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Cotap, A WhatsApp For The Workplace, Adds Box, Dropbox, Google, OneDrive And Desktop App

—  Cotap, a startup founded by former Yammer executives Jim Patterson and Zack Parker that launched last year with the premise of becoming a “WhatsApp for the workplace“, is today unveiling a new build of its product, and a wider remit. Cotap is going beyond mobile messaging and moving into file sharing...
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VMworld: VMware Enters the Hardware World with EVO:RAIL

— In the keynote on day one of VMworld, VMware unleashed to the world EVO:RAIL. “What?” I hear you say, “but VMware is a software-only company!” Well, yes it is, and a software company is what it remains.  OK, so what exactly is EVO:RAIL? To give it its fancy Dan title, it is a hyperconverged infrastructure̷...
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News: DataGravity Wins Best of Show at VMworld

— VMworld 2014 is in full swing, with more than 23,000 people having made the pilgrimage to San Francisco for this this year’s show. Thus far, things appear to be well-organized and running very smoothly. During my first walk through the Expo Center, I could not help but notice the sheer number of booths showcasing pr...
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Evernote Goes To Town On Its Market E-Commerce Portal With Retro Pfeiffer Office Gear

—  Evernote, the cross-platform note-taking app that now has over 100 million users, is going large on Market, its e-commerce business that sits alongside its core product: today the company is announcing a collaboration with furniture designer Eric Pfeiffer to create a Charles-and-Ray-Eames-inspired series of off...
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Business Resiliency and the Hybrid Cloud

— VMworld 2014 starts this week in San Francisco, so timing is right to address a key concern facing organizations looking at hybrid cloud implementations leveraging vCloud Air (previously vCHS or “vCheese”).  As you are well aware vCAir (pronounce “v-care”… you heard it hear first) i...
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Funding Circle Buys LeapPay To Get A Jump On Loan Approval Times

—  Funding Circle, UK-based the peer-to-peer loans platform that recently raised $65 million for a platform that bypasses banks and lets small businesses connect with individuals for funding, is putting some of that funding to use. It has acquired a semi-stealth startup called LeapPay to speed up the turnaround tim...
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Job Platform ZipRecruiter Takes Its First Outside Funding, $63M Led By IVP

—  The global market for jobseeking and hiring services is estimated to be worth some $85 billion, and a startup called ZipRecruiter is today announcing a significant round of funding that it hopes will help it be a key player in an evolving recruitment market. The Santa Monica-based company, which provides a...
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Geek Dreams: Cray CS-Storm Delivers High-Performance Computing In Million-Dollar Package

—  Imagine a system with 22 x 2u servers in a 48u rack -all cranking on 176 NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU chips providing an astonishing 250 Teraflops per rack. We’re talking scream machines and that’s what Cray is delivering in its latest high-performance system called the Cray CS-Storm. Consider that a four c...
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The Future is Hybrid: VMworld 2014

— This time of year is always an exciting one for me.  No, it’s not that I love summer or can’t wait for the start of hockey season (ok maybe that last one is true).  For me, late August always means it’s time for one thing: VMworld. VMworld is VMware’s annual conference where they brin...
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Greetings from VMworld!

— VMworld 2014 is officially here, and I suspect it’ll be even bigger and better than last year’s conference.  It seems like everything is starting even earlier this year, Moscone was already packed on Sunday morning!  I’m looking forward to hearing from VMware, EMC, and our c...
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Why You Shouldn’t Phish Your Users

— As an Information Security Program Owner, I get a barrage of e-mails and phone calls multiple times a day from vendors looking to sell us their latest hotness security product.  Between the e-mails, phone calls, expo floor at BlackHat this year, and several talks that I've seen at past conferences, I have noticed a di...
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What Does The Fox Say? Foxes versus Hedgehogs

— My friend Joe Dossantos recently turned me onto the book “The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail – but Some Don’t” by Nate Silver.  It’s a darn good read with many stories and examples that are relevant to most anyone in the advanced analytics space.  But th...
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Business Continuity and Workload Mobility for Private Cloud (Cisco Validated Design-Part1)

— As a Cloud Architect, I’ve had the privilege to work with CTOs and CIOs across the globe to uncover the key factors [...]
Aug 25 12:15:47 pm GMT / Data Center Networks»

What can we do about Third Party Risk?

