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The Architecture of Algolia’s Distributed Search Network

Guest post by Julien Lemoine, co-founder & CTO of Algolia, a developer friendly search as a service API. Algolia started in 2012 as an offline search engine SDK for mobile. At this time we had no idea that within two years we would have built a worldwide distributed search network. Today Algolia serves more tha... [more->]

VMware Unveils NFV Platform for Mobile Networks

The company is combining its data center virtualization capabilities with OpenStack to create its vCloud for NFV solution for service providers. [more->]

Goal of Google Wireless Service Isn't to Compete With Carriers

Google will use partners' infrastructure to launch a wireless service but wants to use the network to help it sell other innovative services. [more->]

Biz Break: Buy up before you break up -- HP, eBay add before dividing

Today: Hewlett-Packard's enterprise unit and PayPal get shiny new toys in acquisitions ahead of corporate splits that will make the companies independent. Also: Silicon Valley gains help Nasdaq top 5,000 for first time since dot-com boom. [more->]

Five Ways Next-Gen Data Centers Will Be Different from Today’s


Cloud Trends to Watch Out for This Year | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

Experts predict that the cloud computing will continue to grow this year. According to the Computerworld Forecast Study, spending on cloud computing is expected to rise by 42% in 2015. Moreover, Esna projects that in a bid to increase the use of mobile, social, customer-facing and collaboration technologies, 40% of IT ... [more->]

HP to buy Aruba Networks for $2.7B in Meg Whitman's largest acquisition yet

Hewlett-Packard sought to shore up its struggling networking business Monday with the acquisition of one of Silicon Valley's top Wi-Fi equipment companies, Aruba Networks, in the largest purchase since Meg Whitman took over as CEO. [more->]

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How to Help Your Customers Win the Big Data Challenge

Data has moved leagues beyond spreadsheets.  The old standby block data, easily handled by said spreadsheets, is quickly being replaced by unstructured data. Driven by the growth of the 3rd platform (mobile, cloud, big data, and social) unstructured data has become a power to be reckoned w... [more->]

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Open-Source Database Company MariaDB Gets $3.4M from Runa Capital


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Case Study: Cloud Transitions Done Right By @VIIAD | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

Every successful company hits growing pains at some point along the way. One of the most harrowing for IT is the transition from the “build it quick!” startup mindset to the more structured and stable mentality of a mid-stage business. For VIIAD Systems, a healthcare technology company that is reinventing how healt... [more->]

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Hybrid Cloud: Wave of the Future or Digital Chimera?

If hybrid solutions don’t exhibit real progress soon, enterprises may side with the simplicity of the public option for their data activities. [more->]

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Report: IBM to Conduct Cloud Reboot to Patch Xen Issue


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Red Hat Forms OpenShift Commons to Drive Open Source PaaS Innovation


No Latency Load Balancer in Data Centers

Cisco Intelligent Traffic Director (ITD) is a zero latency multi-terabit layer 4 load-balancer available on 5k/6k/7k/9k. It has support for traffic steering and clustering solution on the Nexus  series of switches. ITD allows customers to deploy servers and appliances from any vendor with no network or topology change... [more->]

Agile Application Migration & Modernization By @AppZero_Inc | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

The market transition from education and evaluation to remediation is marching along as the End of Support (EOS) nears for Windows Server 2003. The market has moved from being unaware of the challenge that EOS would pose for most IT organizations at the beginning of 2014 to POCs, trials, and evaluating how to get help ... [more->]

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Looking at Storage Through a Different Lens

As I settle into my new role as head of EMC Core Technologies, I am frequently asked to summarize the business opportunity we have and how our portfolio hangs together, specifically from the high-end enterprise perspective. This has me thinking about the current state and direction of the stora... [more->]

Getting the real dope on your cloud deployment

Lots of companies can perform cost analysis of cloud-based instances; Krystallize Technologies promises to do more. The Austin, Texas–based startup said its technology delves deeper into what’s going on with cloud workloads and compares how a given job will do across Amazon, IBM SoftLayer, vCloud Air, Microso... [more->]

Seven Software Business Models – Part 2

Many years ago I found myself talking to venture capitalists about the differences between SaaS, outsourcing, ASPs, MSPs, online applications; etc. Also I noticed that my Stanford students had little understanding of the economics of software, so I developed the idea of seven business models to cover everything in the ... [more->]

Mobile World Changes

Several years ago EMC hired a new Chief Technology Officer: John Roese.  John brought with him decades of networking experience, including CTO roles at companies such as Cabletron and Nortel. Within a few months he participated in Mobile World Congress 2013 and heard the Telco/Service Provide... [more->]

Report: NTT In Talks To Acquire German Data Center Provider E-Shelter


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Announcing @OpenDataCenters to Exhibit at @CloudExpo New York [#Cloud]

SYS-CON Events announced today that Open Data Centers (ODC), a carrier-neutral colocation provider, will exhibit at SYS-CON's 16th International Cloud Expo®, which will take place June 9-11, 2015, at the Javits Center in New York City, NY. Open Data Centers is a carrier-neutral data center operator in New Jersey and N... [more->]

10 Key Release Management Metrics By @Plutora | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

These are some the Key Release Management Metrics our clients use to continually tune their release management process. 1. Number of Changes pending future system releases (Backlog) 2. Number of Successful Changes within a Release 3. Number of Failed Changes in a Release (Percentage of Failed Changes) 4. Number of ... [more->]

