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Apple Music gains subscribers at a fast clip - CNET

Apple was late to the music streaming game, but it's gaining ground faster than rivals. [more->]

For Honor more of a 'core' game than mass market, Ubisoft says - CNET

Ubisoft says its swordfighting game may not break any sales records for the company. [more->]

Space graffiti discovered inside Apollo 11 command module - CNET

Workers at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum uncover astronauts' scribbles that haven't been seen for 40 years. [more->]

Hoopla! The inventor of basketball returns -- via hologram - CNET

A holographic version of Dr. James Naismith makes a cameo appearance to talk hoops during the NBA's tech summit. [more->]

Drivemode docks your phone in the dashboard - Roadshow

Most of us realize our phones have better services for driving than those that come built into most car dashboards, so Drivemode demonstrates how its app works with a phone docked in the dashboard. [more->]

The 404 Show 1649: CBS News' Vladimir Duthiers, Twitter's future, gravitational ripples, Deadpool review, Firewatch (podcast) - CNET

Twitter's implosion, ​CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers discusses his career and, of course, Deadpool. [more->]

Xbox One and PC cross-buy will be 'platform feature,' says Phil Spencer - CNET

"It's good for gamers," says Xbox boss. [more->]

Firm Files Data Center Heat Wheel Patent Infringement Lawsuit


Google Invites University Researchers to Collaborate on IoT Projects

By teaming up with university researchers on short-term projects, Google aims to see how its technologies can be used in IoT applications and user interfaces. [more->]

How does George R.R. Martin avoid writing? Conan has some ideas - CNET

The author is taking his sweet time finishing the next installment of "A Song of Ice and Fire." Thanks to a funny "Conan" video, we know why. [more->]

PSA: Hitman PS4 beta starts today, here's how to get in - CNET

Hitman's PlayStation 4 beta is now available; it comes to PC next week. [more->]

Verizon Shutting Down Public Cloud, Gives Users One Month to Move Data


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Quantum Break interview: 'It's the most ambitious game we've worked on' - CNET

Remedy discusses the challenge of uniting video games with TV. [more->]

How to keep your geek happy on Valentine's - CNET

Commentary: Smitten with a geek? Take care how you treat us. We love as fiercely as Vulcans but can just as easily turn into rabid Ewoks. [more->]

Transformers to continue relentless march into movie theaters in 2017 - CNET

Looking for more Bumblebee and Optimus Prime? Paramount Pictures says three new "Transformers" movies will be released in the next three years. [more->]

Company says its running shoes turn zombies into millennials - CNET

Technically Incorrect: In a gloriously demented ad for Brooks running shoes, the world can be saved one jog at a time. [more->]

Improving Speed of Investigation with Automation and Enrichment

It is important for security analysts to have all the details of the incident when investigating. By having the details, a security analyst can improve the speed of investigation but most importantly the investigation is effective to put in place a response plan. How can the security analyst ge... [more->]

Kanye and Taylor Swift slap-fighting on your Twitter feed - CNET

Technically Incorrect: Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift, round 2, boils over on Twitter. West insists he's innocent. It's imperative to take sides. [more->]

Crave Ep. 230: Crave's creepy-robot roundup - CNET

Robots are getting extra creepy these days. Here's a quick look at a few bots sure to haunt your nightmares. [more->]

Harvard Researcher: Backdoor Access to US Data Would do Little to Affect Encryption Globally


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ISPs want “flexible” privacy rules that let them “innovate” with customer data

ISPs should be able to choose how they protect customer data, they tell FCC. [more->]

AWS Bolsters High Performance Computing Offering With NICE Acquisition

 AWS attempted to enhance its high performance computing offering today when it purchased NICE, an Italian software and services company for an undisclosed price. NICE provides a set of tools and technologies that were attractive to AWS, and brings with it an international clientele, which should help AWS expan... [more->]

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How to Create a High Performing API: A New Perspective for 2016 | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Performance is the elusive butterfly of API development. Everybody is intrigued with its beauty, yet few know how to capture it. In the old days, the approach of many shops to ensure a performant API was to create some code and then pass it over to the wall to QA to do load testing. Later some integration testing took... [more->]

