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New Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Capability: Use Azure SQL DB for your Remote Desktop Connection Broker high availability environment

Hi everyone. This has been a busy week for Remote Desktop, as Microsoft has released Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5! In this version, we have made it even easier to deploy a full, highly available Remote Desktop Services deployment. You can now use an Azure SQL DB—or any other SQL DB in a shared […] [more->]

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LiveNinja secures a further $2M to combine live web chat and messaging

 With the rise and rise of messaging (I have at least six messaging apps on my phone and counting), tech companies are piling into the space. Many are trying to shoe-horn ‘chat bots’ into behaving like they are capable of customer service. Facebook Messenger, Kik, Twitter, Skype, Telegram, and WhatsApp... [more->]

Architecting EUC Solutions

Written for architect, business leaders and engineers who plan, design and deploy end user computing (EUC) solutions. This first of it’s kind EUC book will help you make the right design decisions. To design an EUC solution for performance, reliability, scalability and ROI that your business needs, you must understan... [more->]

Fitbit continues to dominate Apple in wearables - CNET

In the US, Fitbit owns 61 percent of the wearables market, while Apple accounts for under 7 percent, according to research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. [more->]

Amazon expected to expand fresh grocery delivery to UK - CNET

The online retailer looks to be getting closer to launching its online fresh grocery ordering and delivery service to customers across the pond. [more->]

Download ManageEngine Desktop Central – desktop and mobile device management

Integrated Desktop & Mobile Device Management Software Desktop Central is integrated desktop and mobile device management software that helps in managing servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location. Automate your regular desktop management routines like installing patches, distribut... [more->]

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Move over, cartels: Ford is the new king of cheap blow - Roadshow

Ford built a mobile wind tunnel to aid wind-noise mitigation, as it's cheaper than schlepping multiple cars across the country. [more->]

The Impact of Block Sizes in a Data Center


'Hundreds' of live concerts to stream in virtual reality - CNET

Live Nation partners with NextVR to broadcast major music events in virtual reality. [more->]

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Periscope hires first editor-in-chief - CNET

The live-video app wants to make sure you have something interesting to watch. [more->]

DataCore Software Shatters World Record for Price Performance – Infographic

In the following infographic you will learn how DataCore Software shatters the world record for price performance! View the ‘DataCore Software Shatters World Record for Price Performance Infographic’ infographic here (27) [more->]

Atlantis CTO’s Top 10 for April 2016

Welcome to my monthly newsletter of trends & observations about Enterprise Technology. I truly hope you find the content valuable and entertaining. There is an overwhelming amount of news sources, social media streams, blogs and white papers. This monthly newsletter will give you great insights and looks to provide... [more->]

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Citrix: Gain Control of your Entire Network with Citrix Virtual WAN Center

WAN environments have evolved a lot in the last 15-20 years.From having WAN edge routers to connect multiple branches, a typical WAN environment now comprises of multiple devices which include but are not limited to WAN edge routers, firewall and WAN optimization devices. WAN evolution has been progressive in terms of ... [more->]

How to convince your boss to buy

Have you just tried out our SysKit and loved how it makes your job easier? Are you trying to figure out the best way to pitch the idea of buying our tool to your boss? Maybe we can help! In this document we o er a series if guidelines and relevant information your boss needs […] [more->]

Setting Up a Virtual Meeting Room

For business executives, a virtual meeting conveniently brings people from various locations together without anyone having to travel. It saves a great deal of time and money. A virtual meeting for IT means partnering with a company like Blue Jeans to make sure that the technology facilitates the meeting and doesn̵... [more->]

Marshmallow spreads to 7.5% of all Android devices - CNET

But Lollipop remains the most favored flavor. It's on nearly five times as many gadgets as the newer Marshmallow. [more->]

All the bits and pieces in Star Wars: Rebellion (pictures) - CNET

Have a look at what you find inside the huge Star Wars: Rebellion box. [more->]

France’s SigFox will expand its dedicated IoT network to 100 U.S. cities

 SigFox, the French startup that is building dedicated cellular networks for Internet of Things objects from connected smoke alarms and refrigerators to interactive billboards, traffic systems and factory robots, has announced a big move into the U.S. market. The company said that it would be taking its services... [more->]

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You can now pay someone to call customer service for you - CNET

A startup called GetHuman offers to handle your most-dreaded customer service calls for $5 to $25 a pop. [more->]

