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Tour the #Agile #DigitalTransformation Roadmap | @CloudExpo #IoT #Cloud #DevOps #BigData

Since we launched our Agile Digital Transformation Roadmap poster two weeks ago, several hundred people around the globe have downloaded it – but it’s not clear how many of them have taken the time to work their way through it. Haven’t seen it yet, you say? No worries – you can download the poster for free at ... [more->]

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Cancel your weekend plans and go watch 'Stranger Things' - CNET

The new Netflix series blends classic King and Spielberg to create masterful contemporary television. [more->]

Pokemon No: All the ways you shouldn't play the latest app craze - CNET

It's easy to find tips about how to catch the best Pokemon. But what you won't find is a list of all the hazardous ways people are playing Pokemon Go. Yes, there are wrong ways -- unfortunately. [more->]

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IIoT and Software Quality | @ThingsExpo #IoT #IIoT #M2M #InternetOfThings

There will be new vendors providing applications, middleware, and connected devices to support the thriving IoT ecosystem. This essentially means that electronic device manufacturers will also be in the software business. Many will be new to building embedded software or robust software. This creates an increased impor... [more->]

Data Platforms as a Service | @CloudExpo @Pythian #API #Azure #BigData

With the proliferation of both SQL and NoSQL databases, organizations can now target specific fit-for-purpose database tools for their different application needs regarding scalability, ease of use, ACID support, etc. Platform as a Service offerings make this even easier now, enabling developers to roll out their own d... [more->]

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VMware Performance and Capacity Management – Second Edition

Master SDDC Operations with proven best practices About This Book Understand the drawbacks of the traditional paradigm and management that make operations difficult in SDDC Master performance and capacity management in Software-Defined Data Center Operationalize performance and capacity monitoring with proven dashboard... [more->]

Dinklage, Clark get tongue-tied in new 'Game of Thrones' blooper reel - CNET

"Game of Thrones" outtakes newly released at Comic-Con catch the stars of the show laughing, and cursing, their way through their on-camera flubs. [more->]

Kaine you even? Tim Kaine could be the punniest VP pick ever - CNET

Puns fly on Twitter as Hillary Clinton names Kaine her vice presidential candidate of choice. Or is that Kaindidate? [more->]

This week’s five: CIOs – The true business transformers.

This week’s five is a weekly column on five recent reads from all over the web. This week, we’ll talk about the  chief information officers. “More and more, every company is becoming a technology company. We CIOs are the leaders and stewards of this new economy.”  – Rob Meilen, CIO, Hunter Douglas Chief i... [more->]

VMware VMworld 2016 Content Preview Video – The Future of Network Virtualization

Check out the highlights from one of our VMworld 2015 star sessions – “The Future of Network Virtualization with VMware NSX”. Join us at VMworld 2016 to continue the conversation with CTO Bruce Davie as he presents cutting-edge content in “The Architectual Future of Network Virutalization”... [more->]

Make Witcher 3 more like Skyrim with this first-person mod - CNET

You'll soon be able to explore the world of The Witcher from a first-person POV thanks to this mod. [more->]

Zombies and tigers star in new 'The Walking Dead' season 7 trailer - CNET

The next season of "The Walking Dead" looks grrreat thanks to King Ezekiel and his tiger. See more in the Comic-Con 2016 official trailer for the AMC show. [more->]

Cosplay at Comic-Con 2016: From Stormtroopers to Sansa Stark - CNET

One thing you can count on seeing at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego is a lot of incredibly costumed convention-goers. Here's just a sampling of what we've seen so far. [more->]

RNC tweets spike Thursday night - CNET

Nielsen Social, which tracks Twitter activity around TV series and events, notes a flood of posts during Donald Trump's acceptance speech. [more->]

World of Marvel's Black Panther expected to push diversity boundaries this November - CNET

Marvel is shining the spotlight on Black Panther's homeland in a new comic book series that focuses on black women, a rarity in the traditional comics space. [more->]

Would you drink 63-day-old milk? Scientists would - CNET

Your cold milk could hang around a lot longer with the help of a new treatment process that radically extends its shelf life. [more->]

New Microsoft Data Center in Iowa Will Be 1.7M Square Feet


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Similarities Between School Lunch & Software Development | @CloudExpo #Cloud #Software