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For February 12th, 2016

Maybe this year's Mavericks can ride some gravitational waves?     If you like this sort of Stuff then please consider offering your support on Patreon. 3.96 Million: viewers streaming the Super Bowl; 1000 kilometers: roads made of solar panels in France; 500mg: amount of chlorophyll absorbin... [more->]

Resources for Migrating Parse Applications to AWS

In light of the recent announcement that Parse will be winding down, the AWS team has been working to provide developers with some migration paths and some alternative services, as have members of the AWS community. Here’s what I know about: A new post on the shows you how to Migrate From Parse Push to […] [more->]

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Debunking Myths About Software-Defined Storage

Enterprises are realizing SDS' benefits, such as easier movement of workloads from node to node, improved security and smoother data movement. [more->]

Hybrid Cloud Versus Hybrid IT: What’s the Hype? By @Kevin_Jackson | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Once again, the boardroom is in a bitter battle over what edict its members will now levy on their hapless IT organization. On one hand, hybrid cloud is all the rage. Adopting this option promises all the cost savings of public cloud with the security and comfort of private cloud. This environment would not only check ... [more->]

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Microsoft looks to be retreating from EU antitrust fight against Google

ICOMP lobby group's long-running campaign against search and ad giant collapses. [more->]

The Wheel of Suffering: Don’t Be a Jerk to Your Future Self

Findings. Defects. Whatever you call them, your organization’s security posture is full of them. At RSA, we use the umbrella term “Issues Management”. So many organizations handle their vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, failed controls, and policy and process gaps the same way: the hard... [more->]

The Business Value of Cisco Big Data Solutions

Since it’s inception five years ago Cisco’s Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) offerings have consistently driven positive technical and business value for our customers at many levels, some examples: • Cisco UCS regularly delivers top-level performance as showcased via our leading benchmarking results. • In ... [more->]

Silver Spring IoT Platform | @ThingsExpo #IoT #M2M #InternetOfThings

Silver Spring Networks, Inc. (NYSE: SSNI) extended its Internet of Things technology platform with performance enhancements to Gen5 – its fifth generation critical infrastructure networking platform. Already delivering nearly 23 million devices on five continents as one of the leading networking providers in the mark... [more->]

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EMC Officials Push Benefits of $67 Billion Dell Bid

CEO Joe Tucci and other executives are looking to assuage concerns among shareholders, customers and employees about the massive deal. [more->]

VMware Support Alert – ALERT: vRealize Automation patch to prevent potential data loss when using bulk import

In our effort to provide our viewers with up to the minute information on VMware related news and topics, we’re posting the following Special Alert direct from VMware Support Insider. http://ift.tt/1hbS3R4 Using bulk import, customers can bring unmanaged machines under management of vRea... [more->]

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New – Access Resources in a VPC from Your Lambda Functions

A few months ago I announced that you would soon be able to access resources in a VPC from your functions. I am happy to announce that this much-wanted feature is now available and that you can start using it today! Your Lambda functions can now access data warehouses, clusters, instances, and service endpoints that [... [more->]

Amazon RDS Update – Share Encrypted Snapshots, Encrypt Existing Instances

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to secure your AWS environment. Some of our more recent announcements in this area include encrypted EBS boot volumes, encryption at rest for Amazon Aurora, and support for across several different services. Today we are giving you some additional options for data stored i... [more->]

Netflix Shuts Down Final Bits of Own Data Center Infrastructure


Zenefits Under Investigation In California

 The hits just keep on coming at the embattled cloud human resources software provider Zenefits, as the California Department of Insurance has begun an investigation into its licensing practic Read More [more->]

Dropbox Expanding Into Europe, Will Host Customer Data in Germany

The data storage center in Germany, which has the strictest data-protection regulations in Europe, will be a major selling point for Dropbox Business storage. [more->]

SoundCloud has lost over $70M in 2 years, board cites “material uncertainties”

