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Friday Spotlight: EMC PowerPath for Oracle VM Server

— EMC and Oracle have a deep history of collaboration dating back to 1995. EMC is a Platinum Partner and as part of the OPN program gets pre-release access to Oracle code to test and to ensure that as Oracle and EMC products are brought to market they are proven solutions and hardened for real world use. In additio...
Dec 19 07:20:51 pm GMT / Oracle's Virtualization Blog»

What Is a Software-Defined Data Center?

— “Software-defined” is a powerful concept, and what it means is taking the underlying resources that are in any data center — the compute, the storage, and the network — and serving them up in a more consistent, software-controlled and software-automated … Continue reading → ...
Dec 18 06:41:44 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

The Future of Backup and Recovery

— Mat Allen Does everyone understand that Backup and Recovery, nay, the ENTIRE IT service delivery model is about to change?  Most businesses are in the process of moving from owning the power plant to renting the very specific piece of the power plant that they need.  This isn’t a small chan...
Dec 18 06:02:37 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

What Docker and the Linux container ecoysystem look like in 2014

— Open-source platform Docker and its contributing community makes Linux container technology more accessible through simpler, more-powerful tools. What Docker and the Linux container ecoysystem look like in 2014 originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. Continue reading…
Dec 17 05:30:14 pm GMT / GigaOM iaas»

Delivering high performance for mainstream applications without wasting your budget or hampering flexibility

— Data center managers are faced with a perpetual dilemma: finding the right infrastructure that supports the performance demands of ALL their Oracle applications, while balancing budgetary constraints and limitations.  They find that many applications and database instances require a lot of horsepower, but can&rsqu...
Dec 12 07:30:00 pm GMT / Inside Enterprise IT»

Dell PowerEdge VRTX through the eyes of the customer

— Ed. note: this post was authored by Charlie Rice, Information Systems Analyst, Trico Corporation For more than 90 years, Trico Corporation has provided our customers lubrication management solutions focusing on industrial equipment performance and reliability. We’ve done this by combining high-performance, globa...
Dec 10 07:00:00 pm GMT / Inside Enterprise IT»

Comcast sued by customers for turning routers into public hotspots

— Suit alleges raised power costs, slower speeds; Comcast disputes security claim.
Dec 09 07:15:16 pm GMT / Uptime»

Mitigate Risk With a Data Center Power Monitoring Solution

— Your job as a network professional is to expand your data center’s intelligence capabilities in a cost-effective and responsible way. It’s critical, therefore, that you mitigate the risk of over-extending your resources when adding new equipment. Power is one of the biggest challenges that could undermine your eff...
Dec 09 02:00:00 pm GMT / ServerTech Blog - Information for the Data Center Equipment Manager»

Power Prices Set to Surge as Temperatures Plummet in New England

— Businesses and consumers across New England are preparing for a big spike in energy prices starting in January. What’s responsible for rising energy prices? The increase can be attributed to the recent western fracking boom, which initially drove down the price of natural gas and caused a large amount of people to i...
Dec 03 07:24:00 pm GMT / ServerTech Blog - Information for the Data Center Equipment Manager»

A Little Silicon Goes a Long Way Toward Energy Efficiency

— Greater reliance on ARM for Web transactions and FPGAs for database applications can reduce data center power consumption without slowing performance.
Nov 21 07:59:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

Kenya Power Taps IBM Real Time Data Solutions To Improve Business Performance

— East Africa's largest power distributor Kenya Power, today announced the selection of IBM for an automated system that will provide a real time status of all business processes. This will enable Kenya Power to implement its strategic expansion plans. E-mail this page ...
Nov 12 12:02:46 pm GMT / IBM Press Releases - Servers - United States»

Microsoft’s Biogas-Powered Data Plant Opens in Wyoming

— Cross posted from the Microsoft Green blog Josh Henretig, Senior Director Energy, Environment & Cities Two years ago, we announced a partnership with a number of private and public sector partners to build the first zero-carbon...(read more)
Nov 07 03:15:00 pm GMT / ms datacenters»

