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Using a SSD Cache in Front of EBS Boosted Throughput by 50%, for Free

— Using EBS has lots of advantages--reliability, snapshotting, resizing--but overcoming the performance problems by using Provisioned IOPS is expensive.  Swrve, an integrated marketing and A/B testing and optimization platform for mobile apps, did something clever. They are using the c3.xlarge EC2 instances, t...
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What’s new in the world of Big Data and Cloud

— Three things you need to know from the week of September 7 – 13, 2014 Apache Cassandra –  Cassandra continues to gather momentum as a preferred noSQL database, both in terms of commercial backing and performance. Apache Cassandra v2.1, was announced at September 11 at the Cassandra Summit. The most important...
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Microserver Market Heats up: Intel Atom S1200 (Centerton) Announcement

— Since 2008, I’ve been excited by, working on, and writing about Microservers. In these early days, some of the workloads I worked with were I/O bound and didn’t really need or use high single-thread performance. Replacing the server class processors that supported these applications with high-volume, low-cost clie...
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42: The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

— Yesterday the Top 500 Supercomputer Sites was announced. The Top500 list shows the most powerful commercially available supercomputer systems in the world. This list represents the very outside of what supercomputer performance is possible when cost is no object. The top placement on the list is always owned by a...
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