— The recent Target breach is a really good example of Trusted Third Party (TTP) attacks have become commonplace with shuddering results.  Indeed the compromise on RSA a few years ago was not to attack RSA but steal information to make someone else’s security controls weak. On average, how m...
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Alfresco Raises A Fresh $45M To Fuel Open-Source Enterprise Content Management

—  Alfresco, an open source, enterprise content management startup, is today announcing a new round of funding of $45 million —  a Series D round that is more than twice as big as all of its previous rounds put together. The UK-based company competes against legacy services like EMC Documentum (which was co-...
Aug 21 11:52:57 am GMT / TechCrunchIT»

Chef brings on agile guru as VP of engineering

— Chef, the company that provides commercial support for the open-source Chef configuration management and deployment tool, on Wednesday said noted agile development bigwig Jez Humble has joined the company as VP of engineering. Humble is the co-author of the book Continuous Delivery, which advocates for a kind […...
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The Smaller Side of Virtualization

— IT departments go to great lengths to make the end user virtualization experience seamless to those users. The easier it is for them, the more self-sufficient they become, and that’s when virtualization provides genuine benefits. However, as virtualization has matured, so has complexity and expense. The reality is t...
Aug 20 12:25:21 pm GMT / The Virtualization Practice»

It All Starts With Visibility

— If you can’t see it, you aren’t seeing it. As new security breaches come to light just about every day, nothing could be more obvious to even the casual observer…the security industry has failed you.  Traditional approaches to security are … Continue reading → The...
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Introduction to EMC Hybrid Cloud Part 3: Use Cases

— This is Part 3 of a 3-Part series. Be sure to view Part 1 and Part 2. In the first blog in this blog series, we talked about what a hybrid cloud is in general (and why customers are interested). In the second blog, we talked specifically about the EMC Hybrid Cloud (EHC) solution. Now that ...
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Public Cloud Economies of (Web-)Scale Aren’t About Buying Power

— As you no doubt heard this week, Rackspace has announced the intention to focus on managed cloud.  Inevitably this brought observations from many about RAX, and others, ability to compete effectively against the web scale public cloud giants: Amazon, Microsoft, … Continue reading →
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City on a Cloud Win Puts Traditional DR on Notice

— The City of Asheville’s City on a Cloud Best Practices win spells trouble for traditional DR.  Deep trouble.  It marks the first time that Cloud DR has been independently and irrefutably acknowledged for both cost reduction and increased agility.  It was more than an acknowledgement that Cloud DR could work.  Ash...
Aug 05 05:42:45 pm GMT / ARCHIMEDIUS»

Don’t ‘Sell’ to your customers. Innovate with them instead.

— A topic that I’ve been focusing on as of late is the shift in behavior of enterprise buyers. It all started from a conversation I had with Greg Ferro where he brought up the notion that we now transact in a “post information scarcity” business environment. Buyers today have access to a multitude of data, analysi...
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(Don’t) Mind the Gap

—   … of time between posts. Life has been a tad busy between b-school, relocating from London back to San Francisco, and new job(s). I hope to start getting my thoughts down on a more regular basis.
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Will the All Flash Array Market Go Away? – Response

— As a response to my recent post, George Crump provided a differing perspective in his blog site,  George is a highly regarded blogger and analyst whom I respect and share many of the same points of view regarding the IT industry.  However, we don’t always agree, or sometimes we take a different pe...
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Fog Computing Happens when Big Data Analytics marries Internet Of Things

— Couple of years ago when virtualisation broke into mainstream and customers started deploying those technologies to reduce physical footprint, encapsulate legacy applications and Operating system – we saw this as the first overhaul of the IT industry in a long time since PCs made into the mainstream. Then came ...
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AWS and the Perils of “BoxThink”

— Catching Up from the Airport The next five years ought to be challenging for infrastructure appliance vendors, especially those who see their future “in the box.” We just wrapped up at the AWS Public Sector Summit, held in Washington, DC.  An ecosystem of about 3000 attended the 3 day event. Massively disruptive s...
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My First Six Months as an OWASP Board Member

— When I first put my name in the hat for the OWASP elections in the fall of 2013, I thought I knew what I was signing up for.  I thought that my seven year history with the organization in a number of different roles (Chapter Leader, Chapter Committee Chair, AppSecUSA Chair) had me well prepared […]
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When an “Enterprise” Product Isn’t Enterprise Ready

— I absolutely love my job and one of the coolest things about what I do is getting to do proof-of-concepts with bleeding edge technology.  I feel very privileged that many companies out there respect me enough to provide me with these opportunities and I feel that engaging on this level enables me to be a […]
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My First Experiences with a Palo Alto Firewall

— I've been following Palo Alto as a networking company for a couple of years now.  Their claim is that the days of the port-based firewall are dead and that their application-centric approach is a far better way to enforce your access controls.  Take the HTTP protocol for example.  HTTP typically runs as a service on...
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Rise of the Personal Firewall

— The other day I read that Comcast is launching a new plan to turn home internet users into unwilling participants in their new global wifi strategy.  I'm sure that they will soon be touting how insanely awesome it will be to get "full strength" internet access virtually anywhere just by subscribing to this service.  ...
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Cloud Evolution Panel with MSFT, VMW, ACN and BA Execs at Future In Review

— I am looking forward to another great panel on cloud computing this week at Future in Review.  If you are attending FiRe2014 you are invited to our Wednesday afternoon session on Cloud Evolution: “Cloud Evolution: New Operating Models for Business Transformation”: With Dave Campbell, CTO, Cloud and Enterp...
May 20 03:12:23 pm GMT / ARCHIMEDIUS»

