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10 Best #DevOps Automation Tools | @CloudExpo @Cirba #DivvyCloud #AI #ML

There are two main reasons for infrastructure automation. First, system administrators, IT professionals and DevOps engineers need to automate as many routine tasks as possible. That’s why we build tools at Stackify to help developers automate processes like application performance management, error monitoring, and l... [more->]

Get to know the CNET family: Q&A with Tania González - CNET

Get to know Tania, our dancing, hiking Jedi in training. [more->]

Far Cry 5 trailer brings the fight to disenfranchised America - CNET

Ubisoft takes its shooter franchise to a small fictional town in Montana. [more->]

Chipotle's latest bug hurts your wallet, not your stomach - CNET

The Mexican food chain tells its customers Friday that their credit card information has been stolen by hackers. [more->]

Men are freaking out over a women-only screening of 'Wonder Woman' - CNET

"Why don't you ungrateful females take what you have been given or stay in the kitchen." And that's just one comment left on the Alamo Drafthouse's Facebook page. [more->]

Samsung accidentally spills the beans on two new phones - CNET

Samsung references two unannounced Galaxy J phones on its website. Were they supposed to be secret? [more->]

Tech giants to Congress: Please change how NSA spies on people - CNET

Companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon band together in a push for internet surveillance reform. [more->]

'War Machine' review: Brad Pitt satire lacks killer instinct - CNET

Netflix enlists its biggest star yet, but the satire never quite snaps to attention. [more->]

Get an RCA wall-plug Bluetooth speaker for $9.99 - CNET

If you don't mind blocking both your outlets, this thing is kind of ingenious -- and a great companion for an Echo Dot. [more->]

Sergey Brin rumored to be building world's largest airship - CNET

The Google co-founder reportedly wants the airship to be half delivery charter for humanitarian aid, and half luxury liner. [more->]

Case Study From @DDN_limitless | @CloudExpo #HPC #Storage #AI #ML #DX

Van Andel Institute has a 20-year legacy of biomedical research and scientific education with a focus on improving health and enhancing the lives of current and future generations. Formed in 1996 by Jay and Betty Ann Van Andel, the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based organization has evolved into a premier center for research... [more->]

The iPhone 8 could unlock when you press the screen - CNET

There have been conflicting rumors about what will happen to the iPhone 8's fingerprint sensor, but a recent report says it's going in the display. [more->]

The 404 Show 1701: Jill Schlesinger on reunions, the housing market and more (podcast) - CNET

Jill Schlesinger returns to help us better understand the current housing market, why college and high school reunions are still a thing and what it means to "age in place." [more->]

Space's mysterious fast radio bursts: What the heck are they? - CNET

We're about to enter an era of research into one of the newest phenomena in all of space. Here's what you need to know. [more->]

A10 Networks Report Shows How Dependent People Are on Mobile AppsA10 Networks Report Shows How Dependent People Are on Mobile Apps

A10 Networks Application Intelligence Report (AIR) reveals insights about how much individuals value their mobile applications and their smartphones. [more->]

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Carbonite to Exhibit at @CloudExpo | @Carbonite #DevOps #IoT #DX #Backup

SYS-CON Events announced today that Carbonite will exhibit at SYS-CON's 20th International Cloud Expo®, which will take place on June 6-8, 2017, at the Javits Center in New York City, NY. Carbonite protects your entire IT footprint with the right level of protection for each workload, ensuring lower costs and dependab... [more->]

Tidal loses third CEO in two years - CNET

Jay Z's music service has lost another CEO, Jefferey Toig. [more->]

New hack threat may be hiding in your movie's subtitles - CNET

Malicious code inserted into subtitle files downloaded from movie subtitle databases could be used to hijack your device, researchers warn. [more->]

Acer’s New Spin 1 Puts a New Twist on Hybrid PCsAcer’s New Spin 1 Puts a New Twist on Hybrid PCs

The Acer Spin 1 Windows 10 tablet/notebook provides some strong features, such as a large screen at a starting price of just $329. [more->]

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Trend Micro Reveals State of Human Machine Interface VulnerabilitiesTrend Micro Reveals State of Human Machine Interface Vulnerabilities

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are a core element of modern infrastructure and like all forms of technology are at risk from security vulnerabilities. [more->]

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[session] Adopting #DevOps | @DevOpsSummit @Nutanix #AI #Microservices

One of the biggest challenges with adopting a DevOps mentality is: new applications are easily adapted to cloud-native, microservice-based, or containerized architectures - they can be built for them - but old applications need complex refactoring. On the other hand, these new technologies can require relearning or ada... [more->]

How much nuclear waste is in your state? - CNET

The Nuclear Energy Institute keeps tabs on the spent nuclear fuel stored in states across the US. Here's where the radioactive waste ends up. [more->]

