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Why Customers are Unhappy with Your Mobile Apps

— How quickly do things change in the world of mobility? Just last year, CA Technologies conducted a worldwide survey that told an entirely different story from the one we are hearing today. 2013’s Enterprise Mobility – It’s All About the Apps was a call to action for enterprise IT to keep up with customers mobilit...
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Amazon tweaks AppStream to ease Windows app streaming

— Amazon Web Services updated its AppStream service so developers can set up Windows apps to stream to mobile devices with less futzing.
Nov 21 01:16:30 pm GMT / Structure ? Cloud Computing News and Analysis»

T-Mobile Offering Customers Free Tablets Starting Nov. 21

— The early Black Friday promotion offers a free 7-inch Alcatel tablet for any customer who adds a monthly tablet plan, starting at $10, to their account. Supplies are limited.
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How Portugal's Age of Discovery Is Related to Enterprise Mobility [#IoT]

— This week I had the good fortune of spending time in Lisbon, Portugal. I met with several hundred business men and women at a mobility event in Microsoft's auditorium in Lisbon, at banks and with mobile network operators where we discussed digital transformation, enterprise mobility, IoT and mobile strategies. In pre...
Nov 18 12:30:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»

Ex-Nokians Launch Employee Wellness App Wellmo

—  Born from the ashes of Nokia’s ‘Wellness’ initiative — part of Nokia Research Center, which, by some estimates, helped make the once mobile giant the third largest R&D spender in Europe as recently as 2011 — is Wellmo, another Finnish startup operating in the health and fitness...
Nov 18 08:01:30 am GMT / TechCrunchIT»

Cisco Grows Collaboration Lineup With Mobile App, Room System

— The company's Project Squared is designed to offer users the ease of consumer products with enterprise-level security and manageability.
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Cisco’s New Project Squared Collaboration Tool Offers Modern Alternative To Aging WebEx

—  Cisco announced a new communications and collaboration platform today, they have dubbed Project Squared, which has been built from the ground up as a cloud-mobile tool designed to work smoothly across platforms regardless of the device. The tool lets you view audio and video, have multi-party meetings and share...
Nov 17 06:30:53 pm GMT / TechCrunchIT»

Cloud, mobile apps walk away with top honors at Web Summit

— Startups vying for top awards at the Web Summit in Dublin this week are developing products for widely different markets, but highlight the growing use and reliance on cloud services and mobile devices on the part of developers and users alike.
Nov 06 07:42:00 pm GMT / Virtualisation»

Don't Get Blindsided By a Lack of Capacity in Your Data Center

— Stop and think about how a garage slowly fills up with “stuff.” Into the space initially slotted to protect your automobile, you introduce a new leaf blower, then a lawn mower, then bicycles, balls and bats, tools … the list goes on. The next thing you know, you’re parking your car in the driveway, and then, e...
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Capriza Gets $27M from VC to Mobilize Legacy Apps

— Company will use the capital to scale business operations for increased demand for its zero-coding, zero-integration, zero-API mobile app creation platform.
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Tablets make people hate VDI, when really they should make them hate Windows apps

— Last week during the podcast we did with Raytheon, we got to talking about VMI (like VDI, but instead of desktop clients connecting to remote virtual desktops, it's mobile clients connecting to remote virtual mobile apps). The topic of "user experience...(read more)
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Infographic (now in iPhone 5S Gold): Why your mobile-first digital strategy will succeed

— Here’s an Infographic in your latest iPhone 5S Gold version
May 31 05:29:10 pm GMT / Avastu Blog - Sustainable Global Clouds»

After flubbing mobile, Intel’s next big market play is telecommunications (again)

— Intel's mobile ambitions aren't focused solely on the smartphone -- it wants Intel inside the gear running telco networks. The chip giant sees a $16 billion opportunity in the networking and communications gear business. After flubbing mobile, Intel’s next big market play is telecommunications (again) originall...
Dec 03 09:15:47 pm GMT / GigaOM Cisco»

Simplifying Mobile App Data Management with DynamoDB's Fine-Grained Access Control

— Speed of development, scalability, and simplicity of management are among the critical needs of mobile developers. With the proliferation of mobile devices and users, and small agile teams that are tasked with building successful mobile apps that can grow from 100 users to 1 million users in a few days, scalability of ...
Oct 30 09:00:00 am GMT / All Things Distributed»

The Curious Case Of Continuous and Consistently Contiguous Crypto…

— Here’s an interesting resurgence of a security architecture and an operational deployment model that is making a comeback: Requiring VPN tunneled and MITM’d access to any resource, internal or external, from any source internal or external. While mobile devices (laptops, phones and tablets) are often deploy...
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Survey Analysis (Part 2): Mobile App Marketing

— This is part 2 of my analysis of the data collected from a survey I conducted a few weeks ago. Last week I published the survey results in the form of an infographic. Part 1 of my analysis was published in a blog post earlier this week. Forty-one survey participants were asked about the marketing activities […]
Dec 13 03:11:05 pm GMT / The AppGirl Blog»

Getting visibility for your mobile apps

— Recently I was asked to share some of my thoughts on how to create visibility for a newly released app. With over 400k apps in the Android Market / Google Play (and over 600k in App Store), the chance of organic discover within app stores are low. Here are a couple recommendations… Press release: while […]
Oct 23 12:55:33 pm GMT / The AppGirl Blog»

Recap of SIME London 2012

— I made it back from Brazil in time to attend the 1-day SIME conference in London. It was an enlightening day with lots of good data & insights around mobile & social trends. Some of the snippets captured… Today: Mobile data growth doubled between Q1 2011 to Q2 2012 & there are  6.3 billion mobile s...
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ARM V8 Architecture

— Years ago, Dave Patterson remarked that most server innovations were coming from the mobile device world. He’s right. Commodity system innovation is driven by volume and nowhere is there more volume than in the mobile device world.  The power management techniques applied fairly successfully over the last 5 yea...
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Datacenters For Ravers

— This past month I've been building a new infrastructure for iSkoot, a great mobile start-up. We've been tasked with re-building and migrating an existing infrastructure from an east coast datacenter to Santa Clara in 25 days. The project itself is going pretty smoothly, minus a few miss-communications between our IS...
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