Large-Scale IoT Initiatives | @ThingsExpo #IoT #IIoT #M2M #InternetOfThings

A critical component of any IoT project is the back-end systems that capture data from remote IoT devices and structure it in a way to answer useful questions. Traditional data warehouse and analytical systems are mature technologies that can be used to handle large data sets, but they are not well suited to many IoT-s... [more->]

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Amazon's bolts and beakers business is booming - CNET

The e-retailer has grown Amazon Business, which sells office and industrial supplies, into a $1 billion operation. [more->]

Driving Down Hardware Costs for High Performance Databases

Learn how to super-charge high-performance database applications while slicing hardware costs. High performance databases are at the heart of many extreme transaction processing to Big Data to Engineering and research to emerging Internet of Things applications. A common thread is the requirement for very fast database... [more->]

Reduce Costs and Streamline Operations with Application Rationalization

ComputerWorld recently featured AdminStudio Inventory and Rationalization in an article on bursting application bloat, Trim your application portfolio for savings, by Sandra Gittlen.  The article highlights the success Chicago Public Schools has had in initiating their application rationalization project and commentar... [more->]

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Cisco: Rethinking Cybersecurity – A New Driver for Growth

All countries, cities, and businesses large and small are racing against the challenges not only to remain secure and relevant today, but also to attain and sustain long-term excellence. Each needs to stay ahead of the bad actors that seek to compromise their privacy and security. As well, they must outpace industry di... [more->]

Xangati ESP: New Release Extends Visibility to AWS, Azure and Docker – Video

Xangati CMO, Atchison Frazer, discusses exciting new features of ESP release at April 2016 Compare the Cloud event in the UK. About Xangati Xangati is a leading provider of app-aware infrastructure intelligence for enterprises and service providers operating in virtualized data centers and hybrid cloud environments. Ov... [more->]

10-year-old gets $10,000 bounty for finding Instagram vulnerability

Facebook pays out as part of its bug bounty program. [more->]

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Google secures its blogs with move to HTTPS - CNET

The company enables HTTPS for all blogs hosted on blogspot.com, calling the security layer "fundamental" to online safety. [more->]

Application Performance Management Tools for Enterprise Applications – White Paper

Enterprise applications need high scalability to cater to a large end user base. The top issues faced by IT Teams in these organizations are monitoring uptime and ensuring good performance for their business applications. To resolve these problems, enterprises need to make strategic investments in end to end applicatio... [more->]

Data Center Market Spotlight: New Jersey


Multi-Layer DDoS Mitigation | @CloudExpo @WebairInc #DataCenter #InfoSec

In his session at 18th Cloud Expo, Sagi Brody, Chief Technology Officer at Webair Internet Development Inc., will focus on real world deployments of DDoS mitigation strategies in every layer of the network. He will give an overview of methods to prevent these attacks and best practices on how to provide protection in c... [more->]

VMTurbo to Present at Interop 2016 in Las Vegas

VMTurbo Presentations focus on practical approaches to private cloud and how to get started on OpenStack in the Enterprise VMTurbo, the only application performance control platform, announced that it will be exhibiting at Interop 2016 in Las Vegas this week, and will be presenting sessions in two tracks: “Adopting P... [more->]

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Apple Music may be set for interface makeover in June - CNET

Apple's music service is barely one year old and is already getting a makeover, according to reports. [more->]

Are we alone in the universe? Not likely, according to math - CNET

By flipping the question of possible alien life to a question of whether we are unique, researchers find it much more likely the universe has seen many civilisations come and go. [more->]

Scott Davis Joins Opvizor Advisory Board

Opvizor is pleased to announce the addition of Scott Davis to their advisory board. Scott Davis is a well-known technologist, entrepreneur and CTO at venture-backed storage startup Infinio. Scott was formerly long-term CTO of VMware‘s End User Computing Business Unit, served as VMware’s Chief Data Center/Storage Ar... [more->]

Anonymous begins month-long hacking campaign against banks, starting with Greece - CNET

The hacking collective targeted the Central Bank of Greece's website on Tuesday with a DDoS attack. [more->]

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Passport raises $8 million to help cities offer pay-by-mobile parking, transit

 Passport Inc. raised $8 million in a Series B round of funding to help cities make parking and transportation systems easier for people to use, and harder for them to abuse. MK Capital led the investment in Passport, joined by Grotech Ventures and Relevance Capital. The new round brings Passport’s total cap... [more->]

April Poll Results: What’s Your View on Two-Factor Authentication?