See 'Interstellar' updated for 2017 with a fidget spinner - CNET

A hit fidgeting-craze gadget makes a comical cameo appearance in a fan-edited scene from "Interstellar." [more->]

Microsoft Wants Clean Energy for South African Data Centers


How Dell Helps Nike Change the Game

I’ve been shopping recently for a new pair of running shoes, and it’s been a bit of a Goldilocks scenario. This one was too big, that one was too small. I’m still not sure I’ve landed on just right. So hearing the vice president of Digital Design ... [more->]

Rinse and Repeat: Beware of Hybrid Washing at a Cloud Laundromat Near You


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Lyft offers drivers some control over their schedules - CNET

The new Lyft Driver app will let drivers accept scheduled rides days in advance. [more->]

Comcast customer satisfaction drops 6% after TV price hikes, ACSI says

Customers unhappy with Comcast TV and Charter's Time Warner Cable Internet. [more->]

Google, Facebook, Microsoft Lead Growing Appetite for Enterprise-Grade SSDsGoogle, Facebook, Microsoft Lead Growing Appetite for Enterprise-Grade SSDs

Intel, the current leader in supplying enterprise storage disks, is feeling the pressure from Samsung. [more->]

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Stop Saying #AI Can’t Replace Humans | @CloudExpo #IoT #DX #SmartCities

To change your world, AI does not need to replace humans – it just needs to displace you. So stop saying that AI can’t replace humans, and start asking, “Can AI displace me?” We are not close enough to general-knowledge artificial intelligence to consider a world where such a system could completely replace a c... [more->]

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For May 26th, 2017

Hey, it's HighScalability time:     Sport imitating tech. Cloud Computing chases down Classic Empire to win...the Preakness. (Daily News) If you like this sort of Stuff then please support me on Patreon. 42%: increase US wireless traffic since 2015; 44: age of Ethernet; I $18.5m... [more->]

[session] Great #FinTech Software | @CloudExpo @MichalRoza #AI #DL #DX

While presenting own advanced Robo-Advisory Platform, Michał Różański, Managing Partner at EARP and CEO at Empirica, will illustrate the most important issues of building tailored FinTech software in his session at 20th Cloud Expo. He will share experiences we have gained for over 6 years of developing solutions fo... [more->]

GMC refines 2018 Yukon Denali with new 10-speed automatic - Roadshow

There are a bunch of small changes to its aesthetics and trim levels, as well. [more->]

Oculus can now officially keep up if you want to move in VR - CNET

The latest update to the virtual reality headset adds full support for room-scale motion tracking. [more->]

WannaCry, what a wimp? Why security pros are staying chill - CNET

At a cybersecurity forum in London, experts call the ransomware, scary as it was at first, overexposed, unsophisticated and ultimately "a failure." [more->]

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WannaCry Ransomware Campaign Was Just the First WaveWannaCry Ransomware Campaign Was Just the First Wave

NEWS ANALYSIS: Individuals and businesses need to be prepared for a constant series of ransomware waves using exploits from ShadowBrokers as cyber-criminals ramp up their game. [more->]

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Jaguar's most bonkers car yet is a 600-horsepower XE sedan - Roadshow

600 horsepower is, you know, ample. [more->]

Uber, Lyft will return to Austin after fingerprinting hissy fit - Roadshow

You can thank the state legislature for this. [more->]

Is Your Cloud Getting Smarter? | @CloudExpo #AI #ML #CognitiveComputing

Automation is enabling enterprises to design, deploy, and manage more complex, hybrid cloud environments. Yet the people who manage these environments must be trained in and understanding these environments better than ever before. A new era of analytics and cognitive computing is adding intelligence, but also more com... [more->]

Google Expunges Apps Tainted With Ad Fraud Malware From Play StoreGoogle Expunges Apps Tainted With Ad Fraud Malware From Play Store

Check Point software claims that mobile apps were being used in one of the largest ever malware campaigns on Google Play. [more->]

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Dell EMC Takes #1 Position on TPCx-BigBench for Scale Factor 10000

Dell EMC is focused on providing information that helps customers make the most of their big data technology investment. The failure rate for Hadoop big data projects is still too high given the maturity of the technology.  Customers can’t afford to gu... [more->]

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Rackspace Buys Managed Cloud Firm TriCore


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GrandCanals Launches Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud 3.0, Adds VC FundingGrandCanals Launches Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud 3.0, Adds VC Funding

Specialized cloud enables enterprises to run a supply chain with confidence with the business intelligence required to meet customer expectations on delivery time, cost and convenience. [more->]

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Forcepoint Fights Shadow IT with Cybersecurity Analytics FunctionsForcepoint Fights Shadow IT with Cybersecurity Analytics Functions

