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Switch to a Recurring Revenue Model By @AriaSystemsInc | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— A successful recurring revenue business requires a focus on monetization across every aspect of the customer relationship, not just billing or payments. Monetization is an end-to-end process from activation through cancelation. While traditional billing systems are designed to manage one-time sales, modern systems are ...
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Investing in Future Growth @CommVault Attracts Top Talent | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— CommVault has announced that top industry technology visionaries have joined its leadership team. The addition of leaders from companies such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Cisco, PwC and EMC signals the continuation of CommVault Next, the company's business transformation for sales, go-to-market strategies, pricing and pa...
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EMC Stands Up New Network Functions Virtualization Technology Group

— The trends of cloud, mobile, social media and Big Data are driving organizations in every industry to adapt to shifting competitive landscapes, new customer expectations, and disruptions in the economics of doing business. One of the industries that is arguably … Continue reading → ...
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Scalable Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Solutions | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— Kenichi (Kevin) Mori is the director of Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division, based in Park Ridge, New Jersey. He oversees business development and partnerships for the security group, which is part of Sony Electronics’ Professional Solutions of America group. He started his Sony career doing business-to -bu...
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The Great Split Business Model

— There seems to be a new business model appearing: Split the company. Symantec has done this, and now HP. IBM did it by selling off a great chunk of its server line to Lenovo. Cisco did it by divesting itself of ownership of VCE. What is telling is that there is a growing number of…Read more →The Great Split...
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Case Study: Cloud Transitions Done Right By @VIIAD | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— Every successful company hits growing pains at some point along the way. One of the most harrowing for IT is the transition from the “build it quick!” startup mindset to the more structured and stable mentality of a mid-stage business. For VIIAD Systems, a healthcare technology company that is reinventing how healt...
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Looking at Storage Through a Different Lens

— As I settle into my new role as head of EMC Core Technologies, I am frequently asked to summarize the business opportunity we have and how our portfolio hangs together, specifically from the high-end enterprise perspective. This has me thinking about the current state and direction of the stora...
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Seven Software Business Models – Part 2

— Many years ago I found myself talking to venture capitalists about the differences between SaaS, outsourcing, ASPs, MSPs, online applications; etc. Also I noticed that my Stanford students had little understanding of the economics of software, so I developed the idea of seven business models to cover everything in the ...
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Next IBM MobileFirst for iOS Apps Unveiled

— IBM today announced the expansion of the IBM MobileFirst for iOS portfolio to address key priorities for the Banking and Financial Services, Airline and Retail industries. These next IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions are available for business customization and deployment starting today. The full portfolio of mad...
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Software-Defined Operations Lead the Way By @Dana_Gardner | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— We explore how retailer Columbia Sportswear has made great strides in improving their business results through modernized IT, and where they expect to go next with their software-defined strategy. To learn more about the new wave of IT, we sat down with Suzan Pickett, Manager of Global Infrastructure Services at Columb...
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The CEO Is Dead, Long Live the CIO & CEO By @ABridgwater [#Cloud #BigData]

— Perhaps not quite as clear-cut as a logical AND in the programmatic sense, but the age of the CEO as we once knew it could be over. There’s a simple reason for this, CIOs (and yes of course we do mean Chief Information Officers) are starting to run their operations as business entities in their own right. In no way d...
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4WS.Platform and Activiti BPM | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

— Activiti and 4WS.Platform make it possible to manage business processes, including simple features such as email notifications or documents approval/storage and they also allow administrator to get a full control and monitoring of processes defined and in more
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What to know when planning an OpenStack deployment

— Knowing the different ways in which an OpenStack cloud can be deployed will ensure a successful and sustainable solution to local business requirements. What to know when planning an OpenStack deployment originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2015. Continue reading…
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WD Targets Prosumers, Small Businesses With My Cloud NAS

— All of those 4K GoPro videos need to go somewhere. WD launches new NAS devices to help consumers and small business store their growing collections of big files.
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Looking at Storage Through a Different Lens

— As I settle into my new role as head of EMC Core Technologies, I am frequently asked to summarize the business opportunity we have and how our portfolio hangs together, specifically from the high-end enterprise perspective.  This has me thinking … Continue reading → The post Lookin...
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Our Ecosystem Begins Here @Ciscocloud

— As Cisco prepares for Cisco Live Melbourne #clmel, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight our @Ciscocloud Intercloud partnership with Telstra The following Q&A session between executives of our partnered companies identifies the unique challenges of our current business environment and the rapidly changing ...
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Google mixes business with pleasure, updates Flights shopping service

— Attractive map interface helps clueless travelers find an ideal destination, too.
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RSA EMEA Advanced Cyber-Defence Summits - Spring 2015

— Today's business environment is fraught with cyber risk. New adversaries, new tactics, new threats. Conventional defenses are no longer effective. To collaborate, communicate, and innovate in today’s digital world, your capabilities must evolve – a radical leap forward that delivers...
Feb 25 04:48:59 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

