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Cisco, AT&T Alliance Aims at Business Collaboration

— The carrier next month will begin offering a conferencing service for businesses based on Cisco's CMR Cloud solution, which includes WebEx products.
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Deep Identity Raises $470,000 To Help Companies Manage Access On Their Networks

—  Deep Identity, a Singapore-based startup that helps companies manage access to their internal networks and services, has raised US$470,000 (SG$589,000) to expand its services into the cloud and open a presence in Europe. Read More
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The SDDC: Still a Work in Progress

— Enterprises should launch serious efforts to bring virtualization to their infrastructure to prepare themselves for full software-based functionality.
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OrderWithMe Raises Another $28M To Help Small Businesses Procure Like Big Ones

—  OrderWithMe, a startup based out of Las Vegas that has built a platform for small businesses to come together to effectively act like big ones to source, order and pay for supplies and components – has raised another $28 million in funding. The company says the money will be used to build out its operatio...
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Scaled Inference Lands $8M From Khosla To Build A Cloud-Based AI Platform For All

—  Scaled Inference — a startup founded by two ex-Googlers that is building a cloud-based platform for third parties that want to use artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to run their apps and services – has raised another round of funding to continue its development and hiring, a Seri...
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Microsoft Buys Israeli Hybrid Cloud Security Startup Aorato In $200M Deal

—  Microsoft today confirmed that it has acquired Aorato, an Israel-based maker of security solutions co-founded by veterans of the Israeli defense forces, which only exited from stealth earlier this year. Aorato’s focus is on enterprise services in the cloud and in hybrid on-premise and cloud environments, us...
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Nifty Architecture Tricks from Wix - Building a Publishing Platform at Scale

— Wix operates websites in the long tale. As a HTML5 based WYSIWYG web publishing platform, they have created over 54 million websites, most of which receive under 100 page views per day. So traditional caching strategies don’t apply, yet it only takes four web servers to handle all the traffic. That takes som...
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Will Your Company Lead In 2020?

— VJ Manickam If you were asked what will be most important in the year 2020 to your business strategy—products, price or experience—what would you say? Based on a study by Walker Info, not only is experience more important today, but its significance will actually increase by 2020, whereas p...
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After years of touting its cloud computing tech, Joyent open sources it

— After repositioning itself behind its years-old container-based approach to cloud infrastructure, Joyent has now open sourced the code underlying its distributed cloud infrastructure and storage systems. For a company long heralded as a tech leader, its time to shine is now or never. After years of touting its cloud ...
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10 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Storage Management System

— Data accessibility, real-time reporting, proactive management and easy upgrades: some of the benefits to managing storage architecture from the cloud.
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Thoughts on Star Trek TNG and Data Center Density

— There is a famous scene in the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) episode “The Neutral Zone” where Captain Jean-Luc Picard attempts to explain the value of a resource-based society to a man named Ralph Offenhouse. Offenhouse was cryogenically frozen in 1994 and wakes up aboard the USS Enterprise in 2364....
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HP's radical new Machine could start computing by 2016

— Hewlett-Packard's efforts to usher in an entirely new computer architecture, one potentially much faster and simpler, may bear fruit by the end of 2016, when the company's lab expects to have the first prototype machine based on its design.
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H.264 support arrives in Firefox, thanks to Cisco — but H.264 web videos still won’t play

— Firefox is now supporting H.264 for web-based video chat, thanks to a binary component provided by Cisco -- but H.264 web video streams still can't be played natively in the browser. H.264 support arrives in Firefox, thanks to Cisco — but H.264 web videos still won’t play originally published by Gigaom, &cop...
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NComputing oneSpace is what Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft keep promising. (They're not just cheapo thin clients for third-world countries anymore!)

— This past June, NComputing launched their oneSpace product which brings together Windows applications, file services, and touch-based clients in a solution that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid way bridging both. After looking...(read more)
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My First Experiences with a Palo Alto Firewall

— I've been following Palo Alto as a networking company for a couple of years now.  Their claim is that the days of the port-based firewall are dead and that their application-centric approach is a far better way to enforce your access controls.  Take the HTTP protocol for example.  HTTP typically runs as a service on...
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New tech blog on

— This blog has been retired. I am now blogging on Have a look at my newest blog post: Cheers! Markus
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Spanish IaaS provider Gigas picks up an extra $2.7M to fund Latin American push

— The Madrid-based firm says fitting into the Spanish business culture counts for a lot in its quest to take on Amazon Web Services. Spanish IaaS provider Gigas picks up an extra $2.7M to fund Latin American push originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. Continue reading…
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Why back office in the cloud is the second wave of IT disruption

— IT professionals inside the enterprise are driving a new wave of cloud-based IT disruption and displacement, which is aimed at the private branch exchange (PBX), the call center, and other core back-office functions. Why back office in the cloud is the second wave of IT disruption originally published by Gigaom, &cop...
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Becoming the verb for enterprise collaboration

— Cloud-based collaboration is solving a new set of challenges for enterprises. Is there a verb for it?
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Softlayer releases a new Anycast DNS service.

— Softlayer just announced that they've deployed a new IPv4 Anycast based DNS service. This is particularly fun for me, because I've been running a large (200,000+ domains) authoritative DNS service using Anycast out of two datacenters for over three years now. I've also set this up for a few smaller ISPs and web startup...
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LogicMonitor Releases Latest Free IT Ops Tool

— LogicMonitor, the leading automated IT infrastructure monitoring platform, today announced the release of their latest free IT operations tools, JMX Command Line Tools?. This product set provides users with performance metrics via command line of any Java-based application in real time....
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