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‘Control for Cloud & Big Data’ By @Vormetric | @CloudExpo [#BigData]

— Cloud and Big Data present unique dilemmas: embracing the benefits of these new technologies while maintaining the security of your organization's assets. When an outside party owns, controls and manages your infrastructure and computational resources, how can you be assured that sensitive data remains private and secu...
Jan 28 04:45:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»

‘The Consumption Cloud’ By @Solgenia_Corp | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— The consumption economy is here and so are cloud applications and solutions that offer more than subscription and flat fee models and at the same time are available on a pure consumption model, which not only reduces IT spend but also lowers infrastructure costs, and offers ease of use and availability. In their sessio...
Jan 28 02:00:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»

Steel Mills and the Security of Critical Infrastructure

— In late December, the German government issued a report about a cyber attack on a steel mill that resulted in significant damage to that facility. The attack has received extensive publicity since then, from the BBC to YouTube, including a detailed analysis of the attack by SANS. Many of these ...
Jan 27 10:00:31 am GMT / EMC Feeds »

Oracle’s Play for Converged Infrastructure

— Oracle claims its system can be up and running in hours, doing away with deployment/integration functions that conventional infrastructure requires.
Jan 26 03:55:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

Friday Spotlight: Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance: Past Reflection and Future Vision

— Today's spotlight is a year in review of Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance and a look to the future. Virtual Compute Appliance is a converged infrastructure solution that combines preconfigured networking, servers, and storage into a convenient package that system administrators can easily deploy into an existing...
Jan 23 04:59:36 pm GMT / Oracle's Virtualization Blog»

Managing Distributed Risk: A Strategy for Minimizing Risk from Third-party Engagement

— If you’re like most IT professionals, you’ve noticed that your roster of third-party providers continues to grow. Whether you’re using software as a service (SaaS) applications (as virtually every organization does), offshore developers, cloud services like infrastructure as a...
Jan 23 01:30:40 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

Have It Your Way By @MJannery | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— It’s always been my philosophy that we should make it as easy as possible for our prospects to write us checks. Sounds flippant, but I believe it is sound business philosophy. It’s been interesting to me to see how customers have wanted to buy infrastructure software, and how it has changed over the years. Back in...
Jan 22 08:01:36 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»

Deploy a Hybrid Storage Solution Using Avere’s Edge Filer and Amazon S3

— Enterprise-scale AWS customers often ask me for advice on how to connect their existing on-premises compute and storage infrastructure to the AWS cloud.  They are not interested in all-or-nothing solutions that render their existing IT model obsolete. Instead, they want to enhance the model by taking advantage of ...
Jan 21 11:16:27 pm GMT / Amazon Web Services Blog»

The Cloud: The Quickest Way to Big Data Infrastructure

— The cloud is emerging as the go-to solution for Big Data, both as a means to support the data itself and the database and analytics platforms.
Jan 21 07:47:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

Bronto Software Delivers Customer Analytics with Dell Networking

— As a cloud-based marketing provider for over 1300 brands, and the number one ranked email marketing provider according to the Internet Retailer Top 1000, Bronto Software has enormous demands on their IT infrastructure. With billions of transactions per day, Bronto experiences a demand increase of more than 3x during...
Jan 21 06:00:00 pm GMT / Inside Enterprise IT»

Enterprise IT investor Dharmesh Thakker joins Battery Ventures

— Battery Ventures will soon have a new general partner: Dharmesh Thakker, formerly of Intel Capital, will join Roger Lee and Chelsea Stoner in Battery’s Menlo Park, California office. At Intel, Thakker was involved in the funding of several high-profile infrastructure vendors — he was the first investor [&#...
Jan 21 11:30:17 am GMT / GigaOM Cloud Computing»

Amazon Cognito Update – Sync Store Access, Improved Console, More

— We’ve made some important updates to ! As you may already know, this service makes it easy for you to save user data such as app preferences or game state in the AWS cloud without writing any backend code or managing any infrastructure. Here’s what’s new: Developer-oriented access to the sync store. Updated AWS c...
Jan 20 09:10:19 pm GMT / Amazon Web Services Blog»

Support Costs: The Elephant in the White Box Room

— Open solutions don't necessarily produce plug-and-play, set-it-and-forget-it infrastructure. It takes skill and some trial and error to get it right.
Jan 20 07:32:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

2015 what to expect and This I Believe Part II.

