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How Mobile And Social Feeds Government’s Appetite For Innovation

 Editor’s note: Anne Altman is the general manager of IBM U.S. Federal and Government Industries. Applications that simply deliver information can be useful, but government agencies are now pushing user engagement to new heights. With 173 million people in the U.S. owning smartphones, citizens are contin... [more->]

Where is enterprise infrastructure headed in 2015?

The enterprise industry is another year older … and hopefully somewhat wiser. Here's what enterprise watchers should expect to see in 2015. More cyber attacks Sadly, this is an easy one… [more->]

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On Docker, CoreOS, open source and virtualization

In early December, container-specialist Docker was gearing up for its Amsterdam conference and the debut of its new orchestration services and Docker Enterprise product line. But before Docker co-founder and CTO Solomon… [more->]

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Aruna Ravichandran Joins 'DevOps Journal' | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

SYS-CON Media announced today that Aruna Ravichandran, VP of Marketing, Application Performance Management and DevOps at CA Technologies, has joined DevOps Journal’s authors. DevOps Journal is focused on this critical enterprise IT topic in the world of cloud computing. DevOps Journal brings valuable information to D... [more->]

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Announcing @AppZero_Inc Migration Software Now @Azure Certified [#Cloud]

AppZero has announced that its award-winning application migration software is now fully qualified within the Microsoft Azure Certified program. AppZero has undergone extensive technical evaluation with Microsoft Corp., earning its designation as Microsoft Azure Certified. As a result of AppZero's work with Microsoft, ... [more->]

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‘Web Site Security’ By @VZCloud | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

The cloud is becoming the de-facto way for enterprises to leverage common infrastructure while innovating and one of the biggest obstacles facing public cloud computing is security. In his session at 15th Cloud Expo, Jeff Aliber, a global marketing executive at Verizon, discussed how the best place for web security is ... [more->]

IBM: Capitalizing On Cloud Disruption

When we talk about the disruption that results from digital transformation, we usually focus on enterprise consumers of technology. However, it’s also shaking up the enterprise software and hardware marketplace as well – and every large incumbent vendor is feeling the pinch. Leading the pack of transform-or-die in... [more->]

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Five Tips to Advance Your Cloud Career in 2015


Report: Telstra Mulling Pacnet Acquisition


FCC Fines T-Mobile at Least $90M for 'Cramming' Bills

The FCC penalty against T-Mobile is second in size only to a $105 million fine imposed against AT&T in October for the same infraction. [more->]

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Cisco Asks Regulators to Ban Arista Products

The networking vendor is seeking an injunction from the ITC to keep Arista from selling networking products that are named in patent lawsuits. [more->]

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US Congress Approves Four Cybersecurity Bills Ahead of Year End


Inside the Hacker’s Head: Why They Wreak Havoc and How to Thwart Them

Successful hacks can paralyze websites, enable corporate or personal data to fall into the wrong hands and potentially damage the image, reputation and sales pipeline of the organization under attack. For many, this begs the question ‘Why us?’ To find out, let’s delve into the psyche of the hacker and consider wa... [more->]

Submarine Cable to Boost Southern Ireland’s Data Center Industry


Data Center Efficiency: Look Before You Leap

Without adequate insight into what is going on in the data center, it is nearly impossible to execute an effective energy management plan. [more->]

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Republicans may have plan to save Internet providers from utility rules

Legislation would enforce net neutrality without reclassifying broadband. [more->]

Friday Spotlight: EMC PowerPath for Oracle VM Server

EMC and Oracle have a deep history of collaboration dating back to 1995. EMC is a Platinum Partner and as part of the OPN program gets pre-release access to Oracle code to test and to ensure that as Oracle and EMC products are brought to market they are proven solutions and hardened for real world use. In additio... [more->]

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Cisco UCS Delivers the highest TPC-H result for non-clustered systems at the 1000-GB scale factor with Microsoft SQL Server

The Cisco UCS® C460 M4 Rack Server  continues its tradition of Industry leadership with the new announcement of the best non-clustered TPC-H benchmark result at the [...] [more->]

The Management Gap with Business Cloud Apps By @Exoprise | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

SaaS and cloud computing continue to gain real traction in the enterprise – and that trend is sure to continue for a long time to come. But the reality is that, to date, those gaining real benefit from cloud at the enterprise level have been limited largely to isolated pockets; e.g., software development and operatio... [more->]