The need to add more features on shorter release cycles is ubiquitous. At some point we will reach the threshold of gaining efficiencies and quality will begin to degrade. There is some evidence that we’ve reached and crossed that threshold already. In the late 1960's the National School Lunch Program was struggling ... [more->]

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Gartner: Cloud Shift to Account for $1 Trillion in Spending by 2020


Cable lobby set-top offer: No DVR requirement, no more compromises

FCC demanded answers from cable lobbyists about set-top box counter-proposal. [more->]

They're creepy and they're colorized, 'The Addams Family' - CNET

Snap, snap! Watch beloved 1960s sitcoms blossom into color thanks to a die-hard fan of retro TV. [more->]

Meet Graham, the hideous creature built to survive car crashes - CNET

Happy nightmares! Australian road-safety commission creates the perfect man for car-accident survival. Let's all be thankful we did not evolve in his image. [more->]

Lazy travelers can ride this suitcase straight to the gate - CNET

Walking is sooo overrated. Glory in the stares as you hop on Modobag's motorized luggage and ride at a blistering 8mph to your final airport destination. [more->]

Citrix EdgeSight: You Are Missed

As you may have noticed, Citrix dropped the EdgeSight name in Director 7.9. And although some of the EdgeSight features have been included in Citrix Director, the full capabilities of EdgeSight are no longer available. We took a quick poll of Citrix professionals about this development. Based on the responses of the... [more->]

VMware: Top Mobile News – Apple Watch Gets Patriotic, Windows 10 Apps on Xbox ONE & More

Get your national pride on, Apple Watch-style.Apple is churning out some national pride for the upcoming Olympics in Brazil. American runner Trayvon Bromell claimed his red-white-and-blue Apple Watch band already. Only hitch: you can only buy them in Brazil. Read the full story on The Verge. Ready for rio ! pic.twitter... [more->]

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Fallout Shelter arrives in another massive market - CNET

Players in this gamer-rich country can now play Bethesda's first mobile game. [more->]

My non-persistent desktop fail to activate, where is my KMS host?

In this short article I will show you what I think is a bug in Microsoft Windows 2012R2, where you KMS host disappears of the radar for the clients. If it is a bug is to be seen but everything looks that way so far, we will need to continue to monitor the environment and […] [more->]

Elevating the Role of SDN in the Cloud with Cisco ACI 2.0

ACI 2.0 – released earlier this month –  delivers strong new SDN and Cloud capabilities.  These enable Scale, Cloud Automation, Security & Analytics, as well as Optimized Operations.  Yeah, I know that sounds kinda ‘buzzwordy’, but read on and you’ll get a sense for the power that A... [more->]

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Amazon Said to Be Mulling Data Center Construction in Italy


Data Center Cooling Advancing on Multiple Fronts

A look at the most significant developments in cooling for data facilities. [more->]

RSA SecurID Access Takes Top Honours at Computerworld Hong Kong Awards 2016

Earlier this month, Computerworld Hong Kong recognised RSA’s identity assurance solution line, as a winner in its Computerworld Hong Kong Awards 2016. We’re humbled to have received such a prestigious award for the second year in a row, and encouraged as we continue to see the indus... [more->]

Citrix: Allegro Pediatrics Releases Windows 10 with No Downtime – Video

Learn why Allegro Pediatrics chose Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop to rollout new Windows 10 devices to their workforce. Hint, it has to do with no downtime for their users. Learn more at http://now.citrix.com/Windows10. [more->]

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 22nd, 2016

Hey, it's HighScalability time: It's not too late London. There's still time to make this happen.    If you like this sort of Stuff then please support me on Patreon. 40%: energy Google saves in datacenters using machine learning; 2.3: times more energy knights in armor spend than whe... [more->]

VMware: Architecting VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 to Deliver Hybrid Cloud

For any business, progress and improvement is a daily goal. For a business to work toward that goal, they need to search for ways to not only improve their storage infrastructure and services, but at the same time, increase capacity, simplify operations, and ensure continuous uptime. In the IT industry, keeping up with... [more->]

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Citrix: Connecting to Azure Resource Manager in XenApp & XenDesktop

Using Azure Resource Manager in XenApp/XenDesktop Azure Resource Manager (ARM) functionality is available via Machine Creation Services (MCS). While some basic familiarity with MCS may be helpful in understanding how to best use this new feature, getting started is pretty straightforward. At a high level, creating mach... [more->]