New RelateIQ Reporting Shoots For Deeper Insight

—  RelateIQ, a tool that helps growing businesses manage their sales, announced a major update today that brings advanced reporting to the tool. This is a feature that has been long overdue. The company, which was sold to last July for $390M provides CRM services for small companies. Its differentiato...
Feb 24 04:00:50 pm GMT / TechCrunchIT»

New Firm Combines Wearables And Data To Improve Decision Making

—  Humanyze, a unique new firm spawned in the MIT Media Lab, has developed a system that uses a smart employee badge to collect employee behavioral data, which it links to specific metrics with the goal of improving business performance. It announced $1M in seed funding today. The funding was led by Romulus Cap...
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Business Services, Retail Saw The Most Online Security Breaches In 2014: FireEye

—  Business services and retail operations saw the most online intrusions from malicious hackers in 2014, and one business was infiltrated and tapped for a full eight years before it figured out it was being targeted, according to Mandiant, a division of computer security firm FireEye. In the news recently for t...
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How New-Gen Flash Can Improve Enterprises' Business

— Fast storage often can be the difference between higher yield and lower margins, customer engagement and abandonment, productivity and downtime.
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Amazon launches new email service called WorkMail

— Amazon is once again adding to its business-suite arsenal, this time with the announcement of WorkMail, the company’s new email and calendar service, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. The Seattle giant obviously faces some stiff competition in the email business […] Amazon launche...
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Extending the Reach of Mobile and Cloud in the Enterprise

— Most enterprises today, view mobility as a strategic initiative that will increase productivity and efficiency, enrich their business process and enable them to compete in a fast changing world. Mobility is closely tied to cloud. Mobility and cloud have replaced the old, rigid, client server paradigm and opened up a wo...
Jan 23 09:32:30 pm GMT / Hu Yoshida»

How to bring cost management to cloud services

— Today’s SaaS and other offerings give businesses increased productivity and capacity, but many companies have little visibility into or control over their cloud solutions’ true cost. How to bring cost management to cloud services originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2015. Continue reading&hellip...
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4 thoughts on 4 clouds, from a guy who sees them all

— Sebastian Stadil has been managing cloud environments for years as the creator of the Scalr project and founder of the startup he built to commercialize it. It’s his business to know how the various public clouds work, and to understand how Scalr’s customer are using them. He […] 4 thoughts on 4 cl...
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Power Prices Set to Surge as Temperatures Plummet in New England

Businesses and consumers across New England are preparing for a big spike in energy prices starting in January. What’s responsible for rising energy prices? The increase can be attributed to the recent western fracking boom, which initially drove down the price of natural gas and caused a large amount of people to i...
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Drive Your Digital Business with Social Strategy or else…

— I’ve written a lot about why a socially successful brand is key to your digital success. Your digital transformation journey is a failed journey if you are not part of the conversation on social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Vine (please add more to this list as you continue to see the so...
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Why technology and content are inseparable at Netflix

— Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt spoke with Gigaom about how important data science and cloud computing are to the company's business, as well as why the internet is the perfect medium to drive adoption of new video formats. Why technology and content are inseparable at Netflix originally published by Gigaom, ...
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Don’t ‘Sell’ to your customers. Innovate with them instead.

— A topic that I’ve been focusing on as of late is the shift in behavior of enterprise buyers. It all started from a conversation I had with Greg Ferro where he brought up the notion that we now transact in a “post information scarcity” business environment. Buyers today have access to a multitude of data, analysi...
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The current state of mobile devices in the workplace in 2014

— Until businesses understand and harness the context in which consumers use mobile devices, they will continue to fall short of customer expectations. (Note: This report was underwritten by Cotap.) The current state of mobile devices in the workplace in 2014 originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. ...
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The Easiest $20 I ever saved…

— During the 2014 RSA Conference, I participated on a repeating panel with Bret Hartman, CTO of Cisco’s Security Business Unit and Martin Brown from BT.  The first day was moderated by Jon Olstik while the second day, the three of us were left to, um, self-moderate. It occurred to me that during our very lively [&...
Mar 02 08:49:26 pm GMT / Rational Survivability»

Rethinking a stale IT governance model for the cloud era

— The rise of cloud computing is a perfect opportunity to rethink your IT governance model in a fundamental way. Read the first part of this column for a discussion of how to reshape IT governance to add value, rather than hold a business back. Many enterprises place prohibitions on the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS)...
Feb 10 11:24:06 am GMT / CloudBzz»

How to revamp your IT operational plan without getting fired

— Hey there, aren’t you the one who keeps telling everybody that the IT operations team is a service provider to the business? That you’re customer-centric? That you deliver high-quality technological capabilities for a fair price? Aren’t you the one who said that you know what it takes to satisfy the n...
Feb 04 01:16:50 pm GMT / CloudBzz»

How IoT Can Deliver on Its Promise

— To be successful, IoT devices need to fit with the way technology is being adopted by today’s agile businesses. How IoT Can Deliver on Its Promise originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. Continue reading…
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IPv6 to IPv4 Translation Made Business Beautiful. Think an Easy, less painful to your business in transitioning your Data Center.