— To all - welcome to 2015!   Just came back from the Leadership meeting (couple days with leaders across the EMC Federation and then days focused on the EMC Information Infrastructure business specifically). Very inspiring.   While I can't divulge everything publicly here's what I will say...
Jan 20 05:59:41 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

The Modular Approach to a Scalable Cloud

— Converged infrastructure is commonly looked upon as a general purpose solution, but it can be tailored to specific applications like VDI as well.
Jan 19 02:07:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

Citrix Sanbolic Acquisition Rounds Out Virtualization Suite

— Citrix has reached for the checkbook again, announcing that it has snapped up virtual storage purveyor Sanbolic. In doing so, it has completed its lineup of virtual infrastructure technology building blocks. Sanbolic, founded in 2000 by Momchil Michaylov and Eva Helen and privately funded, is the maker of software-defi...
Jan 19 01:00:05 pm GMT / The Virtualization Practice»

How enterprises can solve performance problems at petabyte-scale

— Today's enterprises must deploy infrastructures capable of massively scaling performance and capacity while having a very low impact on system management. How enterprises can solve performance problems at petabyte-scale originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2015. Continue reading…
Jan 15 07:23:18 pm GMT / GigaOM Cloud Computing»

On Track to a Hyperscale Universe

— Whether we're discussing expanding internal infrastructure or pushing workloads to the cloud, one of the first questions is, 'How well does it scale?'
Jan 14 08:15:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

The Role of “Software Defined” in the Management of Virtual Infrastructures

— Analysts predict that by 2016, 85% of workloads will be virtualized. Although virtualization results in tremendous enhancements in resource utilization and agility, challenges remain in the management of virtual infrastructures. This is where “Software Defined” can help. In my trends blog for 2015, I identi...
Jan 12 10:18:25 pm GMT / Hu Yoshida»

How NASA launched its web infrastructure into the cloud

— Among U.S. government agencies, the adoption of cloud computing hasn’t been moving full steam ahead, to say the least. Even though 2011 saw the Obama administration unveil the cloud-first initiative that called for government agencies to update their old legacy IT systems to the cloud, it […] How NASA launche...
Dec 19 01:00:17 pm GMT / GigaOM Cloud Computing»

How ecommerce and online experience are fusing for major brands

— Immersive, seamless web experiences that attract and engage customers for lasting relationships require updated platforms and flexible infrastructure. How ecommerce and online experience are fusing for major brands originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. Continue reading…
Dec 18 07:00:49 pm GMT / GigaOM Cloud Computing»

Delivering high performance for mainstream applications without wasting your budget or hampering flexibility

— Data center managers are faced with a perpetual dilemma: finding the right infrastructure that supports the performance demands of ALL their Oracle applications, while balancing budgetary constraints and limitations.  They find that many applications and database instances require a lot of horsepower, but can&rsqu...
Dec 12 07:30:00 pm GMT / Inside Enterprise IT»

Why eHarmony is rebuilding itself atop Hadoop and (probably) OpenStack

— Dating site eHarmony is overhauling its IT infrastructure with a lot of open source technology. CTO Thod Nguyen explains what the company is looking to use and why it made those choices. Why eHarmony is rebuilding itself atop Hadoop and (probably) OpenStack originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. ...
Nov 19 05:46:01 pm GMT / GigaOM Cisco»

Red Hat releases Cloud Infrastructure version 5, expands Wipro partnership

— The new version of the enterprise virtualization-and-OpenStack-spanning bundle includes Satellite 6, which allows federated lifecycle management across a host of different environments. Red Hat releases Cloud Infrastructure version 5, expands Wipro partnership originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. ...
Nov 03 09:00:51 am GMT / GigaOM iaas»