May is finally here, which means that the sun and warm weather are finally coming back to our part of the world! Of course, for all the IT pros in the southern hemisphere, to sprinkle in some GoT lingo: Winter is Coming. We hope it’s a mild one, and that you aren’t overrun by freezing […] [more->]

Uber prints 15,000 emails, stuffs them in sacks, delivers via horse and cart - CNET

Uber wasn't happy with recent changes to ridesharing laws in Australia. So it did what any multi-billion dollar Silicon Valley company would do. [more->]

Apple is no longer the only company that can sell 'IPHONES' in China - CNET

The American electronics giant loses its exclusive rights to the "IPHONE" trademark in the People's Republic, with Chinese courts siding against it in a recent legal proceeding. [more->]

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The Dawn of War III trailer is here, and war sure has dawned - CNET

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only a trailer for the new game based on Warhammer 40k. [more->]

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IBM launches quantum computing as a cloud service

 Quantum computing is still very much in the early research stage, but IBM is hoping to accelerate the progress around it by making a quantum computer available to researchers as a cloud service. It is a bold and ambitious idea, although still very much a small step in trying to understand quantum computing pro... [more->]

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Serial vs. Parallel I/O Processing – Video

Learn the difference between Serial and Parallel I/O processing and how Parallel I/O from DataCore dramatically improves processing efficiency and reduces costs. (79) [more->]

'Onward Kasich': Ted Cruz exit rallies tweets, memes - CNET

The Republican candidate drops out of the presidential race and the Internet drops into comedy mode. [more->]

Tim Cook sees Apple changing the world - CNET

CEO tells CNBC's Jim Cramer that one of the ways Apple can change the world is by standing up to "dysfunctional" governments. [more->]

WhatsApp back in Brazil as judge lifts suspension - CNET

A higher court overturns a three-day ban of the popular Facebook-owned messaging app. [more->]

Where EMC Is Investing in Storage, Cloud Innovation

Plenty of storage and cloud-related innovation is happening at EMC, despite its impending merger with Dell and what many industry observers believe. [more->]

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Microsoft Announces Preview Release of New Documentation Service:  docs.microsoft.com

This morning we put into preview a 100% refactored set of docs for the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).  I’m really excited about the newarchitecture of our docs, and I highly recommend you take a few minutes to read the detailed announcement and see the types of changes and the kind of research that went into this... [more->]

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Microsoft Acquires European IoT Specialist Solair

Expanding its portfolio of cloud-based, industrial Internet of things services, Microsoft heads to Italy for its latest acquisition. [more->]

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Adblock Plus will help users pay publishers and keep a cut for itself

With Flattr Plus, users set a monthly budget to pay for content around the Web. [more->]

Verizon workers’ union wants investigation of forced fiber upgrades

Verizon calls complaint “ridiculous,” just a negotiating tactic during strike. [more->]

SoftNAS Accelerates Video On Demand Performance for IndonesianCloud Customers

SoftNAS Cloud NAS delivers secure, scalable and rapid deployment for cloud service provider SoftNAS®, the #1 best-selling software-defined cloud NAS, today announced cloud service provider IndonesianCloud has selected SoftNAS Cloud® NAS to support its customers. IndonesianCloud offers cloud servers, cloud backup, dis... [more->]

EMC Introduces Own Version of Copy Data Management

Copy data management applies the same virtualization approach to data that changed everything with servers more than a dozen years ago. [more->]

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See VMware AirWatch Content Locker in Action in 5 Fast GIFs

Mobile content collaboration can be a messy process between the growing content repositories companies use, never-ending edits and ever-changing collaborators involved. We think it can be better with VMware AirWatch Content Locker, our secure content collaboration solution. Here’s a quick, GIF-powered demo of Content... [more->]

Study: Containers Are Great, but Skilled Admins Are Scarce


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VMware PowerCLI Essentials

Have you ever wished you could automatically get a report with all the relevant information about your VMware environments in exactly the format you want? Or that you could automate a crucial task that needs to be performed on a regular basis? Powerful Command Line Interface (PowerCLI) scripts do all these things and m... [more->]

Why I’m So Excited to Join FSLogix

If you follow me on twitter you can see that I call myself an efficiency junkie. I’m always looking for the most efficient way to address something  and I am addicted to this feeling. This goes for my private life as well as my work life. In fact, I strongly feel it is even more […] [more->]

Container Networking is in full bloom at ONUG Spring 2016

It’s Spring and that means the IT events season is in full bloom.  The calendar at that time of the year is packed and we are looking forward to ONUG (Open Networking User Group) Spring 2016.  The event will be at held at Intuit’s headquarter in Mountain View, CA from May 9-11, 2016. It’s going [... [more->]

Feeling Like your Cloud Strategy “Can’t Get There From Here”?

