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Hewlett-Packard moves forward with plan to split in two

Hewlett-Packard is moving forward with plans to split into two companies, filing paperwork to create a new entity that will sell commercial technology, while a separate spinoff will sell personal computers and printers. [more->]

Man killed by a factory robot in Germany

Volkswagen attributes the death to human error. [more->]

Startup to Build Underground Data Center in Finland


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OTT Data Streamer PubNub Lands $20M in VC Funding

Unlike traditional Internet request/response communication models, PubNub enables two-way communication and device control in under a quarter-second worldwide. [more->]

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Enterprises Don’t Have Big Data, They Just Have Bad Data

 PayPal co-founder and venture capitalist Peter Thiel commonly harps on the tech community for overusing buzzwords like “cloud” and “big data.” He’s not the only one who’s been saying this, but the message still doesn’t appear to be sinking in with most enterprises. Read M... [more->]

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Chicago Netflix customers: Your bill is about to go up 9 percent

Starting July 1, city's "Amusement Tax Ruling" takes effect. [more->]

Box Joins The Establishment

 Box was once the intrepid upstart, but its recent announcements underscore the company’s growing maturity. By our measure, the publicly traded company is now clearly a member of the enterprise establishment. In the last few weeks, Box has formed close partnerships with the sort of companies its CEO Aaron... [more->]

Cisco Makes Platform Play in IoT

The vendor brings together a wide range of technologies and introduces new offerings that comprise its new Cisco IoT System. [more->]

Improving the Developer Experience with @DanKLynn | @CloudExpo #Cloud

"AgilData is the next generation of dbShards. It just adds a whole bunch more functionality to improve the developer experience," noted Dan Lynn, CEO of AgilData, in this SYS-CON.tv interview at 16th Cloud Expo, held June 9-11, 2015, at the Javits Center in New York City.read more [more->]

A Winning Combination: Dell Named as 2015 Red Hat Strategic Alliance Partner of the Year

Last week, Dell team members traveled to Boston to unite with the Red Hatters of the world at Red Hat Summit. We learned from others in the open source community, shared the findings and developments that we’ve discovered, announced our newest Red Hat technology-based offerings, and (my favorite part) we won the... [more->]

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AWS Releases Open Source TLS Encryption Protocol


Windows 8’s Market Share Maxes Out At 16% As Windows 10 Looms

 Windows 8’s days atop the Microsoft operating system hierarchy are all but over. Windows 10, a wide-ranging replacement, will be released later this month, meaning that Windows 8’s market share is about to start shrinking. Read More [more->]

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Open-IX Expands Outside of US, Certifies French Data Center


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Dell Precision Appliance for Wyse: Easy and Fast Deployment

In my previous post, I shared my unboxing experience of a ‘fresh from the factory’ production unit of the Dell Precision Appliance for Wyse. In this post, I’ll share my experience of deploying the appliance. Now that the Dell Precision Appliance for Wyse has been wired up, I powered on the unit and wa... [more->]

Cloud Is All About Agility with @ReuvenHarrison | @CloudExpo #Cloud

"A lot of the enterprises that have been using our systems for many years are reaching out to the cloud - the public cloud, the private cloud and hybrid," stated Reuven Harrison, CTO and Co-Founder of Tufin, in this SYS-CON.tv interview at 16th Cloud Expo, held June 9-11, 2015, at the Javits Center in New York City.rea... [more->]

How to Move Data Restoration to the Top of the To-Do List


Elastic Wrangles Big Data With Real-Time Search as a Service


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On-Prem Data Center, Colo, or Cloud? Demystifying the Dillema


Sony asks public to fund internal projects with its “First Flight” program

Directly engaging with customers is great, but should Sony be using them to fund R&D? [more->]

IT Transformation: Starts with a Plan

IT transformation is the discussion of the year. The question is how to transform IT into a hybrid cloud environment, or even into a fully cloud environment. This implies often subtle as well as pretty major changes to traditional IT environments. People change and processes change, just as tools change. Virtual Though... [more->]

CyrusOne Says DCIM Software Data Not Open Enough


Acquisition of IBM’s Semiconductor Business by GLOBALFOUNDRIES is Completed

IBM today announced that the acquisition of the company’s global commercial semiconductor technology business by GLOBALFOUNDRIES has been completed. E-mail this page Save to del.icio.us Digg this [more->]

