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‘UP Your OPs Game’ By @DTzar | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps @MS_ITPro]

— Want to enable self-service provisioning of application environments in minutes that mirror production? Can you automatically provide rich data with code-level detail back to the developers when issues occur in production? In his session at DevOps Summit, David Tesar, Microsoft Technical Evangelist on Microsoft Azure a...
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LinkedIn explains its complex Gobblin big data framework

— LinkedIn shed more light Tuesday on a big-data framework dubbed Gobblin that helps the social network take in tons of data from a variety of sources so that it can be analyzed in its Hadoop-based data warehouses. LinkedIn explains its complex Gobblin big data framework originally published by Gigaom, © copyrigh...
Nov 26 08:53:36 pm GMT / GigaOM Cloud Computing»

AT&T backtracks on fiber claims, says it won’t really halt 100-city plan

— Either way, AT&T says net neutrality will limit fiber and DSL upgrades.
Nov 26 08:40:22 pm GMT / Uptime»

The Big Data Challenge: Becoming Both Big and Smart

— The danger of being overwhelmed by Big Data goes beyond whether there is adequate processing or application support.
Nov 26 07:32:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

AT&T told to stop calling U-verse the “Fastest Internet for the price”

— AT&T didn't make it clear that "fastest for the price" gets you only 3Mbps.
Nov 26 07:00:18 pm GMT / Uptime»

What’s the Best Predictor of Success with IT Transformation?

— Mike Koehler The softer elements are often the hardest to execute. On the road to IT-as-a-Service, transforming your IT infrastructure and applications is the easy part, comparatively speaking, that is. The really tough part is transforming the people and processes, and it’s also what differe...
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Make Any Framework Suck Less With These 10 Insightful Lessons

— Alexey Migutsky in 2 years with Angular has a lot to say about Angular, which I can't comment on at all, not being an Angular user. But burried in his article are some lessons for building better frameworks that obviously come from deep experience. Frameworks will always suck, but if you follow these le...
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US lawmakers ask Europe not to break up Google

— European parliament considering a nonbinding resolution to unbundle search engines.
Nov 26 04:50:32 pm GMT / Uptime»

2015 Trends: Continuous Infrastructure

— This post is a continuation of my blog series on top trends for 2015. These three trends under continuous infrastructure that support Business Defined IT 5. Global Virtualization adds a new dimension to storage virtualization Storage virtualization has been vertically oriented up to now, where a storage virtualization ...
Nov 26 03:34:23 pm GMT / Hu Yoshida»

Understanding and Mitigating Risk

— In addition to being a presenter at the recent RSA EMEA Archer Summit, I was also able to sit in on several other sessions at the Summit, especially those on managing risk. It’s an area we’re working on in the SPARKS Smart Grid project (see my recent blog on risk and the Smart Grid) and...
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Hewlett-Packard's quarterly sales and profit slump

— Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday reported a drop in its fourth-quarter sales and profit from the same period a year ago, narrowly missing analysts expectations on a couple of measures.
Nov 26 02:24:18 pm GMT / HP»

News: SimpliVity Announces GA of OmniStack Integrated Solution with Cisco UCS

— On November 24, 2014, SimpliVity announced the general availability of its Cisco-certified solution, SimpliVity OmniStack. Fully integrated with Cisco UCS, this product is based on the C240 M3 model. Since the latter’s launch in August of this year, the hyperconverged infrastructure solution has, according to the...
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Three Ways To Become a Better Software Professional

— The other day InfoQ posted an article on software craftsmanship. In my view, software craftsmanship is no more or less than being a good professional. Here are three main ways to become one. 1. See the Big Picture Let’s start with why. Software rules the world and thus we rule the world....
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