How to Integrate Your Password Management Software into Remote Desktop Manager

Recently we hosted a Password Managers Webinar on integrating the most popular Password Managers with Remote Desktop Manager, you can find the recorded video on our Youtube channel. In this webinar, we showcased how easy it was to implement that integration. For most password managers, integration is fast and simple. H... [more->]

Thinking Through an Identity Management Deployment

As the number of production deployments of Identity Management (IdM) grows and as many more pilots and proof of concepts come into being, it becomes (more and more) important to talk about best practices. Every production deployment needs to deal with things like failover, scalability, and performance.  In turn, there... [more->]

Enhanced Oracle VM Utilities

In April 2016 Oracle VM 3.4 was released. To accompany the Oracle VM for x86 release the Oracle VM utilities (patch ID 13602094 available from My Oracle Support) was updated. Version 2.1.0 is the latest version of the utilities and is supported with Oracle VM Manager 3.3.x and 3.4.x. Version 2.1... [more->]

The Journey Towards Autonomic Computing:  Mainframe Beginnings

We start our tale in the middle of the journey. Today, we have seen the evolution of computing from its inception at the most early versions, up to a point where we have IBM Watson, Tesla Autopilot, and other self-learning, self-driven, self-organizing computing platforms. They feed on real-time information. They feed ... [more->]

Active Directory: On-the-fly group management

Some of us have huge Active Directory environments, while others have smaller to medium-sized installations. Regardless of size, it can be difficult to find what you need in Active Directory due to the sheer size of your enterprise and the number of objects stored in your domain(s). Microsoft has yet to devise an easy ... [more->]

VMware vRealize Code Stream Special Offer

Dear customer- and partner community! We have news for you on a special limited VMWare offer around vRealize Suite and products! So, what is the offer? If you are purchasing vCloud Suite, vRealize Suite, or vRealize Automation before September 15, 2016 you will be entitled to a 10 OSI License of vRealize Code Stream 2.... [more->]

Great When Your Customer Says it Best

I was recently copied on an email from an executive of IT Operations at a top 10 US financial corporation. It was sent to his team to explain why he wanted them to start deploying AppEnsure. I liked it so much that I thought I would put it right on our blog: “Hi all, I […] [more->]

Talk ITSM | Free Training on Asset Management – July

Watch and learn asset discovery techniques asset classification best practices, asset life-cycle management, software asset management, and software license management. Learn more at https://www.manageengine.com/ About ManageEngine ManageEngine delivers the real-time IT management tools that empower IT teams to meet ... [more->]

Microsoft Azure Security Center, now generally available, proven to improve security

Maintaining visibility and control of cybersecurity is a constant challenge. And as attackers innovate, keeping up with them can be an overwhelming task. On average, it takes more than 200 days for an organization to detect a breach. With the average cost of a breach reaching into the millions of dollars, the stakes ha... [more->]

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Amazon WorkSpaces NOW allows you to bring your Windows 10 Desktop licenses to Amazon WorkSpaces

In October 2015, we announced that you can bring your existing Windows 7 Desktop licenses to Amazon WorkSpaces, a program we call Bring Your Own License (BYOL). Today we are pleased to announce that we are adding Windows 10 Desktop licenses to the BYOL program, allowing you to use the Windows 10 Desktop operating syste... [more->]

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Why Salesforce Bought Coolan, a Data Center Optimization Startup


The Evolution of Edge Computing

We have been talking about the notion of edge services, or more recently, edge computing, for quite some time. When Ellen and I were conceptualizing what the next generation of infrastructure might look like, we kept revisiting network concepts – users are on one end of a powerful network, and compute and data can fl... [more->]

Citrix: Delivering Business Value with Partners like Nutanix

While we’ve talked about how successful Citrix Synergy was with customers and partners this year, a lot of attention has – understandably – focused on our expanded partnership with Microsoft, which will simplify IT for our joint customers. But that wasn’t the only story. We also showcased other partners li... [more->]

Friday Spotlight: Easily Create 3rd Party Hardware Driver for Oracle VM Server

Oracle VM Server for x86 is engineered for open cloud infrastructure. More and more partners are endorsing Oracle VM to help customers transform their legacy data centers to cloud, and there are great demands to support a broad range of hardware platforms. Oracle VM Server 3.4 is the latest release which has been u... [more->]