One of my favorite albums is REM’s “Fables of Reconstruction.” One track that jumps out as a favorite is titled “Can’t Get There From Here,” and although the wild lyrics have nothing to do with this blog, the title reminds me of recent conversations I’ve had with various chief information officers (CIOs) ... [more->]

10 Best Practices for Network Monitoring in the Face of IT Complexity

New tech helps make companies more productive but can complicate IT pros' jobs. We look at 10 tips for network monitoring in a complex IT world. [more->]

Cloud Companies “Might Feel Good About Themselves” But Good Luck Reaching AWS Heights: Report


Why Samsung's SmartThings Home Controller Is Under Fire

Can Samsung rebound from reports that SmartThings is vulnerable to attacks? Here's a look at whether it is a viable product in the field of smart home devices. [more->]

SC4020: Engineered for affordable flash

Dell is setting a new bar in affordability for enterprise-class all-flash arrays, making the industry’s most affordable and highest density SSDs available in the SC4020. The Dell SC Series arrays are the first to support new low-cost TLC 3D NAND SSDs, enabling Dell to deliver the lowest $/GB in the industry on bo... [more->]

We learned from utilities everything we need to know about cloud infrastructure

 Electricity is ambient. It’s all around us. We turn on lights and plug in devices without even thinking about the complex electrical grid that supplies us with juice at will. It’s become a necessary infrastructure that will never go away — but it’s only the bottom of the stack. That’... [more->]

Why You Should Never Overlook Under-Rack Airflow


Web content filtering with iOS – the browsing comfort zone

Accessing web resources securely is essential for enterprises and educational institutions. And so, mobility management now includes the ability to filter web content. With web content filtering, organizations can manage, restrict, and channelize content to specific user groups. Limiting website access not only impro... [more->]

Amazon Prime Now arrives online with one-hour delivery service

It'll cost you $7.99, but two-hour delivery is free. [more->]

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What’s New in Tricerat Simplify Printing TX 1.6.01?

Administrator Console – In this release the console was updated to let the administrator clearly see what users have permissions to specific printers and additional details on the printer drivers. In addition, the resultant set of policies for a printer are displayed and a visual indication of online and offline stat... [more->]

Cisco on how Digital Transformation is Disrupting IT Service Management

Tackling the planet’s largest, most fearsome waves motivates surfing pros to take terrifying risks.   Take Carlos Burle, a Brazilian big wave surfer, who unofficially broke the word record for the biggest wave ever surfed by riding a 100-foot wave off the coast of Portugal. However the excitement doesn’t stop the... [more->]

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Cisco on the Changing Face of the Healthcare Security Leader

If you worked with just about any hospital or healthcare provider a mere ten years ago you may have come across the Information Security Manager, Director of Security and Compliance, or someone who filled this role under another title. Their role was to lead ‘IT Security’ and manage a small staff of security admini... [more->]

Dell rebrands Dell to Dell Technologies, Dell EMC, and Dell

Michael Dell shakes family tree of names on company's 32nd birthday. [more->]

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OpenStack Summit Austin – Recap Part 1 of 2

It was a big show, and lots of activity was happening all over Austin as a result of this year’s spring OpenStack Summit. There are two OpenStack Summits per year to align with the release cycle of the platform. The Austin event was packed with some very interesting vendors, a strong community, lots of new […] [more->]

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Extreme Archiving

Yesterday we announced InfoArchive 4.0, and as you might have seen in Rohit Ghai’s keynote at Momentum at EMC World, we introduced the term Extreme Archiving. With Extreme Archiving we mean the following important aspects and design criteria for an … Continue reading → Author info... [more->]

VMware DevOps-Ready IT: Continuous Delivery of vRealize Automation Blueprints

There are lots of opinions out there about what DevOps is, and probably even more about what it isn’t, but one thing that tends to be agreed on is that it involves the coming together of development and operations functions within a business, and having them collaborate in order to ship software more frequently and [... [more->]

Identity for Modern IT: Balancing Provisioning and Integration in IAM

With the introduction of RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance 7.0, RSA Vice President of Engineering and Product Management Jim Ducharme emphasized “make it easy” as one of the four main themes for this latest release, particularly in the areas of onboarding new users and integrating ne... [more->]

Promoting Better Tech Support Through Video Conferencing

Moving data storage to the cloud increasingly seems like the most reasonable option for many businesses, according to Cloudwards. Keeping data, programs, and communication secure and backed up is smart, and also alleviates some of the strain on a company’s resources. Even if a business farms out its storage to an... [more->]

EdgeConneX Brings the Edge of Amazon’s Cloud to Portland


Announcing the RSA Archer Champion Network!