It's hard to make money when the average revenue per user is just 11 cents. [more->]

NBA Bolsters Partnership With SAP To Bring Natural Language Queries To Stats Site

 The NBA announced today that it was bringing natural language queries to its online stats pages on NBA.com. The feature enables fans to type a question in a natural way and the site should come back with your answer without having to dig for it. The feature is launching in Beta starting tomorrow. The technol... [more->]

Threat Detection Benchmark Part 1: Uncovering Threat Vectors

When it comes to securing modern IT environments, your strategy hinges on your ability to detect threats. Unfortunately, organizations often rely on only a few sources of threat detection data to provide a foundation for their security strategy, which leads to inadequate visibility and, in turn... [more->]

PayPal Commerce Matches Stripe With PayPal’s Own Native Shopping Toolkit For Apps

 PayPal’s first acquisition after it separated from eBay in 2015 was of a young startup called Modest, which had built a platform for small businesses to integrate buy buttons across third-party apps. Now, PayPal is taking the wraps off a new product that will integrate Modest’s technology. PayPal... [more->]

More Users, More Devices Mean Mobile Traffic Will Surge, Cisco Says

Cisco Systems predicts an increase in mobile device and network use by 2020, and that more than 5 billion people will have mobile devices by then. [more->]

Curb Data Center Downtime with Predictive Maintenance


IBM SoftLayer Blocks Services in Iran as US Lifts Sanctions


Tips to Achieving a Successful Cloud Strategy

While the cloud has gone a long way toward simplifying and streamlining data infrastructure, it also presents new challenges. [more->]

Microsoft's Underwater Datacenter Is Cool as Cool Can Be | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Microsoft pulls a fast one! Good showing Microsoft. Project Natick is Microsoft's R&D feasibility project to explore, manufacture and operate a underwater. Hey, you don't look for cooling water, if you can take the salt out. How is latency improved? drop the datacenter at the nearest ocean or lake. Energy efficiency i... [more->]

Eight Key Features for IT Managers in Latest Docker Release


Why “Good Enough” Is NOT Good Enough

Earlier this month, while attending a conference, I had some great conversations with EMC channel partners about EMC XtremIO and its application transformation capabilities. Throughout these discussions, multiple partners shared that they’ve seen competitive losses occur when a customer f... [more->]

BBVA Shuts In-House Venture Arm, Pours $250M Into New Fintech VC Propel Venture Partners

 BBVA — the Spanish banking giant that acquired Simple in the U.S. and last year made a $67 million investment in still-stealth mobile-only bank Atom in the UK — is changing up how it plans to invest in fintech startups in the future. The company is shutting down its in-house venture arm, BBVA Ventures... [more->]

Facing An Array Of Challenges, Autodesk Shifts To Subscription Pricing

 Autodesk has been around the block a few times, having debuted way back in 1982 in the earliest days of the desktop PC. These days, the company is in the midst of a major transition from a licensing model to a subscription model, while juggling the assortment of challenges a change like this brings to a mature ... [more->]

Biometrics: A Next-Generation Authentication Mechanism

The days of username and password combinations are coming to an end as next-generation authentication mechanisms come of age. Faced with having to remember old-style credentials for an ever-wider range of applications, most users have resorted to insecure password management practices such as w... [more->]

Next-Generation Convergence is the Future of Cloud and Data Center


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Mobile Payments Startup Payleven Raises Another $10M

 The days of Square clones popping up, everywhere you looked and capitalizing on Square’s conservative approach to global expansion, are long gone. But those startups are not. And today, one of them is announcing a Series D round. Payleven, a mobile payments startup originally incubated in 2012 at Berlin&... [more->]

JANDI, An Enterprise Communication Platform For Asian Businesses, Raises $2.5M

 Toss Lab has raised $2.5 million in fresh funding for JANDI, an enterprise communication tool that is tailored for companies in Asia. Along with a previous seed round, this brings Toss Lab’s total pre-Series A funding to $4.5 million. Read More [more->]