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ITD: Winner of the Best of Interop 2015

When the Best of Interop 2015 award winners were announced at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, the ITD team members couldn’t control their emotions. This team is well known to work in a startup-mode — comes up with new ideas, builds a prototype, demonstrates it to the executives and SEs, goe... [more->]

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Microservices Unplugged By @DavidSprott | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

Right off the bat, Newman advises that we should "think of microservices as a specific approach for SOA in the same way that XP or Scrum are specific approaches for Agile Software development". These analogies are very interesting because my expectation was that microservices is a pattern. So I might infer that microse... [more->]

May 2015 Oracle Virtualization Newsletter

We're pleased to announce that the May edition of the Oracle Virtualization Newsletter is now available! This issue includes information on: The new Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.2 Updates to Oracle VM VirtualBox, Oracle VM Server for SPARC, and VCA Customer and partner stories from Eps... [more->]

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Next-Generation Cloud and the Power of the Data Center


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Ciena Intros Data Center Interconnect for Web Scale


How to mine Bitcoin on a 55-year-old IBM 1401 mainframe

The IBM 1401 mines 1 block in 40,000 times the age of the universe, or 80 sec/hash. [more->]

Firefighters Put Out Fire at Future Apple Data Center in Arizona


7 Ways the Cloud Has Revolutionized the Way Nonprofits Work

If you're one of the millions of people who've adopted cloud computing, you'll need no introduction to just how great an innovation it can be. The list of benefits are immense, facilitating greater collaboration and massively increasing efficiency. Update your feed preference... [more->]

HP to Buy ConteXtream to Boost NFV Portfolio

ConteXtream in December launched ConteXnet 4.0, an SDN fabric for NFV environments aimed at service provider networks. [more->]

EMC World 2015: Catalysts, catastrophes and preparing for disruption

Dinko Eror The world of business is facing disruption. Thanks to technology, old business models are being revolutionised and we must be prepared. That was the message that I heard loud and clear at EMC World 2015. We’ve seen it in many industries: a few examples are Hailo and Uber re-inventi... [more->]

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Salesforce Isn’t Going Anywhere

 For the past several weeks we’ve been hearing persistent rumors that somebody is going to buy Salesforce.com. The company delivered its quarterly report last week, performing decently, seeing its share price and market capitalization grow as a result. Yet in spite of ongoing industry gossip, it remains unli... [more->]

VMware Doubles Size of EVO:RAIL Clusters


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Beauty in the The Beast

There’s no doubt IMO that we overdid it at EMC World with all the “Beast” theme when talking about XtremIO 4.0.   You could tell that YES, there was a bit of “proud parent” dynamic… … And YES, we have a ton of install base data (on data reduction rates, on durability, availa... [more->]

Charter and Time Warner Cable also end dispute that kept Dodgers off TV

But LA fans with AT&T, Verizon, and DirecTV still can't watch the games. [more->]

Hadoop and Big Data Storage: The Challenge of Overcoming the Science Project


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Cisco ONE Software Makes it Easy to Start Automating

Companies’ expectations of IT keep increasing as the pace of business intensifies, creating greater demand for new services and faster access to resources and data.  If you have been reading my blogs, you know that THE way for IT to keep pace with the speed of business is automation. But buyers beware. IT automation... [more->]

AWS Week in Review – May 18, 2015

Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week: Monday, May 18 We announced the EC2 Spot Fleet API for Management of Thousands of Spot Instances with one Request. We announced AWS OpsWorks for Windows. We advised you to Look Before You Leap – The Coming Leap Second and AWS. We announced […] [more->]

Virtustream: a Transformational Move for EMC

As I am sure you have read or heard about by now, EMC has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Virtustream, a clear leader in enterprise-class managed cloud software and services. Every business and business unit in the EMC family … Continue reading → The post Virtustream: a Tra... [more->]

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Equinix Expanding Two Hong Kong Data Centers


EMC’s $1.2B Virtustream Acquisition Takes It Deeper Into Services


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Docker Management By @CenturyLink | @CloudExpo [#Agile #DevOps #IoT]

Container frameworks, such as Docker, provide a variety of benefits, including density of deployment across infrastructure, convenience for application developers to push updates with low operational hand-holding, and a fairly well-defined deployment workflow that can be orchestrated. Container frameworks also enable a... [more->]

Discover if your data center is future-ready at the EMEA Dell Enterprise Forum 2015

Beautiful Copenhagen Ed. Note: This post was authored by Segundo Ramos, Marketing Director The day-to-day responsibilities of IT administrators and managers make it challenging to keep abreast of all the latest technology trends and analyze benefits to their specific business requirements – the Dell Enterprise F... [more->]

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Who's Hiring? Make Tumblr fast, reliable and available for hundreds of millions of visitors and tens of millions of users.  As a Site Reliability Engineer you are a software developer with a love of highly performant, fault-tolerant, massively distributed systems. Apply here now!  At Scalyr, we're ana... [more->]

Hot Topic enters agreement to buy ThinkGeek parent company Geeknet Inc.

Mall-based retailer will buy Geeknet for $122 million in cash and stock. [more->]

Jony Ive is Apple’s “Chief Design Officer,” steps away from daily management

Ive is still nominally in charge of hardware, software, and retail store design. [more->]

Delivering Agility in a Secure Cloud By @WhoaCloud | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

While there are hundreds of public and private cloud hosting providers to choose from, not all clouds are created equal. If you’re seeking to host enterprise-level mission-critical applications, where Cloud Security is a primary concern, WHOA.com is setting new standards for cloud hosting, and has established itself ... [more->]

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Rubrik Raises $40M As Enterprise Backup Is Suddenly Hot

 Investors are throwing some serious money at enterprise backup these days. If you want proof, look at Rubrik, a startup that has developed a hybrid cloud and on-premises backup solution. It landed $40 million in Series B today. The round was led by Greylock Partners with participation from Lightspeed Vent... [more->]

Citrix XenApp Has a Lifecycle Management Problem

When Mark Templeton announced that XenApp 6.5 was being given a new lease of life, the news was met with universal applause. This may be good news for the customer today, but the long term position is nothing but bad news for Citrix.Read more →Citrix XenApp Has a Lifecycle Management Problem|The Virtualization Pr... [more->]

How Would You Like Your Cloud?

Clouds come in many flavors to suit different types of applications and address a myriad of customer needs, but what if I told you we can now cater to all? I’m delighted with this morning’s announcement about EMC’s decision to … Continue reading → The post How Would You Like Y... [more->]

More than Meets the Eye

In Arlington, VA, there is a center that focuses on cyber attack mitigation, where close to 100 specialists monitor what’s going on in the world. This is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cybersecurity center. It is located in a suburban area in a building with no government seals or ... [more->]

Appknox Architecture - Making the Switch from AWS to the Google Cloud

This is a guest post by dhilipsiva, Full-Stack & DevOps Engineer at Appknox. Appknox helps detect and fix security loopholes in mobile applications. Securing your app is as simple as submitting your store link. We upload your app, scan for security vulnerabilities, and report the results.  What's notable a... [more->]

VMware KB Digest – New KB articles published for week ending 5/23/15

In our effort to provide our viewers with up to the minute information on VMware related news and topics, we’re posting the following list of new KB Entries for this week, direct from VMware Support. VMware Continuent for Clustering VMware Continuent fails with the error: Cannot as... [more->]

New Approaches to IT Efficiency

As infrastructure scales up and out, even small gains could very well translate to big savings to the operational bottom line. [more->]