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Cisco, Polycom Lead Dismal Quarter for Video Conferencing

— Delayed customer buying decisions, lower-cost systems and more software-centric products were among the reasons for the poor performance.
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If you're concerned about VDI storage capacity, you're doing something wrong!

— One of the interesting conversations that came out of BriForum was around the storage capacity for VDI. Frequent readers know that when it comes to VDI storage, I focus on performance, rather than capacity. That said, I've also taken the position that...(read more)
Jun 02 04:03:00 am GMT / Brian Madden»

Acronis Launches New Disk Management Tool for Windows PCs

— The product suite helps users organize PC hard drives for high performance, and is designed to protect and secure data via multiple volumes on a single drive.
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The New Battleground in Analytics | Part 1

— As a relative newcomer to the world of Application Performance Management (APM) and the larger category of Application Intelligence, I knew I had a lot to learn. I came into this market having spent the last 15 years in the Analytics space. The idea of taking large volumes of disparate data and turning it into actionab...
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Where are the performance specs for VSP G1000?

— In my blog post that supported the announcement of the VSP G1000 with SVOS, Storage Virtualization Operating System,  I described VSP G1000 as a unified storage platform that can provide approximately 4 million random reads for 8KB blocks or more than 1.2 million NFS operations for file. While the 1.2 million NFS oper...
May 23 06:08:51 pm GMT / Hu Yoshida»

Friday Spotlight: Oracle VM Server for SPARC Virtual Disk Performance Improvement

— A new Solaris update dramatically improves performance for virtual disks on Oracle VM Server for SPARC, providing near-native I/O performance. With this change, virtual I/O is suitable for the most demanding I/O intensive applications under Oracle VM Server for SPARC. Read this article to see more details.
May 23 04:00:00 pm GMT / Oracle's Virtualization Blog»

9 Principles of High Performance Programs

— Arvid Norberg on the libtorrent blog has put together an excellent list of principles of high performance programs, obviously derived from hard won experience programming on bittorrent: Two fundamental causes of performance problems: Memory Latency. A big performance problem on modern computers is the latency of ...
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ScaleMatrix Maintains 100 Percent Uptime with Server Technology

— Ensuring 100 percent uptime for customers in a multi-tenant data center is impossible without a robust set of power distribution and monitoring solutions. So when ScaleMatrix, a premier cloud and colocation provider, set out to guarantee peak performance in its San Diego and Houston facilities the company knew it had t...
May 19 11:24:00 pm GMT / ServerTech Blog - Information for the Data Center Equipment Manager»

Top Vendors Tip-Toeing Through the Commodity Minefield

— When considering enterprise IT, most concede that innovations and performance gains are lead by software developments, but don't write off hardware.
May 19 04:37:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

Even in a Modular Future, Reliability Still the Top Priority

— By necessity, data infrastructure must become leaner and meaner over the next decade, but that will not come at the expense of optimal performance.
May 16 05:45:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

4 Architecture Issues When Scaling Web Applications: Bottlenecks, Database, CPU, IO

— This is a guest repost by Venkatesh CM at Architecture Issues Scaling Web Applications. I will cover architecture issues that show up while scaling and performance tuning large scale web application in this blog. Lets start by defining few terms to create common understanding and vocabulary. Later on I will go through...
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IT Pros pick Microsoft’s Software-Defined Networks Monitoring solution DEMon

— Microsoft was recognized for its SDN Monitoring DEMon Solution and swept all six leader awards for Market, Price, Performance, Reliability, Service & Support and Innovation this week at the Ethernet Summit in Santa Clara, California. The award was presented by IT Brand Pulse and revealed the results of their annual br...
May 01 12:00:00 am GMT / ms datacenters»

More evidence that scale is the name of the game in cloud computing

— Publishing analytics startup Parse.ly just switched its entire IT footprint to Amazon Web Services, saving money and improving performance in the process. As clouds keep getting cheaper and better, resistance to them is becoming futile.
Apr 25 07:17:24 pm GMT / GigaOM iaas»

Business – Not Company Size – Should Define Storage Infrastructure

— Traditionally, storage has been defined as either midrange or enterprise, based on the assumption that midrange or smaller customers did not need the performance and availability of larger enterprise customers. As a result, midrange storage could be built on a simpler, lower cost, dual controller architecture, where on...
Apr 08 02:01:17 am GMT / Hu Yoshida»

An HPC champion helps Trek Bicycle shift gears

— Trek Bicycle has turned to high performance computers to help develop new bicycles, and the effort is seeing results.
Nov 25 08:59:00 pm GMT / Computerworld HP News»

HP Chromebook 14 (with 4G) review: Solid performance in a plus-sized package

— The HP Chromebook 14 with 4G is now available for a highly reasonable $349. Combining great performance with a spacious 14-in. display, is it the right Chromebook for you?
Oct 23 10:00:00 am GMT / Computerworld HP News»

Expanding the Cloud: More memory, more caching and more performance for your data

— Today, we added two important choices for customers running high performance apps in the cloud: support for Redis in Amazon ElastiCache and a new high memory database instance (db.cr1.8xlarge) for Amazon RDS. As we prepared to launch these features, I was struck not only by the range of services we provide to enable c...
Sep 03 06:00:00 pm GMT / All Things Distributed»

HP 3PAR conjures powerful storage magic

— HP 3PAR StoreServe 7400 combines high scalability, high performance, and a big bag of tricks for easing storage management
Aug 07 08:53:00 pm GMT / Computerworld HP News»

Microserver Market Heats up: Intel Atom S1200 (Centerton) Announcement

— Since 2008, I’ve been excited by, working on, and writing about Microservers. In these early days, some of the workloads I worked with were I/O bound and didn’t really need or use high single-thread performance. Replacing the server class processors that supported these applications with high-volume, low-cost clie...
Dec 11 04:55:45 pm GMT / Perspectives»

Atos offers $845M for Bull to boost its security and HPC service offering

— French IT services company Atos is seeking to beef up its cybersecurity and high-performance computing offering with a a!620 million (US$845 million) bid for servers and services specialist Bull.
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