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NBC to finally show Olympics live on West Coast, because Twitter - CNET

Commentary: After years of annoying viewers on the West Coast, NBC finally succumbs to sense. [more->]

SF Giants trying 'Halo' headphones to get back to World Series - CNET

With three world championships in six years, the baseball team is using the Halo Sport high-end headphones to make another title run. [more->]

Microsoft expands Surface availability to new regions - CNET

Attention UK and Australian shoppers! Microsoft's latest computers will be surfacing near you soon. [more->]

One smart assistant to control them all? - CNET

CNET Magazine: CNET's consumer advice columnist Marguerite Reardon looks at digital assistants for the home. [more->]

Soulless 'Ghost in the Shell' haunted by ghost of the original - CNET

Scarlett Johansson's cyberthriller is a visually stunning shell of the classic anime. [more->]

Digital Transformation: Two Words Don’t Fit All, or Do They? | @CloudExpo #Cloud #DigitalTransformation

Digital transformation. It’s only two simple words, but in the increasingly complex, customer-centric enterprise IT landscape, it’s a phrase that carries multiple meanings — to the point where some would probably observe, tongue-in-cheek, that it doesn’t mean anything anymore. It’d be hard to argue that “di... [more->]

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Salesforce Enhances Financial Services Cloud With Einstein AISalesforce Enhances Financial Services Cloud With Einstein AI

Salesforce.com continues to infuse various components of its cloud application family with its Einstein artificial intelligence software to make data more accessible and actionable. [more->]

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Donald Trump has a new iPhone, says social media director - CNET

Commentary: The president, who once wanted Apple to be boycotted, now apparently has relented, according to his social media director. [more->]

Google can now translate Korean while you watch - CNET

Point your phone at Korean text and watch the words transform into your language of choice. [more->]

Ford Plans $200M Data Center in Anticipation of Connected Car Data Explosion


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Slacker Radio's new feature goes old-school - CNET

Sound Bytes are audio clips (not music) that consist of news bits, artist song introductions and short interviews. [more->]

[video] @CenturyLink Cloud | @CloudExpo New York | #IoT #DevOps #AI

In his General Session at 16th Cloud Expo, David Shacochis, host of The Hybrid IT Files podcast and Vice President at CenturyLink, investigated three key trends of the “gigabit economy" though the story of a Fortune 500 communications company in transformation. Narrating how multi-modal hybrid IT, service automation,... [more->]

IRS loses lawsuit in attempt to get Amazon to pay $1.5B in back taxes

Judge: Amazon properly valued amount that one corporate entity charged another. [more->]

Take a giant leap forward when migrating Windows Server with application modernization

Migration to a new Windows Server platform is only the first step in the modernization journey. It is difficult to find the time to make plans around migrating to a new Windows Server platform when your existing one is nearing end of life. Drive additional cost saving... [more->]

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Extreme Computing | @CloudExpo @NVIDIA #HPC #BigData #IoT #AI #ML #DL

Extreme Computing is the ability to leverage highly performant infrastructure and software to accelerate Big Data, machine learning, HPC, and Enterprise applications. High IOPS Storage, low-latency networks, in-memory databases, GPUs and other parallel accelerators are being used to achieve faster results and help busi... [more->]

ZTE escapes US trade blacklist - CNET

The US Commerce Department strikes ZTE's name off the trade blacklist after the company admitted to violating trade sanctions placed against Iran. [more->]

Cloud Foundry launches its developer certification program

 Cloud Foundry, a massive open source project that allows enterprises to host their own platform-as-a-service for running cloud applications in their own data center or in a public cloud, today announced the launch of its “Cloud Foundry Certified Developer” program. The Cloud Foundry Foundation calls t... [more->]

'Wreck-It Ralph 2' has a title (and we're 8-bit excited) - CNET

Looks like Ralph is getting a massive tech upgrade from arcade land. [more->]

Ongoing #DigitalTransformation | @CloudExpo #Agile #CIO #IoT #AI #ML #DL

Information technology (IT) advances are transforming the way we innovate in business, thereby disrupting the old guard and their predictable status-quo. It’s creating global market turbulence. Industries are converging, and new opportunities and threats are emerging, like never before. So, how are savvy chief inform... [more->]

This smartband knows what food you're eating - CNET

For the fitness buffs out there who can be bothered tracking calories but not be bothered writing things down. [more->]

The world's biggest dino prints are probably bigger than you - CNET

The newly discovered dinosaur footprints in Australia are the biggest yet -- and they'll be hard to beat at the length of a fully grown man. [more->]

Massive Scale #DevOps | @DevOpsSummit #Agile #SDN #ContinuousDelivery

When you have a billion users, people notice. That’s where our story about DevOps and Yahoo! starts. For Kishore Jalleda and Gopal Mor, both engineers at Yahoo!, when something goes wrong on a Yahoo! page, people will notice. Correction: a lot of people will notice. Of course, Yahoo!, like all services on the Inte... [more->]

You're going to flip at smart flip-flops, only $110 - CNET

Commentary: A company called Hari Mari believes that you want your flip-flops to communicate with the brand. You do, don't you? [more->]

​Hillary Clinton calls out gender inequality in Silicon Valley - CNET

Speaking at a conference for businesswomen, the former presidential nominee praises the female Uber engineer who spoke out against workplace sexism. [more->]

'S-Town' podcast review (and 5 things to listen for as you binge) - CNET

The team behind the megahit podcast "Serial" is back with a new show that can be devoured in one sitting. Here's our spoiler-free cheat sheet. Hope you like steampunk. [more->]

Hitachi Tests Blockchain Technology With 150 Million PointInfinity Members!

It has been about a year since I blogged about the distributed ledger technology called blockchain and the establishment of the Hitachi Financial Innovation Lab in Santa Clara. This year Hitachi has partnered with Tech Bureau to use the NEM-based Mijin Blockchain platform for Hitachi’s point management solut... [more->]

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Russian hacker pleads guilty for get-rich-quick botnet - CNET

Malware was used to compromise thousands of computer servers around the world and generate millions in fraudulent payments. [more->]

David Cameron may have lobbied for Uber while PM, says report - CNET

While he was UK prime minister, Cameron may have lobbied London's Mayor on behalf of the ride-hailing service, says the Daily Mail. [more->]

Tesla employee sues the company over harassment - CNET

Staffer alleges that co-workers regularly used racially disparaging language toward him. [more->]

House pulls the plug on internet privacy rules - CNET

Consumer advocates say this means broadband providers will sell your browsing history to the highest bidder. Industry groups say it preserves competition. [more->]

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Despite Clean Power Plan rollback, utilities say coal isn’t ascendant

Natural gas, wind are still energy sector’s darlings, according to 600 executives. [more->]

Industrious buys PivotDesk, raises $25M to be WeWork without startup bros

 In the recruiting wars, a cool office is critical. Not just for scrappy startups, but big businesses with regional HQs, as well. So while WeWork signs questionable 20-year leases to provide desks for twenty-something engineers, Industrious is taking a more classy and conservative approach to coworking space. Read... [more->]

New – Tag EC2 Instances & EBS Volumes on Creation

Way back in 2010, we launched Resource Tagging for EC2 instances and other EC2 resources. Since that launch, we have raised the allowable number of tags per resource from 10 to 50, and we have made tags more useful with the introduction of resource groups and a tag editor. Our customers use tags to track […] [more->]

Lenovo ThinkStation P320 is an entry-level VR-ready PC - CNET

Coming in two sizes, it's expected to hit stores in April. [more->]

For sale: Your private browsing history

Congress passes bill allowing ISPs to sell customer Web surfing data. [more->]

Uber’s lament: “No Black or Hispanic employee holds leadership positions in tech”

New report: "We need to do better and have much more work to do." [more->]

Crayola killing off one of its crayon colors? Color me sad - CNET

Fans could be seeing red on Friday when one of the colors from the iconic 24-pack has a meltdown. But which one will it be? Some guesses. [more->]

Get Google Home for $99, Amazon Echo Tap for $89.98 - CNET

From Home Deals: Get a Google Home speaker for $99 or a refurbished Amazon Echo Tap for $90 in the best deals for the smart home. [more->]

ClearSky Data Adds Backup, DR to Its Managed ServiceClearSky Data Adds Backup, DR to Its Managed Service

Using a ClearSky package, users pay only for a single, fully protected copy of their data that is accessible on-premises or in the cloud. [more->]

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Apple Patches Large Number of Flaws in iOS, macOS UpdatesApple Patches Large Number of Flaws in iOS, macOS Updates

With its iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4 security updates, Apple patches a number of interesting flaws, but none that were apparently related to the recent WikiLeaks Vault 7 Central Intelligence Agency disclosure. [more->]

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Is the IoT Ready for a Services Model?

It’s reasonable to expect that the IoT will embrace service-level operations: Solutions that work will rise to the top. [more->]

CloudCenter 4.8 Release–Brownfield Import and Action Library

The big news in March for cloud was the AWS S3 outage that brought down some large pieces of the Internet with it. While the world didn’t end, it definetly caused issues and illustrated the need for a cloud strategy that accounts for vendor failure. But managing multiple clouds, accounts, and capabilities–that ... [more->]

AWS's Amazon Connect Provides Instant Call Centers in the CloudAWS's Amazon Connect Provides Instant Call Centers in the Cloud

Instead of requiring help from IT teams and specialized consultants, Amazon Connect can be configured and run directly by line-of-business employees. [more->]

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[Security-announce] Updated: VMSA-2017-0004.7 – VMware product updates resolve remote code execution vulnerability via Apache Struts 2

Update your feed preferences                     [more->]

China’s Top Chipmaker Secures $22B to Expand Globally


Partner Spotlight: Stratodesk

Content contributed by Margaret Errington.  Among the hundreds of partners offering a rich ecosystem for Oracle customers, today we are happy to feature Stratodesk, a company that specializes in a hardware agnostic “thin” endpoint operating system for VDI and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) enviro... [more->]

How Database Monitoring Can Eliminate Problems Before Your Customers Notice


Galaxy: A Workflow Management System for Modern Life Sciences Research

Am I a life scientist or an IT data manager? That’s the question many researchers are asking themselves in today’s data-driven life sciences organizations. Whether it is a bench scientist analyzing a genomic sequence or an M.D. exploring biomarkers and a patient... [more->]

Deloitte Acquires Cloud Consulting Firm Day1 Solutions


Tesla sells 5 percent stake to Chinese firm Tencent

The cash should be handy as Tesla puts the Model 3 into production. [more->]

Power BI Users Can Start Power BI Tasks With iOS 3D TouchPower BI Users Can Start Power BI Tasks With iOS 3D Touch

Users now can now start common Microsoft Power BI tasks from the home screen on iPhones that support 3D touch. [more->]

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Tricerat ScrewDrivers – Insurance Industry Case Study

RRJ Insurance Group saves thousands of dollars a month with ScrewDrivers®. About RRJ Insurance Group Ltd. RRJ Insurance Group is a privately owned and operated insurance brokerage located in Canada. The company offers their clients products and services in personal home and auto insurance, commercial and business insu... [more->]

GNOME 3.24 Provides Users With More Pleasing Linux Desktop ExperienceGNOME 3.24 Provides Users With More Pleasing Linux Desktop Experience

The newest update of the GNOME desktop environment adds a number of enhanced features, including a new Night Light mode. [more->]

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Synthetic Monitoring in APM Strategy – Part 2

The Evolution of Synthetic Monitoring In the early days of application performance monitoring, synthetic monitoring was based on protocol level emulation. For example, HTTP protocol’s GET method was implemented by monitoring agents and used to determine how fast web sites responded, and whether they were available or... [more->]

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Data Privacy Rule Repeal Could Boost Competition for Google, FacebookData Privacy Rule Repeal Could Boost Competition for Google, Facebook

Repeal of the FCC Data Privacy Rule will free Internet service providers such as T&T and Verizon to sell customer-browsing data to advertisers just like Google or Facebook. [more->]

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The SysTrack Software Analytics Kit: Software Dependencies

