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For anyone that's been in sales, tech or otherwise, a frequently used demand generation tactic is something that a colleague of mine once called the "Steak & Commercial". Customers and prospects are invited to a free steak lunch in exchange for listening to the latest sales and marketing pitch. Ultimately the goal is to uncover new sales opportunities by exposing a product's value propositions to potential influencers and decision-makers.


Another favorite session at SXSW 2011.

Former entrepreneur, current investor and innovation community leader Charlie O'Donnell will discuss five different patterns of failure often seen in startups that don't make it. It will cover how entrepreneurs can derisk their ideas, maintain momentum, and take advantage of opportunities early on in a company's life cycle. Patterns of failure include: 1) Failure to zero in on a sector's most pressing pain point.


In the world of online communities, we need to learn to behave like one. The excerpt from my favorite session at SXSW11 as follows:

The business world is looking more like a small town. Strong downward economic pressures combined with advances in technology have forced rewriting the rules of business. Advances in technology have allowed all of us to collaborate instantaneously over great distances and not be tied to a single geographic area.

Girls In Tech

Back in August I attended a Girls in Tech presentation with Mariam Naficy, the founder of Mariam is a serial entrepreneur who found an early success with shortly after graduating from business school. Here are the notes I captured from the session: On female purchase power... Women are responsible 58% of spending online & 70% of spending offline. Lots of potentials to tap into.


With over 12,000 attendees, VMWorld 2009 was definitely impressive. It was great to be there as part of the Cisco data center team and see Cisco continue to make progress into the server & virtualization space. A few exciting technology showcases & announcements that were exciting to me: VMWorld Data Center chose Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) to virtualize and reduced an environment of 37,728 physical servers using 2,483 racks and 25,329 KW of power to 776 physical servers in 28 racks using 528 KW of power.


As simple as it is to create a video and share it with the world (aka screencasting), I feel that technology for creating a recording of one's desktop interactions (combined with audio) is still somewhat limited. Camtasia is probably the better known desktop/screen recording application. However it only works on Windows. Same goes for the open-source Camstudio. I did find a couple screen recording tools for the Mac.


I travel to the suburbs outside of Boston a few times a year. Whenever schedule allows, I try to stay an extra day in downtown Boston to take in the sights. Here's a day in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston.