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Amazon quietly commits to 100% clean energy for AWS, but gives no details

— Is Amazon coming around to clean power for Amazon Web Services?
Nov 20 06:58:18 pm GMT / Structure ? Cloud Computing News and Analysis»

Dynamic Duo of Analytic Power: Business Intelligence Analyst PLUS Data Scientist

— Bill Schmarzo Figure 1: BI Analyst vs. Data Scientist Characteristics I recently had a client ask me to explain to his management team the difference between a Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst and a Data Scientist.  I frequently hear this question, and typically resort to showing Figure 1 (B...
Nov 19 03:00:05 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

Veolia and IBM Join Forces to Deliver New Digital Urban Solutions To Transform Water, Energy and Waste Management Services for Cities

— Today, during Smart City Expo and World Congress in Barcelona, IBM and Veolia announced a new partnership and new solutions that integrate intuitive and powerful digital technologies into urban services to improve the efficiency of municipal systems around the world -- a partnership which opens up new possibili...
Nov 19 02:00:40 am GMT / IBM Press Releases - Services and solutions - United States»

Density and flexibility in one box: the PowerEdge C4130

— Ed. Note: This post was authored by John Hettenhaus, Marketing Director, Dell Servers The world of high-performance computing is evolving beyond academia research and hyperscale supercomputer installations as a broader spectrum of customers are looking at ways to address machine learning, signal and image processing al...
Nov 17 02:00:00 pm GMT / Inside Enterprise IT»

It Takes a Village: The Rise of Crowd-Powered IT Services [#Cloud]

— When was the last time you went to your favorite office superstore to buy a piece of packaged software? Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud storage have completely changed the consumer computing market. Other than Microsoft Office and a few resource-intensive applications for photo and video editing, everything els...
Nov 12 12:00:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»

Heres something you dont see every day

— I have a standing joke that EMC’s kit is dressed in “Death Star chic” with all the black (shiny as Darth Vader’s helmet) grey and blue cylon-like LEDs… I guess this is what you would find in the datacenter powering the rebel base on Hoth :-) (seriously – not photoshopped, at a r...
Nov 10 06:34:42 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

$20 “Model A+” is the cheapest Raspberry Pi ever

— Like Model B+ revision, new A+ is smaller and requires less power.
Nov 10 06:00:47 pm GMT / Uptime»

Microsoft’s Biogas-Powered Data Plant Opens in Wyoming

— Cross posted from the Microsoft Green blog Josh Henretig, Senior Director Energy, Environment & Cities Two years ago, we announced a partnership with a number of private and public sector partners to build the first zero-carbon...(read more)
Nov 07 03:15:00 pm GMT / ms datacenters»

FBI moves to expand computer search powers, complicating Microsoft’s push to protect overseas cloud customers

— Search warrants issued by an American judge only cover U.S. territory. The Justice Department wants to change that -- even as Microsoft fights in court to stop a search warrant from reaching servers in Ireland. FBI moves to expand computer search powers, complicating Microsoft’s push to protect overseas cloud c...
Nov 06 04:20:42 pm GMT / GigaOM Cloud Computing»

Why EMC thinks it’s ready to power the internet of things

— EMC President Jeremy Burton came on the Structure Show podcast this week to talk about the company's current plan to deliver hybrid cloud-storage systems and its future plan to provide the infrastructure underpinning the next generation of big data and internet-of-things applications. Why EMC thinks it’s ready ...
Nov 01 06:17:24 pm GMT / GigaOM Cloud Computing»

Africa Is Gathering Support to Address Power-Related Challenges

— Photo Credit:    Right now the African continent is facing a whole slew of issues ranging from disease to war to food shortages. It’s safe to say that the continent as a whole is going through a challengin...
Oct 22 06:38:00 pm GMT / ServerTech Blog - Information for the Data Center Equipment Manager»

Don't Ignore These Important Regulatory Power Changes

— During the past several months, the U.S. power sector has been in a state of flux as several important changes have arisen that will directly impact the way you do business. Here are three of the most notable updates: Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS): Back in April, the MATS ruling came under fire from industry...
Oct 14 01:00:00 pm GMT / ServerTech Blog - Information for the Data Center Equipment Manager»

Microsoft, Others Partner on Fuel Cell Research with $5 Million Awarded by ARPA-E

— Cross-posted from the Microsoft Green Blog Josh Henretig, Director, World Wide Environmental Sustainability Microsoft is once again partnering with others to further fuel cell innovations, with the goal of developing a very efficient, low-cost fuel cell system. Microsoft, Redox Power Systems LLC, the University o...
Jun 24 10:42:00 pm GMT / ms datacenters»

Cloud computing in Europe should put power in the hands of the customer

— This is an extended version of an article that appeared in the Guardian today We are rapidly entering into an era where massive computing power, digital storage and global network connections can be deployed by anyone as quickly and easily as turning on the lights. This is the promise – and the reality – of clo...
May 15 05:00:00 pm GMT / All Things Distributed»

Giving the Gift of Power: For The Gadgeteer that has everything…

— I hate to admit it but I am one of those “hard-to-shop for” gadget guys.  Its true.  I just cannot seem to wait until gift-giving season to get that special new piece of technology.  I usually go out and get … Continue reading →
Dec 05 03:29:58 pm GMT / LooseBolts»

Solar at Scale: How Big is a Solar Array of 9MW Average Output?

— I frequently get asked “why not just put solar panels on data center roofs and run them on that.” The short answer is datacenter roofs are just way too small. In a previous article (I Love Solar But…) I did a quick back of envelope calculation and, assuming a conventional single floor build with current power de...
Nov 09 10:29:22 pm GMT / Perspectives»

ARM V8 Architecture

— Years ago, Dave Patterson remarked that most server innovations were coming from the mobile device world. He’s right. Commodity system innovation is driven by volume and nowhere is there more volume than in the mobile device world.  The power management techniques applied fairly successfully over the last 5 yea...
Jan 02 05:21:02 pm GMT / Perspectives»

42: The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

— Yesterday the Top 500 Supercomputer Sites was announced. The Top500 list shows the most powerful commercially available supercomputer systems in the world. This list represents the very outside of what supercomputer performance is possible when cost is no object. The top placement on the list is always owned by a...
Nov 15 06:21:38 pm GMT / Perspectives»