Cloud DR is the Future and the Present

— Since launching Archimedius more than 6 years ago I’ve enjoyed pontificating about long term trends, from the rise of virtualization security to software-defined networking and the internet of things.  Lately I’ve been on a data center consolidation and cloud DR kick, spurred by career choices architected to place...
May 13 06:16:29 pm GMT / ARCHIMEDIUS»

Analyzing NetFlow for Data Loss Detection

— The 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) is out and it paints quite the gloomy picture of the world we live in today where cyber security is concerned.  With over 63,000 security incidents and 1,367 confirmed data breaches, the question is no longer if you get popped, but rather, when.  According to t...
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The next Big Data battleground is Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup

— The scene – Enter the robot! Shortly before 5pm local time on 12 June at Arena Corinthians in São Paulo, a young paraplegic Brazilian will stand up from a wheelchair, walk over to midfield, and take a kick in the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup. The technology in question is a mind-controlled robotic exo...
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Cloud DR Works Best with a Pilot Light

— Earlier this month I had the chance to talk directly with organizations leveraging AWS for cloud DR.  It is a very interesting and powerful use case.  Calling it transformative is an understatement. These forward-thinking teams are using AWS as a kind of pilot light for a multi-tier app environment (including a clon...
Apr 16 09:14:39 pm GMT / ARCHIMEDIUS»

Gartner’s prediction from 2010 – Did it come true?

— Once in a while I like to go back in the past and see where we stood and what all we predicted. My world wide data center prediction was/is one of those things and I must admit it isn’t too bad. So is this list by Gartner and I must say that it is still pretty much […]
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New tech blog on

— This blog has been retired. I am now blogging on Have a look at my newest blog post: Cheers! Markus
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The New Microsoft and the New Cloud

— When it comes to the emerging multi-billion dollar hybrid cloud market, Microsoft is becoming more than a force to be reckoned with; it is articulating a powerful vision, one that is increasingly well-grounded in the Redmond giant’s core expertise and global data center footprint.  Some call Microsoft’s advantage ...
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How To Be a Cloud Mogul(l) – Our 2014 RSA “Dueling Banjos/Cloud/DevOps” Talk

— Rich Mogull (Securosis) and I have given  a standing set of talks over the last 5-6 years at the RSA Security Conference that focus on innovation, disruption and ultimately making security practitioners more relevant in the face of all this churn. We’ve always offered practical peeks of what’s coming and w...
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Whiffs of Wisdom #6 – Managing People Managing Tough Decisions

— I am getting a lot of encouragement to share more of my “Whiffs of Wisdom”.  Most are related to Managing Technical People, Technology situations and Managing Managers.  All of them have tongue firmly placed in cheek.  :)    Heres another … Continue reading →
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Giving the Gift of Power: For The Gadgeteer that has everything…

— I hate to admit it but I am one of those “hard-to-shop for” gadget guys.  Its true.  I just cannot seem to wait until gift-giving season to get that special new piece of technology.  I usually go out and get … Continue reading →
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The {Private} Cloud of Despair

— “Oh ye of little faith!”  That’s kind of the reaction I have been getting from some of you to my last missive on the End of Private Clouds. Perhaps it’s the definition of “not too distant future” that has people confused. There will absolutely be a continuing investment by vendors ...
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Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Security Product Needs & Vendor Selection…

— Interpretation is left as an exercise for the reader  This went a tad bacterial (viral is too strong of a description) on Twitter:  
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Enterprise Risk Management for the Masses

— A couple of years ago I decided, along with support from my management, that Enterprise Risk Management would become a focal point for my Information Security Program.  I was convinced that framing vulnerabilities in the form of risks was essential to giving management visibility into issues they currently didn't know...
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First Impression of LYNXeon 2.29

— Let's say that you go to the same restaurant at least once a week for an entire year.  The staff is always friendly, the menu always has something that sounds appealing, and the food is always good enough to keep you coming back for more.  The only real drawback is that it usually takes a […]
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IaaS Cloud Litmus Test – The 5 Minute VM

— I will make this simple.  There is only one question you need to ask yourself or your IT department to determine if what you have is really an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud. Can I get a VM in 5-10 minutes? Perhaps a little bit more detailed? Can a properly credentialed user, with a legitimate need for cloud [̷...
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Survey Analysis (Part 2): Mobile App Marketing

— This is part 2 of my analysis of the data collected from a survey I conducted a few weeks ago. Last week I published the survey results in the form of an infographic. Part 1 of my analysis was published in a blog post earlier this week. Forty-one survey participants were asked about the marketing activities […]
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Recap of SIME London 2012

— I made it back from Brazil in time to attend the 1-day SIME conference in London. It was an enlightening day with lots of good data & insights around mobile & social trends. Some of the snippets captured… Today: Mobile data growth doubled between Q1 2011 to Q2 2012 & there are  6.3 billion mobile s...
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I went home and cried realizing that I was about to spend all of the money I'd made

— Two years ago I sat down with John Keagy and David Hecht from ServePath (most widely known for now).  Unfortunately later that day I had a hard drive failure, with little recovered. About six months ago I found a VIM swap file of my notes with them, and today decided I should post what I have. My hope is t...
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