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EMC Hybrid Cloud: Demolishing Barriers Faster

— Ten years ago I made my living as an analyst with IDC, focusing on the business side of mobility. For sure, it was a different era; texting was really a European-only phenomenon and the “mobile Internet” delivered speeds of 25-50kbps (k … as in kilobyte). But with a couple million users, ...
Aug 28 04:39:09 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

T-Mobile exempts Grooveshark, Rdio from data caps—Google Music is next

— 14 streaming services won't count against caps in T-Mobile's "Music Freedom."
Aug 28 02:16:50 pm GMT / Uptime»

Microsoft Improves Lync Mobile Meeting Management for Apple iOS

— The company releases a new Gallery View that supports four simultaneous video streams on the iPad and more meeting management features.
Aug 27 08:10:00 pm GMT / IT Infrastructure - RSS Feed» CRM upgrade puts heavy emphasis on mobile

—'s development teams are continuing their steady pace of improvements to the Salesforce1 mobile application, which first debuted at last year's Dreamforce conference.
Aug 27 06:56:00 pm GMT / Virtualisation»

Cotap, A WhatsApp For The Workplace, Adds Box, Dropbox, Google, OneDrive And Desktop App

—  Cotap, a startup founded by former Yammer executives Jim Patterson and Zack Parker that launched last year with the premise of becoming a “WhatsApp for the workplace“, is today unveiling a new build of its product, and a wider remit. Cotap is going beyond mobile messaging and moving into file sharing...
Aug 27 04:05:26 pm GMT / TechCrunchIT»

Salesforce renames and revamps Communities service

— has renamed and updated its Communities product, which lets companies build social websites where employees, partners and customers can mingle and collaborate.Now called Salesforce1 Community Cloud, the service has been updated in several areas including the profile and topic pages, and its mobile ac...
Aug 27 01:47:45 pm GMT / Cloud Computing - Infoworld»

@CloudExpo | Embrace #DBaaS to Speed Up Mobile App Development

— As enterprises work to rapidly embrace the mobile revolution, both for their workforce and to engage more deeply with their customers, the pressure is on for IT to support the tools needed by their application developers. Mobile application developers are working with a massive variety of technologies and platforms, bu...
Aug 27 01:15:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»

IBM Systems Help Clients Embrace Next Generation of Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social Technologies

— As organizations look to take advantage of the emergence of cloud, analytics and mobile technologies, IBM today announced that this trend is driving interest in IBM systems in geographies around the world. E-mail this page Save to Digg thi...
Aug 27 06:08:46 am GMT / IBM Press Releases - Storage - United States»

Power Management Solutions for a Mobile World

— You’re installing a new piece of IT equipment into a rack, and you need access to critical information from your power distribution unit (PDU) so as not to overload the system. Unfortunately, it’s well over 100 degrees in your data center, which is very uncomfortable. Isn’t there another way to obtain the data w...
Aug 26 01:00:00 pm GMT / ServerTech Blog - Information for the Data Center Equipment Manager»

Instead of merging, Sprint and T-Mobile actually compete for customers

— Sprint's $60 unlimited plan countered by T-Mobile offering 2GB for $45.
Aug 25 07:13:10 pm GMT / Uptime»

T-Mobile Free Data Offer Aimed at Luring Rivals' Customers

— T-Mobile is offering a year of unlimited free cellular data to Simple Choice customers who get a friend or relative to switch to the company from a competitor.
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PanTerra Adds Mobile Functionality to SmartBox Cloud

— The platform also offers improved security features, including built-in multi-factor authentication (MFA) and in-transit and at-rest encryption.
Aug 19 06:00:00 pm GMT / Data Storage - RSS Feed»

Selecting a Provider and Infrastructure for Running an In-Memory Database

— The need for database speed is always a given. Recently, application response time has been shown to not only provide customers with a better experience, but also directly impact the bottom line. Think about companies running mobile advertising networks that are paid for delivering an advertising impression to users sw...
Aug 19 05:00:42 pm GMT / GoGrid Blog»