— I am a lover of simple, efficient, and beautiful things.  Ivan Peplnjak of ipSpace gets The Loosebolt’s Oscar Award for Elegance and Simplicity in a Complex Network Application.  There may not be a little statue holding up a giant router … Continue reading →
Sep 20 08:00:00 pm GMT / LooseBolts»

Social business needs more sophistication

— DataSift's linkup with Bitly is helping enterprises move beyond social strategies that target raw reach into better analysis of engagement
Nov 15 11:48:04 pm GMT / Software as Services Blog RSS | ZDNet»

Appirio tallies the technical debt in your Salesforce instance

— Frequent customization of Salesforce can threaten the business agility of the platform. Appirio's new tool helps you assess the damage.
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Workers of the world, level up!

— [Google Doodle from Nov. 30, 2011] For my sins, I've been reading some marketing brochures - pdfs, actually - from an outfit called Lithium. Lithium is a consulting company that helps businesses design programs to take advantage of the social web, to channel the energies of online communities toward bottom lines. "W...
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Internap Acquires Enterprise Cloud Services Provider Voxel

— Voxel provides on-demand dedicated hosting and cloud services to enterprises and web-centric businesses.
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CMDBs in the Cloud

— As enterprises move inexorably towards the Cloud, a faint murmur in the distance is growing louder and louder. What is it – the security forces objecting…the CFO wondering where their money is going now…business teams clamoring for faster response time? Good guesses, but this group never makes quite that much noi...
Nov 30 01:00:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Blueprint4IT»

Cloud Expo Keynoter on Four Critical Steps to Datacenter Transformation

— A global 2000 Enterprise IT group is caught in a groundswell of chaos. The current economic malaise is forcing a challenge from the business to IT to cut operating expenses by 20 percent or greater while preserving capital ferociously. All this while the IT team is faced with another reality, the main corporate datace...
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IT Innovation: From Cost Centers To Sales Enhancers

— IT must innovate - it's the new clarion call in this looming recession. Given the cost pressures required just to keep the lights on, how would IT be able to convince business to let IT innovate beyond a datacenter clean-up focus? The answer lies in the basic principle for any IT investment: Intelligence is king, onl...
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Enterprise Cloud Unified Footprint – Network Ensemble(s)

— A complex system such as an enterprise network is subjected to many kinds of stresses from a large variety of business applications that have different demand profiles. Dig deeper into any large network and you will see that one solution doesn't solve all problems. Pockets of point solutions are installed to solve prob...
Jul 12 01:30:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Blueprint4IT»

The Workload Is the Secret to the Cloud

— IT has struggled to solve the business needs that have surfaced due to a mismatch in service expectations between business and the delivery that IT has accomplished. IT is being forced to restructure itself by offering IT as a service, which changes the mind-set of the datacenter as an infinite resource to the datacent...
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Getting back into the blogging game.

— It's been quite a while since I last wrote anything here, as I've been focusing more on building up my businesses and blogging at After my untracked hiatus, I'm back. To start I'm going to post the four or five interviews that I did over the past year and a half but never got around to posting ...
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DatacenterJunkie coming to your city!

— That's right, it's almost conference season again, and I'm gearing up for quite a bit of activity. I'll be attending a few conferences in the next few moths, as well as doing quite a bit of personal & business travel. I am especially interested in interviewing Cloud Hosting start-ups this year. If you're in any...
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— Forrester recently published a report: Infrastructure Architects Link Technology Strategy With Long-Term EA and Business Goals It’s a decent article.  For far too long many enterprise teams have viewed infrastructure architects as too low level...(read more)
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45,000 Customers Upgraded to Veeam Availability Suite v8 in First 90 Days Illustrating Global Appetite for the Always-On Business

— More than one third of customers have upgraded to the latest iteration of Veeam's award-winning availability solution, with upgrades taking a ?matter of minutes'; customers, prospects and partners have downloaded at a rate of more than 1,200 per day....
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Datadog in the wild: Fixing slow writes on AWS Elastic Block Store

— Konotor has grown tremendously over the last year, so the scale of our operations has grown quickly too. Like many growing companies, we were finding ourselves spending an increasing amount of energy to make our monitoring practices keep pace with our business. These were some of our pressing questions:...
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Watch: Gain Business Advantage with Xangati

— Only Xangati offers a performance management solution that provides a second-by-second, live and continuous view into your entire infrastructure with deep analytics and remediation. Join this free webinar to find out why major customer trust Xangati to:...
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