CloudSigma gains Ubuntu certification through Canonical tie-in

— Swiss/U.S. infrastructure-as-a-service provider CloudSigma has joined the likes of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in gaining Ubuntu certification — a move that should make it more attractive for those looking to deploy the much-used guest operating system. Ubuntu certification means CloudSigma, which pit...
Oct 15 04:19:13 pm GMT / GigaOM iaas»

When cloud computing isn’t all about scale

— Linode Founder and CEO Chris Aker has no illusions about challenging Amazon Web Services in the cloud, but that doesn't mean he cant build a quality cloud. As he explains in this Structure Show interview, quality infrastructure and simple billing can go a long way. When cloud computing isn’t all about scale or...
Aug 16 02:48:22 pm GMT / GigaOM iaas»

Bippity Boppity Boom! The Impact of Enchanted Objects on Development, Infrastructure and the Cloud

— I have been spending a bunch of my time recently thinking through the impact on what David Rose of Ditto Labs and MIT Media Lab romantically calls ‘Enchanted Objects’.  What are enchanted objects?   Enchanted Objects are devices, appliances, tools, dishware, … Continue reading →
Nov 01 10:28:04 pm GMT / LooseBolts»

Getting Ready for the Cloud

— by Ben Grubin Whether you have a handful of applications of thousands of them, if some are not already running the cloud the idea has likely been discussed. Most people agree there are large numbers of applications that should be relatively easy to migrate to cloud infrastructure, yet most still haven’t made the ...
Sep 24 01:01:40 pm GMT / CloudBzz»

Counting Servers is Hard

— At the Microsoft World-Wide Partners Conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that “We have something over a million servers in our data center infrastructure. Google is bigger than we are. Amazon is a little bit smaller. You get Yahoo! and Facebook, and then everybody else is 100,000 units probab...
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IaaS Cloud Litmus Test – The 5 Minute VM

— I will make this simple.  There is only one question you need to ask yourself or your IT department to determine if what you have is really an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud. Can I get a VM in 5-10 minutes? Perhaps a little bit more detailed? Can a properly credentialed user, with a legitimate need for cloud [̷...
Feb 18 10:42:51 pm GMT / CloudBzz»

NetApp Contribution Brings Data ONTAP 8 Clustering Drivers to OpenStack

— Contributions Drive Open Source Cloud Adoption Through Scalability, Efficiency, and Risk Reduction, Enabling an Agile Data Infrastructure
Oct 15 08:01:00 am GMT / NetApp - Press Releases»

Fun with Energy Consumption Data

— Facebook recently released a detailed report on their energy consumption and carbon footprint: Facebook’s Carbon and Energy Impact. Facebook has always been super open with the details behind there infrastructure. For example, they invited me to tour the Prineville datacenter just prior to its opening: · &n...
Aug 13 02:14:18 am GMT / Perspectives»

A final thought from The Wisdom of Clouds

— As the cloud market matures, James Urquhart changes companies and changes his focus from infrastructure to applications. It's time to say goodbye...
Nov 02 11:57:52 pm GMT / The Wisdom of Clouds »

Datacenters For Ravers

— This past month I've been building a new infrastructure for iSkoot, a great mobile start-up. We've been tasked with re-building and migrating an existing infrastructure from an east coast datacenter to Santa Clara in 25 days. The project itself is going pretty smoothly, minus a few miss-communications between our IS...
Nov 23 01:45:09 am GMT / mhalligan's blog»


— Forrester recently published a report: Infrastructure Architects Link Technology Strategy With Long-Term EA and Business Goals It’s a decent article.  For far too long many enterprise teams have viewed infrastructure architects as too low level...(read more)
Jul 17 04:59:24 pm GMT / Thoughts from the raised floor. Lewis Curtis Blog site»