Mobile UX: The Evolution Revolution

— You don’t need to teach a child to push harder when confronted with a heavy object. She figures it out. You don’t need to teach a child to pay attention when you shake a rattle. He naturally gets attracted to … Continue reading → The post Mobile UX: The Evolution Revolution appe...
Aug 14 01:25:50 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

Mobile chips face lockdown to prevent hacks

— Chip makers want to make hardware the first layer of defense against data breaches and other attacks on tablets and smartphones.
Aug 11 03:44:00 am GMT / Data Centre»

3 strategies for for defining your mobile-content management approach

— Many acknowledge the need to manage mobile content, but there is currently no consensus on how to do so. Enter the mobile content management software market, which holds a number of strategies and tactical approaches for vendors with important go-to-market decisions. 3 strategies for for defining your mobile-content m...
Jul 14 10:18:44 pm GMT / GigaOM Cloud Computing»

Infographic (now in iPhone 5S Gold): Why your mobile-first digital strategy will succeed

— Here’s an Infographic in your latest iPhone 5S Gold version
May 31 05:29:10 pm GMT / Avastu Blog - Sustainable Global Clouds»

BMC automates the mainframe change ticket

— Mainframe operators using BMC software may now be able to enjoy the speedy, devops-style development pace that is quickly becoming the norm for customer-facing mobile applications and Internet services.
Apr 22 04:06:00 am GMT / Computerworld NOSes and Server Software News»

HP rolls out next-gen firewall line, threat-detection service

— HP today took the wraps off its Next-Generation Firewall line designed to exert application-level controls and visibility over all traffic related to the enterprise, including mobile devices used in public WiFi settings and traffic from cloud services.
Sep 17 02:26:00 pm GMT / Computerworld HP News»

The Curious Case Of Continuous and Consistently Contiguous Crypto…

— Here’s an interesting resurgence of a security architecture and an operational deployment model that is making a comeback: Requiring VPN tunneled and MITM’d access to any resource, internal or external, from any source internal or external. While mobile devices (laptops, phones and tablets) are often deploy...
Aug 08 08:31:07 pm GMT / Rational Survivability»

Survey Analysis (Part 2): Mobile App Marketing

— This is part 2 of my analysis of the data collected from a survey I conducted a few weeks ago. Last week I published the survey results in the form of an infographic. Part 1 of my analysis was published in a blog post earlier this week. Forty-one survey participants were asked about the marketing activities […]
Dec 13 03:11:05 pm GMT / The AppGirl Blog»

Recap of SIME London 2012

— I made it back from Brazil in time to attend the 1-day SIME conference in London. It was an enlightening day with lots of good data & insights around mobile & social trends. Some of the snippets captured… Today: Mobile data growth doubled between Q1 2011 to Q2 2012 & there are  6.3 billion mobile s...
Sep 29 03:51:03 pm GMT / The AppGirl Blog»

New ruv Blog Design ~ Hard Wood

— Studio @ Liberty Village TorontoLet me start by saying if you're using an old browser and the site looks like crap, upgrade your browser now or view the mobile version. Please don't comment it's broken in IE6 or something stupid like that. Cause I don't care... Nah, Just kidding, let me know if you see any problems. I...
Mar 27 01:39:00 pm GMT / ElasticVapor - Life in the cloud»

Datacenters For Ravers

— This past month I've been building a new infrastructure for iSkoot, a great mobile start-up. We've been tasked with re-building and migrating an existing infrastructure from an east coast datacenter to Santa Clara in 25 days. The project itself is going pretty smoothly, minus a few miss-communications between our IS...
Nov 23 01:45:09 am GMT / mhalligan's blog»

Xangati Unveils Application-Aware Infrastructure Intelligence, Allowing Companies to Deliver an Unparalleled User Experience for Mobile and Web Applications

— Xangati, a leading provider of App-Aware Infrastructure Intelligence, today announced Xangati Product Suite XSR12, a major software release that delivers industry-leading, real-time, high fidelity visibility and rapid triage for the entire client, desktop, compute, networking and storage infrastructure. XSR12 is design...
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