Africa Is Gathering Support to Address Power-Related Challenges

— Photo Credit:    Right now the African continent is facing a whole slew of issues ranging from disease to war to food shortages. It’s safe to say that the continent as a whole is going through a challengin...
Oct 22 06:38:00 pm GMT / ServerTech Blog - Information for the Data Center Equipment Manager»

Don't Ignore These Important Regulatory Power Changes

— During the past several months, the U.S. power sector has been in a state of flux as several important changes have arisen that will directly impact the way you do business. Here are three of the most notable updates: Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS): Back in April, the MATS ruling came under fire from industry...
Oct 14 01:00:00 pm GMT / ServerTech Blog - Information for the Data Center Equipment Manager»

Microsoft, Others Partner on Fuel Cell Research with $5 Million Awarded by ARPA-E

— Cross-posted from the Microsoft Green Blog Josh Henretig, Director, World Wide Environmental Sustainability Microsoft is once again partnering with others to further fuel cell innovations, with the goal of developing a very efficient, low-cost fuel cell system. Microsoft, Redox Power Systems LLC, the University o...
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Cloud computing in Europe should put power in the hands of the customer

— This is an extended version of an article that appeared in the Guardian today We are rapidly entering into an era where massive computing power, digital storage and global network connections can be deployed by anyone as quickly and easily as turning on the lights. This is the promise – and the reality – of clo...
May 15 05:00:00 pm GMT / All Things Distributed»

How Can Datacenters Help Build a New Energy Economy? Just Ask San Antonio

— Brian Janous, Director of Energy Strategy Global Sales Foundation As Microsoft embraces a more thoughtful approach to powering the cloud, we're looking at how we can reinvent the datacenter to be more efficient and use more sustainable energy...(read more)
Apr 16 05:53:00 pm GMT / ms datacenters»

Three Ways Microsoft is Working to Transform the Energy Supply Chain

— Brian Janous, Director of Energy Strategy Global Sales Foundation As Microsoft has embraced its identity as a devices and services company, we've also embraced energy's role in powering the cloud. In the past 12 months, we have made significant...(read more)
Apr 15 05:25:00 pm GMT / ms datacenters»

Giving the Gift of Power: For The Gadgeteer that has everything…

— I hate to admit it but I am one of those “hard-to-shop for” gadget guys.  Its true.  I just cannot seem to wait until gift-giving season to get that special new piece of technology.  I usually go out and get … Continue reading →
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Solar at Scale: How Big is a Solar Array of 9MW Average Output?

— I frequently get asked “why not just put solar panels on data center roofs and run them on that.” The short answer is datacenter roofs are just way too small. In a previous article (I Love Solar But…) I did a quick back of envelope calculation and, assuming a conventional single floor build with current power de...
Nov 09 10:29:22 pm GMT / Perspectives»

Microsoft Announces New Investment to Power a Greener Cloud

— Brian Janous, Director of Energy Strategy Global Foundation Services As Microsoft continues to experience increasing customer global demand for our cloud and online services like Bing , MSN , Office 365 , Xbox Live , SkyDrive , Skype , and the...(read more)
Nov 04 10:56:00 pm GMT / ms datacenters»

Why there are Datacenters in NY, Hong Kong, and Tokyo?

— Why are there so many data centers in New York, Hong Kong, and Tokyo? These urban centers have some of the most expensive real estate in the world. The  cost of labor is high. The tax environment is unfavorable. Power costs are high.  Construction is difficult to permit and expensive. Urban datacenters are i...
Jul 13 03:03:27 pm GMT / Perspectives»

ARM V8 Architecture

— Years ago, Dave Patterson remarked that most server innovations were coming from the mobile device world. He’s right. Commodity system innovation is driven by volume and nowhere is there more volume than in the mobile device world.  The power management techniques applied fairly successfully over the last 5 yea...
Jan 02 05:21:02 pm GMT / Perspectives»

Datacenter outage in Sunnyvale brings down Friendster

— A friend of mine just called me to tell me that QTS's Sunnyvale had a major power event today. Details are slim, but apparently it was an entire site outage. He told me that he's about 50th in line to get access to the facility right now. Due to this outage, Friendster is offline right now.To read this article in full ...
Nov 13 11:20:50 pm GMT / mhalligan's blog»