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British team win Tata's Formula 1 big data challenge

A four-man British team has won the $50,000 (£31,000) prize, with an idea of how 60,000 hours of footage in Formula One Management’s digital archive can be catalogued. Along with the cash, two of the team will be VIP guests at next year’s Monaco grand prix. [more->]

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Eaton Updates Energy Management Software With Capacity Management, Load Simulation


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The Amazon versus VMware Cloud War Reader

A series of articles written about the new cloud war between Amazon and VMware has attracted plenty of interest, despite being spread across a few media sites and Archimedius. So I thought I would put them together in a single location for easy reference with other blogs that put the conflict within a broader perspecti... [more->]

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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For December 19th, 2014

Hey, it's HighScalability time: Brilliant & hilarious keynote to finish the day at #yow14 (Matt) 1985: more Star Wars figures on the planet than US citizens; 10,000: number loops found in human DNA; terabyte on a postage stamp: RRAM is almost here; 1.2 billion datapoints per minute: Netflix'... [more->]

Friday Funny Caption Contest: Christmas Tree


Huge Valuations – Only For a Category King!

Only couple of weeks ago, Uber got $1.2B funding on a valuation of $41B! Earlier this year, Facebook paid over $19B to acquire WhatsApp. Dropbox is valued at $10B. All these three companies are less than five years old. What is going on? Is it a tech bubble seen earlier? No, it’s a start-up wealth gap as per Newswee... [more->]

T-Mobile to offer LTE over 5GHz Wi-Fi airwaves to boost data rates

Cellular and Wi-Fi signals will have to avoid interfering with each other. [more->]

Increase MSP Margins: Develop New Remote Services with GSX Solutions

We created GSX Monitor & Analyzer to help IT administrators ensure that they are utilizing resources and delivering the best end-user experience possible in these complex environments. As experienced email and messaging systems administrators, we found that there was a profound lack of proactive server monitoring tools... [more->]

Red Hat’s success aside, it’s hard to profit from free

Red Hat, which just reported a profit of $47.9 million (or 26 cents a share) on revenue of $456 million for its third quarter, has managed to pull off a tricky… [more->]

Hybrid Cloud – Your Key to the Best of Both Worlds

The DoD and VA healthcare landscape is a dynamically changing realm – and it’s not just because of the Affordable Care Act or the transition from fee-for-service to pay-per-performance. The Digital Universe for healthcare is big – and growing exponentially. Healthcare represents a signifi... [more->]

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After Silk Road takedowns, Dark Web drug sites still thriving

Evolution sells drugs, guns, and more—but no "services related to murder." [more->]

Anatomy of a Desktop Virtualization Project #1: Application Analysis

At first glance, desktop virtualization seems fairly simple. Just deliver an operating system image, tune it, set the policies required, persist the user state, and you’re good to go. Right? Desktop virtualization solutions have so many moving parts that they’re never going to be that straightforward. It’s import... [more->]

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Did Last Year’s Cloud Predictions Pan Out?


How NASA launched its web infrastructure into the cloud

Among U.S. government agencies, the adoption of cloud computing hasn’t been moving full steam ahead, to say the least. Even though 2011 saw the Obama administration unveil the cloud-first initiative that called for government agencies to update their old legacy IT systems to the cloud, it […] How NASA launche... [more->]

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AT&T Aims to Virtualize 75 Percent of Network by 2020

Officials with the carrier are looking to accelerate the multi-year development of its ambitious software-defined cloud network. [more->]

Mobile Commerce Consolidation As Mozido Takes Majority Stake In CorFire

 Just days after Dutch digital commerce provider Adyen announced a $250 million round of funding, another heavily capitalised player in the space has made an acquisition to up its game. Mozido, a mobile commerce specialist that raised $185 million in October 2014 after raising $103 million in May, has taken a majo... [more->]

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'Playing the Big Hunch' By @EmulationFAN | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

For many of us in the enterprise software industry, modernizing IT while maintaining legacy systems is a tightrope walk where it pays to look ahead, stay balanced, and be nimble. As 2014 races to a close, those of us focused on terminal emulation software solutions have a responsibility to look ahead and prepare for w... [more->]

Enabling Consistent Architecture Communication

This article argues the validity of why consistent communication is essential for effective architecture. A two-phase process highlights the need of standardisation and collaboration as steps to a maturing architecture description process. It then introduces Infrastructure Modelling Language, an Archimate extension spe... [more->]