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Cray's New XC40 Supercomputers Powered by Latest Intel Chips

— The system, which will offer twice the performance of the XC30, also comes with Cray's new DataWarp SSD technology.
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Retail Breaches Get Supersized as Attackers Get Hungry

— NEWS ANALYSIS: Supervalu admits that even more malware landed on its network, and the volume of retail data breaches continues to grow.
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OpenDaylight's Helium SDN Platform Expands Enterprise Capabilities

— The new release follows Hydrogen by eight months and offers a new UI and greater integration with OpenStack.
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Rackspace::Solve NY: SumAll Solves For Big Data [Video]

— At Rackspace::Solve New York, SumAll CEO Dane Atkinson showcased how SumAll uses ObjectRocket to solve for big data. He was joined by ObjectRocket CEO and Co-Founder Chris Lalonde. Here’s video of Dane’s presentation.
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Gigaom: Google Drive storage goes unlimited for Education users

— Suggesting that educators and students shouldn't have to worry about the technology that helps them teach and learn, Google introduced Drive for Education on Tuesday. In the coming weeks, all Apps for Education…
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Video Surveillance at the Edge

— Did you know the video surveillance equipment market is expected to grow from about $15B in 2014 to nearly $26B in 2018? IHS Technology and many other analyst firms have the surveillance market growing more than twice as fast as … Continue reading → The post Video Surveillance at th...
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Leverage “By Analysis” To Expand Your Data Science Perspectives

— As many of you know from my previous blog, I am co-teaching an MBA course at the University of San Francisco with Professor Mouwafac Sidaoui titled “Turning Big Data into Business Power.”  In our second week of class, we conducted an exercise to brainstorm and uncover new metrics that coul...
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Using Docker Containers With CoreOS

— I am a member of the Docker special interest group at Rackspace. We recently welcomed CoreOS CTO Brandon Philips to visit us to discuss using CoreOS with Docker containers with CoreOS. Here are some high-level takeaways.
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Intel, Cisco, HP, Others Form NFV Consortium

— The OPNFV will be a project at the Linux Foundation to create an open-source reference platform for NFV.
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Gigaom: Cloudera bought DataPad because data scientists need tooling, too

— Cloudera has acquired a data-visualization startup called DataPad, the founding team of which specializes in data analysis using the Python programming language. As Hadoop competition heats up, Cloudera might be ramping…
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In about-face, PayPal to split from eBay in 2015—to compete with Apple Pay

— “The payments industry… must be consolidated,” activist investor Carl Icahn says.
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Hello Oracle OpenWorld – Day 1

— Posted on behalf of Oracle's Doan Nguyen. -------------------------------------------------------- Day 1 of Oracle OpenWorld was eventful!! Many thanks to our guests and partners for a great Day 1. The Virtualization Generalization session was standing room only. The Oracle VM Hands on Lab and the OpenSta...
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Installing T-Mobile's Personal CellSpot Router: Step by Step

— eWEEK walks through the installation of T-Mobile's Personal CellSpot router, which allows customers to make WiFi calls when cell connections are poor.
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IT as a Sustainability Enabler: Deconstructing Agility

— Reflecting on the Future As we reflect upon the trends that emerged out of VMworld, some enabling technology has clearly grabbed the imagination and headlines. Among the most intriguing are the software-defined data center and its flexible infrastructure, which can be used to develop relevant a...
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FCC repeals sports blackout rule, challenges NFL to stop screwing over fans

— But the NFL can still enforce blackouts with private contracts.
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Facebook’s ad platform will know who you are, what you buy, even offline

— Atlas has relaunched with a focus on "people-based marketing."
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What Role Will VARs Play In A Future Of Networked Hybrid Clouds?

— With the recent introduction of more comprehensive partner networked ecosystems such as the VMware vCloud Air Network and the Microsoft Cloud OS Network, the value that a VAR traditionally brings to a customer wedded to their on-premise solutions has changed significantly. VARs must look to align more closely with mana...
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Announcing @SoftwareAG_NA "Exhibitor" of @CloudExpo Silicon Valley [#IoT]

— Software AG helps organizations transform into Digital Enterprises, so they can differentiate from competitors and better engage customers, partners and employees. Using the Software AG Suite, companies can close the gap between business and IT to create digital systems of differentiation that drive front-line agility....
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Marketing Challenges? Let’s talk.

— When I started at EMC two years ago, the role of partner marketing for the Americas was in transition. I had a great team and an opportunity to start with an almost blank slate. We created a new strategy, changing the way we serve our partners in the Americas. We’ve gone from executing wi...
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The New Leaders of the Management Software Industry

— AppDynamics, CiRBA, ExtraHop, New Relic, Puppet, Splunk, Virtual Instruments, Virtustream, VMware, and VMTurbo have become the new leaders of the new management software industry. These vendors address the new requirements of the software-defined data center and the cloud that are neglected by the blind dinosaur legacy...
Sep 30 12:55:56 pm GMT / The Virtualization Practice»

The Sounds of Inequality

— We live in the woods. Its sounds greet us when we wake up: the chirping of birds, the rustling of chipmunks in the leaves, the funny gobble of toms looking for hens. Last year, we bought a small downtown pied-à-terre. We wanted to experience city living to see if availing ourselves of city ser...
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Gigaom: More money for mobile apps: AnyPresence nails $6M in new funding

— News from another MBaaS: AnyPresence will use its new money to speed up releases and add better API management.
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Speaking Security For The Board

— It seems to me that every time I have a conversation with a senior security executive or on the other side of the coin a board member, the feedback is always the same –they don’t understand each other and maybe they speak a different language, resulting in frustration for all involved. H...
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Innovation – Know Where You Are

— In a previous post I described EMC’s historical innovation strategy. I then introduced an additional approach proposed by EMC’s Chief Technology Officer (John Roese). This strategy is called Know Where You Are.  What exactly does this mean? It means that a company should be able to im...
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Cisco pumping $1 billion more into Intercloud

— Cisco on Monday said it is expanding on its Intercloud multi-cloud service provider initiative with another $1 billion investment, designed to lead to more products, data centers and partners.
Sep 30 08:21:00 am GMT / Techworld.com Virtualisation»

Rackspace reboots its cloud servers too

— Rackspace is in the process of rebooting a substantial portion of its cloud servers before Oct. 1, most likely to patch a security vulnerability in the Xen open source hypervisor.
Sep 30 07:57:00 am GMT / Techworld.com Virtualisation»

Taking Pause to Remember Why You Do What You Do

— If you are like most, you spend much of your work day multi-tasking as you work to manage a host of priorities and meet countless demands on your time. Every so often, it is valuable to take a pause to focus on the big picture and remember the answer to, “Why do you do what you do?” At EMC,...
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