A key component of observing software assets is understanding software dependencies. To address this, we here at Lakeside have developed the SysTrack Software Asset Analytics kit. A portion of this kit is entirely centered around discovering and monitoring software dependencies within an environment to meet the needs o... [more->]

Putting User Experience at the Center of the Workspace

In the past, I’ve covered topics such as Breaking Down Silos and Changing Your Point of View and Outside In versus Inside Out. In these and other posts, the theme has been about putting the user first. Regardless of where you might be in the user lifecycle: performing activities such as assessing, designing, migratin... [more->]

Let’s Talk about Women in the Data Center


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Microsoft Targets Office Phones with Skype for Business UpgradesMicrosoft Targets Office Phones with Skype for Business Upgrades

With the latest Skype for Business upgrades Microsoft borrows features found in sophisticated office phone systems for its cloud-based communications platform. [more->]

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Symantec Reaping the Benefits of Blue Coat AcquisitionSymantec Reaping the Benefits of Blue Coat Acquisition

Symantec made multiple acquisitions in 2016, including its $4.65 billion purchase of Blue Coat, and is now benefiting from those assets as it aims to grow in 2017. [more->]

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Cyber-Thieves Using Persistent Bot to Steal Gift Card BalancesCyber-Thieves Using Persistent Bot to Steal Gift Card Balances

DAILY VIDEO: Cyber-thieves using GiftGhostBot to steal gift card balances; Google threatens to distrust Symantec SSL/TLS certificates; Google warns users it plans to remove SMS texting from Hangouts; and there's more. [more->]

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Data Science Monetization: Focus on Innovation, Not Effectiveness

“I have over 1,200 Data Analysts, so we have it nailed.” When I heard this being uttered by the head of their “analytics” group, I knew the meeting was over.  I knew that I could safely close my laptop, put away my notebook, and gracefully thank them for thei... [more->]

Elon Musk is setting up a company that will link brains and computers

The ultimate goal would be a “neural lace” to enhance people’s cognitive abilities. [more->]

Revealing the secret to speed and flexibility for data analytics

Revealing the secret to speed and flexibility for data analytics Most companies recognize that they have opportunities through data analytics to raise productivity, improve decision making, and gain competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the majority of initiatives fa... [more->]

Airobotics scores authorization to fly autonomous drones in Israel

 A startup based in Petah Tikva, Israel, Airobotics, has scored the right to fly drones autonomously for business purposes in Israel. The Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI) was the first in the world to authorize commercial, fully unmanned drone flights in their nation’s airspace. Read More [more->]


Catena is a multi-terabit service chaining, security, load-balancing, analytics and L4-L7 services integration solution. Eg, Catena can perform these operations at 40 Tbps. The solution works with all L4-L7 virtual and physical devices, such as, Firewalls, IPS, IDS, WAAS, DDoS protection, load-balancers, SSL offload en... [more->]

NICE EnginFrame – User-Friendly HPC on AWS

Last year I announced that AWS had signed an agreement to acquire NICE, and that we planned to work together to create even better tools and services for high performance and scientific computing. Today I am happy to be able to tell you about the launch of NICE EnginFrame 2017. This product is designed to […] [more->]

Time for IT Vendors to Get with Digital Transformation

if the future of infrastructure is software-defined architectures on commodity hardware, why do vendors continue to push the big systems of the past? [more->]

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Lenovo Moto G5 Plus Handset Delivers Strong Features for the PriceLenovo Moto G5 Plus Handset Delivers Strong Features for the Price

The Lenovo Moto 5 Plus demonstrates that the latest smartphones don't have to cost $1,000 to provide high-end features and strong mobile performance. [more->]

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Don’t Let Security Misconceptions Cloud Your Judgment


German Software Maker SAP Sees Benefits From Trump Tax Plans


Faster Networks + Cheaper Messages => Microservices => Functions => Edge

When Adrian Cockroft—the guy who helped put the loud in Cloud through his energetic evangelism of Cloud Native and Microservice architectures—talks about what’s next, it pays to listen. And you can listen, here’s a fascinating forward looking talk he gave at microXchg 2017: Shrinking Microserv... [more->]