                 We are thrilled to announce the kickoff of the RSA Archer Champion Network!  Keep reading to understand what it is, how it will benefit you and what you can do to get engaged. Why do we ne... [more->]

Load Balancing VMware vSphere Clusters with DRS

Recently, a customer reported that DRS was not working to load balance the cluster. Under normal circumstances, a minor imbalance is nothing to be concerned about. This is because the main objective for DRS is not to balance the load perfectly across every host. Rather, DRS monitors the resource demand and works to en... [more->]

Don’t Lose Out, Connect Already!

EMC has long recognized service & support as the most important criteria that customers use when selecting a storage vendor or solution. Since our inception, we have focused on growing a world class service organization. To continue to provide a high level of service & support to our cu... [more->]

The Future of Product Innovation Starts With the Past

Everyone is talking about how to innovate for the future. But, is there actually value in looking to our past to better understand how we have even come to think about what innovation really means? An article published in the MIT Sloan Management Review magazine back in 1984 outlines some inter... [more->]

GE Oil & Gas – Digital Transformation in the Cloud

GE Oil & Gas is a relatively young division of General Electric, the product of a series of acquisitions made by parent company General Electric starting in the late 1980s. Today GE Oil &Gas is pioneering the digital transformation of the company. In the guest post below, Ben Cabanas, the CTO of GE Transportati... [more->]

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Cold Storage Comes to Microsoft Cloud


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Cavium Brings 64-Bit ARM Architecture to Network, Storage SoCs

The company in the past has used the MIPS architecture in its Octeon chips, but now is expanding its strategy to include the ARM-based Octeon TX SoCs. [more->]

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Shyp rolls out its new packaging pricing model to all customers

 Shyp has finished rolling out a new packaging pricing model to all its customers that includes variable shipment pricing based on the packaging that the company provides. Shyp is still playing around with its business model and, to be sure, over time these tweaks will add up. The unit economics of on-demand ser... [more->]

AppSense Application Manager Basic Concepts and Troubleshooting

What is going on? I am sorry, but we are unable to connect to the page you requested. It seems that the hosting server (where this site is located) is down and we do not have a cached copy to give to you. Please try again in a few minutes. What can I do to […] [more->]

The Partner Post Blog Has Moved!

Join the conversation at http://partnerpostblog.emc.com Update your feed preferences                     [more->]

VMware Hyper-Converged Software: The Ultimate HCI Tactical Solution for the Public Sector

Hyper-converged solutions continue to rise in the data centers as the architecture of choice and the preferred building block to build a Software-Defined Data Center. VMware’s Hyper-Converged Software (HCS) is making significant progress with the modernization of data centers powered by vSphere. VMware’s Hyper-Conv... [more->]

Talari SD-WAN Technology Now Supports Microsoft Azure, Hyper-V

The company's virtual appliances already worked with VMware and AWS, but now will also support Microsoft's cloud and virtualization platforms. [more->]

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Stop Hugging the Box, Embrace the Data – On-Demand Webinar

The days of buying boxes and indefinitely extending your data center investments are over. There are smarter ways to scale enterprise IT and keep your data close. Companies today must think cloud-first for both apps and infrastructure. However, when it comes to enterprise storage, the transition to a hybrid enviro... [more->]

Craig Wright loudly claims “I am Satoshi Nakamoto,” but few believe his “proof”

Australian man says he invented Bitcoin, and a top Bitcoin dev believes him. [more->]

To DevOps or Not to DevOps? A Question of Survival

When it comes to today’s IT, it really isn’t a matter of whether your IT operation should pursue a DevOps strategy and operating model to deliver software in the cloud. The question is how best to transition to this critical new approach. Similar to making the shift to IT as a Service, adop... [more->]

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Why Google Wants to Rethink Data Center Storage


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Congressmen think FCC’s set-top box plan is just like “Popcorn Time”

Theoretical concerns about piracy put pressure on Tom Wheeler's cable box plans. [more->]

Planning for the Data Center Future

In the rush to get on the cloud, deploy Big Data and remake the IT department, it’s worth it to stop and think where we want to be in a few years. [more->]

Register Now – AWS DevDay in San Francisco

I am a firm believer in the value of continuing education. These days, the half-life on knowledge of any particular technical topic seems to be less than a year. Put another way, once you stop learning your knowledge base will be just about obsolete within 2 or 3 years! In order to make sure that […] [more->]