As Greece falls in arrears, one man wants to crowdfund €1.6 billion payment

British campaign organizer: “Right come on guys, let's just get this shit sorted.” [more->]

Biz Break: Cisco lands S.F.'s OpenDNS in simmering scramble for security acquisitions

Today: Cisco makes another move to bolster its security offerings, buying San Francisco-based OpenDNS for $635 million as data breaches continue to spur moves in the sector. Also: Apple launches Apple Music and loses e-books appeal. [more->]

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HP Updates 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash Array Lineup

These are very fast, at least on the drawing board. The new HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage 20000 enterprise flash family claims 3.2 million IOPS. [more->]

VMware Agrees To Pay $75.5M To Settle Illegal Pricing Allegations

 In a significant settlement that could embolden American employees who witness company misconduct, VMware and government contractor Carahsoft Technology Corporation agreed to pay the $75.5 million today to settle illegal pricing allegations. The Department of Justice accused the companies of violating the Fair C... [more->]

Facebook Messenger no longer requires Facebook account in US, Canada

Option also extends to Peru, Venezuela; users simply need a mobile phone number. [more->]

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Uber Buys Microsoft Data Center, Map Imaging Operation


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Google dev apologizes after Photos app tags black people as “gorillas”

"Holy f---... not how you determine someone's target market. This is 100% not OK." [more->]

Enterprises Say Cloud Providers Don’t Understand Their Needs: Report


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Data Center Evolution: Getting Hotter and Wetter

It appears that IT is near the inflection point between fear of water and the need to support advancing architectures. [more->]

The Napkins Dialogues: Life of a Packet (Walk), Part 1

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of presentations about storage basics. I actually really enjoy it, because it makes me rethink some of the things that I took for granted, and it helps me understand some of the gaps in my own knowledge when questions arise. When you think of how we do certain things for storage, suc... [more->]

Save time and money while getting enterprise-class network performance with Dell X-series smart managed switches

Small and midsize companies often lack the resources and time required to implement and manage an enterprise-scale network. And yet, to give employees quick and reliable access to time- and money-saving IT such as unified communications, virtual desktops, cloud-based architectures and video-streaming tools, companies n... [more->]

In the Works – AWS Region in India

We seem to have AWS customers in just about every corner of the world (190 countries at last count). We have offices in many countries, localized content on the AWS web site, and a broad array of certifications and accreditations to give those customers the assurances that they can run many different types of workloads... [more->]

Tonight’s leap second may cause problems for the Internet

Due to the Earth's slowing rotation, we have to pause the clocks for a second. [more->]

Square Launches Payroll Product For Small Businesses, Pricing Starts At $25/Month

 Mobile payment startup Square has been gradually building out the products it offers to small businesses to position itself as a one-stop shop for their various front-of-house and back-office needs. Today sees the latest development on that theme: the company has launched Square Payroll, software for businesse... [more->]

One Month, The Platform That Teaches You To Code (And More) In 30 Days, Picks Up $1.9M In Funding

 One Month, the learning platform that promises a solid, enterprise-based education in one month or less, has today announced the close of an additional $1.9 million in seed funding, co-led by existing investor Idea Bulb Ventures and new investor Arena Ventures. Cornerstone On-Demand also participated in the round... [more->]

Whatever Happened to Mobile Virtualization?

Whatever happened to mobile virtualization? Just a couple years ago, there seemed to be a ton of hype about mobile virtualization. The goal was to be able to run multiple isolated virtual instances on a single physical device. I remember walking the expo floor during the VMworld conference that year and seeing all the ... [more->]

Cloud Finance Intelligence Startup Adaptive Insights Gets $75M, Reportedly At A Unicorn Valuation

 The rise of the CFO from back-office number cruncher to business leader is being played out across a number of companies, from tech leaders like Twitter through to consumer giants like PepsiCo. That shift of gravity, it turns out, is also being played out in the world of enterprise software. Adaptive Insights, a... [more->]

Data Center Power & Water Consumption

I’m Interested in data center resource consumption in general and power is a significant component of overall operating cost and also has impact on the environment so, naturally, it gets most of the focus when discussing data center resource consumption.  As with all real issues, there is always a bit of hyperbole a... [more->]

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OpenDaylight Broadens Scope With Lithium SDN Release

The vendor-led consortium offers features for enterprises, but expands what the technology can do for telcos and NFV. [more->]