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News: $2,000 Network Penetration Test Changes the Cyber Security Industry

If you’ve ever engaged the services of a penetration testing company, you know they’re not cheap. In fact, it’s not unusual to feel you’ve been slapped, thrown in a bag, and hung up to dry. These types of costs can be absorbed by larger companies and enterprises, but not smaller ones, which lack the budgets to... [more->]

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Google talks about offering its own cellular service

Small-scale project will "come to fruit in the next few months." [more->]

Senior Executive Big Data CARE Package

Bill Schmarzo Having trouble getting your senior executives to appreciate the business potential of big data?  Can’t  get your management leadership to consider big data to be something other than an  IT science experiment?  Can’t get your line-of-usiness leaders to forfeit some golf t... [more->]

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Big Data Management By @Tarmin101 | @CloudExpo [#BigData]

Data-intensive companies that strive to gain insights from data using Big Data analytics tools can gain tremendous competitive advantage by deploying data-centric storage. Organizations generate large volumes of data, the vast majority of which is unstructured. As the volume and velocity of this unstructured data incre... [more->]

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The Emerging Science of Digital Forensics | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

Without question, the rise in cyberleaks, nation-state cyber terrorism and the beach of consumer data across multiple industry domains has led to a heightened awareness of the enterprise and personal responsibilities associated with cybersecurity. The consumerization of IT and the adoption of cloud, mobile and social m... [more->]

Intel, Alcatel-Lucent unveil their cloud mobile network

A year after forming their wireless partnership, Intel and Franco-American network builder Alcatel-Lucent say they’re ready to start moving the mobile network from the cell tower into the data center. At Mobile World Congress on Monday, the two took the wraps off a new networking architecture […] Intel, Alcat... [more->]

Apple-IBM Partnership Sprouts Latest Set Of Apps At Mobile World Congress

 When Apple and IBM announced a partnership last year, more than a few jaws dropped, but the two have been working together to create a new wave of enterprise-friendly apps — and announced the latest round to come out of the affiliation today at Mobile World Congress. At first glance, the meeting of these tw... [more->]

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VMware KB Digest – New KB articles published for week ending 2/28/15

In our effort to provide our viewers with up to the minute information on VMware related news and topics, we’re posting the following list of new KB Entries for this week, direct from VMware Support. http://bit.ly/1hiTmwM My VMware Cannot find the country when signing up for vCloud Air On... [more->]

Connected Decision-Making

Bringing together documents and data to enable complete visibility Energy asset operators are faced with a paradigm today: increase efficiency and reliability levels while fighting to extend the lifespan of these aging asset. To meet these opposing aspirations, customers often … Continue ... [more->]

Is it Time to Put a ‘For Sale’ Sign on Your Data Center?


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Silent Circle Outs Blackphone 2, Blackphone+ Tablet As It Zeroes In On Enterprise Security

 A sequel to last year’s pro-privacy Android smartphone Blackphone has just been announced, here at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, along with a tablet device, called Blackphone+. Read More [more->]

Oracle Bolsters SDN Initiative with Switches, Virtual Network Services

The software giant is introducing the new Ethernet switches at the MWC show, where it also is showing off its new Netra Modular System. [more->]

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Cisco Expands Analytics, NFV Solutions for Service Providers

At MWC, the vendor's cloud-based Mobility IQ will give telecoms a single tool to collect and analyze data from their multiple mobile platforms. [more->]

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A Peek Under the Hood of The Connected Car: What It Does & How It Applies to IoT Systems

While technology like the connected car has been hyped for years, the growth for all Internet of Things (IoT) applications across all sectors is growing exponentially. Gartner projects all of these connected things will grow from 4.9 billion in 2015 to 25 billion by 2020, and this includes ca... [more->]

Two Semiconductor Companies You Haven’t Heard Of Are Merging In A $40B Deal

 What is worth $40 billion, and isn’t Uber? The union of NXP Semiconductors, and Freescale Semiconductor. The two companies announced a “definitive agreement” today that will see Freescale shareholders pick up 0.3521 NXP shares and $6.26 in cash for each of their current shares. Freescale is know... [more->]

Next IBM MobileFirst for iOS Apps Unveiled

IBM today announced the expansion of the IBM MobileFirst for iOS portfolio to address key priorities for the Banking and Financial Services, Airline and Retail industries. These next IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions are available for business customization and deployment starting today. The full portfolio of mad... [more->]

Software-Defined Operations Lead the Way By @Dana_Gardner | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

We explore how retailer Columbia Sportswear has made great strides in improving their business results through modernized IT, and where they expect to go next with their software-defined strategy. To learn more about the new wave of IT, we sat down with Suzan Pickett, Manager of Global Infrastructure Services at Columb... [more->]

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For retailers the buy-or-build cloud decision looms large

If you need proof that cloud deployment stories can touch off religious disputes, my recent report about @Walmartlabs deploying 100K cores of OpenStack to run the retail giant’s e-commerce operations is Exhibit A. This is, by any measure, a massive private cloud, and some readers were incredulous that would g... [more->]

Changing Face of Technology By @JohnSavageau | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

A friend of mine's son recently returned from an extended absence which basically removed him from nearly all aspects of technology, including the Internet, for a bit longer than 5 years. Upon return, observing him restore his awareness of technologies and absorb all things new developed over the past 5 years was both ... [more->]