Human-centric cloud security solution for web, email and cloud-access security brokers provides reporting and context to address biggest risks--internal and external. [more->]

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Panasonic Unveils Its Latest Toughbook 2-in-1 HybridPanasonic Unveils Its Latest Toughbook 2-in-1 Hybrid

The ruggedized Toughbook CF-33 has a 3:2 aspect ratio display for less scrolling and more on-screen information for users in one glance. [more->]

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Logicworks Expands Functionality of Cloud Automation Platform for AWSLogicworks Expands Functionality of Cloud Automation Platform for AWS

Expanded functionality in DevOps platform runs and automates applications directly in Amazon Web Services. [more->]

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New Power BI Content Pack Lets Customers Track Office 365 UsageNew Power BI Content Pack Lets Customers Track Office 365 Usage

Power BI customers can now get insights into the Office 365 usage habits of their workforces, data they can use to rally power users behind their digital transformation initiatives. [more->]

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Five Things About #AI For Every CEO | @ThingsExpo #DX #CognitiveComputing

Machine learning, AI, cognitive computing, natural language understanding, image recognition, pattern matching, autonomous devices – these are just a few of 2017’s loosely defined catchall phrases. But in practice, they each refer to a significant field of study that is guaranteed to have an impact on the way peopl... [more->]

Cisco ACI and Citrix NetScaler win Best of Citrix Synergy 2017 Award

The Best of Citrix Synergy 2017 award was announced today at Citrix synergy, Orlando. Read awards related Blog here. Check winner’s slideshow here. Winner: Storage, Networking and Infrastructure—Cisco Network Automation Solution with Cisco ACI and Citrix NetScaler from Cisco I want to extend my congratulations to ... [more->]

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App maker Appian soars 25% on first day as a public company

 It was off to the races for Appian, which debuted on the Nasdaq on Thursday, soaring 25 percent on its first day on the stock market. After pricing shares at $12, the company closed the day above $15, valuing the company at about $900 million. Read More [more->]

Dell EMC extends it’s portfolio for Splunk to VxRack FLEX

Operational Intelligence and machine generated data have been very hot topics lately as organizations are beginning to realize how valuable this data is for the business. For the last few years, Splunk has been the leader in this space with their all-enco... [more->]

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The Devops Chicken or the Agile Infrastructure Egg?

IT should push devops as deeply into business models as possible, then think of ways to overcome the resistance that will hamper deployment. [more->]

Nine Design, Implementation Factors for Modern Enterprise StorageNine Design, Implementation Factors for Modern Enterprise Storage

Enterprises should consider these nine principles when designing next generation storage infrastructures to support business critical workloads. [more->]

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RapidAPI Buys Mashape Hub to Create World's Largest API MarketplaceRapidAPI Buys Mashape Hub to Create World's Largest API Marketplace

Developers will have access to a massive new inventory of APIs—7,500, give or take a few—in what the company claims will become the world’s largest API marketplace. [more->]

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What You Can Learn about Business from Cisco’s John Chambers


Republicans claim 1st Amendment right to send you robo-voicemails

GOP asks FCC to exempt direct-to-voicemail messages from robocall rules. [more->]

Former EarthLink CEO to Head Rackspace as Its New Chief Exec


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Firms Fret as China Implements Local Data Storage Law


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IBM Integrates GDPR Features Into Resilient Incident Response PlatformIBM Integrates GDPR Features Into Resilient Incident Response Platform

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules include strict requirements on breach reporting and disclosure that organizations need to prepare for, to avoid potential penalties. [more->]

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A Match Made in the Data Center – AI and Robotics


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Switch Plans Gigantic Atlanta Data Center Campus


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Tanium Raises $100M With Endpoint Security Platform Set to ExpandTanium Raises $100M With Endpoint Security Platform Set to Expand

Security firm raises new funds as it aims to give back to existing shareholders and grow technology base that can help defend against issues like WannaCry. [more->]

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Google Gives Marketers New Way to Measure Ad Performance Google Gives Marketers New Way to Measure Ad Performance

The Google Ads Data Hub will give advertiser better insight into how users are interacting with their web ads across mobile and other devices. [more->]

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Meta SaaS raises $1.5 million from Mark Cuban and others

 Meta SaaS is a product that helps you cancel other products. Like Cardlife and Cleanshelf, Meta SaaS looks at all of your software-as-a-service subscriptions and tells you which ones you use and, more important, which ones you don’t. Founded by Arlo Gilbert and Scott Hertel, the product raised $1.5 million ... [more->]

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What Digital Transformation Means To Retailers

A recent BusinessWeek article titled “America’s Retailers Are Closing Stores Faster Than Ever” summarizes the epidemic that retailers are facing today (see Figure 1). Figure 1:  Growing Epidemic of Store Closures Retailers are closing stores at a r... [more->]

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