortage? It’s not an easy question to answer, but doing so could be one of the most important things you accomplish in the process of protecting your facility and ensuring uptime in the event of a disaster. Unfortunately, many data centers d...
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TechCrunch Giveaway: LogMeIn Rescue + 1 Year Mobile License

—  For all you technicians out there, the team at LogMeIn wants to give one of our readers a license to its Rescue software tech support service. Rescue is a cloud-based application that empowers customer service agents to offer premium levels of remote support to people and the devices they use, no matter where you...
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Want to Reduce Your Power Consumption? Optimize Your Server Workloads

— You’re looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact and save money in your data center. Have you considered prioritizing your server workloads? This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of reducing power consumption without having to replace your network equipment. Here are some ways that you c...
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Business Metamorphosis Exercise

— I am teaching an MBA course at the University of San Francisco with Professor Mouwafac Sidaoui titled “Turning Big Data into Business Power.” It’s a wonderful experience, as I’ve always dreamed of being a college professor. Maybe this is my second career once I retire from flying around...
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Study Shows U.S. Data Centers are Wasting Valuable Power

— Photo Credit:   The need for organizations to improve energy efficiencies has never been greater, as the price of fuel is increasing and several areas of the country are already mired...
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Authors United wants Amazon’s board members to stop the feud with Hachette

— Authors again wield the power of numbers to get attention.
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Google testing drones that could provide Internet access to remote lands

— Google plans tests in New Mexico using solar-powered unmanned aircraft.
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MIT researchers take cheetah robot out for a run without a leash

— On-board power lets robot roam the campus.
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Introducing Fast Movers with Server Technology

— What are Server Technology Fast Movers? With a 30-year legacy, our desire to meet our customers' ever changing data center power distribution requirements resulted in thousands of designs across multiple product lines. Sorting through this dizzying array to find that right one for your needs is like car shopping. Do I...
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IBM Report: Developing a Roadmap to Advance Enterprise Mobility

— A new report released by IBM provides guidance for businesses on how to unlock the potential of enterprise mobility by empowering employees with the tools they need to make decisions, collaborate, transact and innovate in entirely new ways. E-mail this page Save to...
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SPM Guides You Forward : Part Five - What happened?

—   This is the fifth in a series of blog posts providing tips and tricks for answering common data center questions with the use of SPM. In my last post, I gave some guidance on answering, “How do I prove power system redundancy?” Though uptime is of prime concern, there will occasionally be outages at so...
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Three Signs Your Business is Headed for a Capacity Planning Nightmare

— You regularly add new hardware to your network without thinking of the network’s total power capacity limit. But what if the next server you add is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and your network crashes from a lack of power? Your business will be forced to purchase additional capacity, which can cost a f...
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Technology without Social Innovation and Globalization will not Advance Civilization

— Ray Kurzweil, an American author, scientist, inventor, futurist, and a director of engineering at Google was quoted in Time Magazine in March 2012 saying: “A kid in Africa with a smart phone has access to more information than the president of the U.S. 15 years ago.” This is a powerful statement about the power of ...
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Cloud DR Works Best with a Pilot Light

— Earlier this month I had the chance to talk directly with organizations leveraging AWS for cloud DR.  It is a very interesting and powerful use case.  Calling it transformative is an understatement. These forward-thinking teams are using AWS as a kind of pilot light for a multi-tier app environment (including a clon...
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Taking DynamoDB beyond Key-Value: Now with Faster, More Flexible, More Powerful Query Capabilities

— We launched DynamoDB last year to address the need for a cloud database that provides seamless scalability, irrespective of whether you are doing ten transactions or ten million transactions, while providing rock solid durability and availability. Our vision from the day we conceived DynamoDB was to fulfil this need wi...
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Giving the Gift of Power: For The Gadgeteer that has everything…

— I hate to admit it but I am one of those “hard-to-shop for” gadget guys.  Its true.  I just cannot seem to wait until gift-giving season to get that special new piece of technology.  I usually go out and get … Continue reading →
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Solar at Scale: How Big is a Solar Array of 9MW Average Output?

— I frequently get asked “why not just put solar panels on data center roofs and run them on that.” The short answer is datacenter roofs are just way too small. In a previous article (I Love Solar But…) I did a quick back of envelope calculation and, assuming a conventional single floor build with current power de...
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Why there are Datacenters in NY, Hong Kong, and Tokyo?

— Why are there so many data centers in New York, Hong Kong, and Tokyo? These urban centers have some of the most expensive real estate in the world. The  cost of labor is high. The tax environment is unfavorable. Power costs are high.  Construction is difficult to permit and expensive. Urban datacenters are i...
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Minkels Announces New Server Room Rack PDUs

— The VariconPower line of products intelligent Rack PDUs provide energy efficiency in server rooms.
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Microsoft-Salesforce Deal: Who Won?

— What's behind the settlement between a rising power in the cloud and software-as-a-service and software colossus Microsoft, which is trying to make its own inroads into the area?
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