Citrix Emerging Technologies, Workspace Hub, Octoblu, Pi HDX Podcast with Chris Fleck – Episode 250

For our 250th Episode we brought Citrix’s Chris Fleck, Vice President of Emerging Solutions at Citrix Systems, on to discuss Citrix’s most exciting technologies.  Chris discusses Raspberry Pi HDX Clients, what’s new with the Workspace Hub and we dive in to Octoblu and the Internet of Things and it’s future. Th... [more->]

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My cloud Learning Journey: Part 4 “Rocky Mountain High Security”

Chris Steffen is an Evangelist. He may be the world’s only agnostic evangelist. Based out of Denver, Colorado, he had not been with HPE too long when someone scanned his CV a second time and asked a pertinent question: “Why is it, with all your security experience, that we have you in the Compete Team?” […] [more->]

AWS Webinars – July, 2016

We have some awesome webinars lined up for next week! As always, they are free but do often fill up, so go and and register. Here’s the lineup (all times are PT and each webinar runs for one hour): July 26 9:00 AM – Getting Started with AWS. Noon – SQL to NoSQL: Best Practices […] [more->]

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High Availability for Printing – ThinPrint 11 Preview

Business-critical processes are often heavily dependent on printing functionality, but from Windows Server 2012 on, Microsoft no longer supports print clusters and reliable printing is no longer guaranteed. ThinPrint takes high availability for printing to a new level, with failover and load balancing on server and cli... [more->]

PayPal will share data, plug Visa in exchange for wider terminal acceptance

Visa’s getting a foot in on PayPal’s clearing house-based transfer system. [more->]

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It all started with Dockerizing an old version of Confluence with Docker Datacenter

In my role as Cloud Architect I often hear, “Docker sounds great but it won’t work for my application.”  In my experience Docker can improve the state of many applications including legacy and vendor solutions.  The first production workload at Cornell on Docker was the University’s wiki which is run on Atlas... [more->]

Bugatti Chiron: High-speed beauty - Roadshow

We took a close look at the new Bugatti Chiron. It's pretty, fast and...pretty fast. [more->]

Enabling Collaborative IT With Converged Infrastructure

Changing the culture inside an IT organization is one of those chicken-and-egg propositions. It’s difficult to figure out if the culture should change before acquiring new technology that better fits with it, or whether the acquisition of new technology actually enables the culture to cha... [more->]

EC2 Run Command Update – Monitor Execution Using Notifications

We launched EC2 Run Command late last year and have enjoyed seeing our customers put it to use in their cloud and on-premises environments. After the launch, we quickly added Support for Linux Instances, the power to Manage & Share Commands, and the ability to do Hybrid & Cross-Cloud Management. Earlier today w... [more->]

Combining PTP with NTP to Get the Best of Both Worlds

There are two supported protocols in Red Hat Enterprise Linux for synchronization of computer clocks over a network. The older and more well-known protocol is the Network Time Protocol (NTP). In its fourth version, NTP is defined by IETF in RFC 5905. The newer protocol is the Precision Time Protocol (PTP), which is def... [more->]

MSPs Warned of BYOD Security Threat From Pokémon GO


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Take Control of Your Data and Prevent Ransomware

According to Techvangelism, 99% of ransomware attacks have been accessed through a vulnerability that had been known for over a year. What does that mean for you and your organization? It means your users and your company could be at risk of being the next victim of ransomware. How simple is it to be attacked? Very. [... [more->]

Running Minecraft in a Container with Persistent Storage

  TL: DR – – https://github.com/vtexan/emcdotnext-minecraft   As you may recall back in my OSCON Blog post, Brian Verkley (@BVerkley) and I had the pleasure of sitting through a really interesting talk from Julia Ferraioli with Google. She discussed running Java type apps like... [more->]

Week’s Second London Data Center Outage Disrupts Connectivity


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Citrix: First Steps After You Setup XenMobile

In my role as a engineer for XenMobile, I do a lot of deployments, and there are some things that I tend to do after it’s up and running. To be honest, once you finish setting it up and completing the First-Time Use wizard, you already feel like you’ve accomplished a lot. But then you are suddenly […] [more->]

GameStop – Moving a Mission-Critical Multichannel Marketing Platform to AWS

GameStop sells new and pre-owned video game hardware, software, and accessories, consumer electronics, and wireless services. With over 7,000 retail locations spread across 14 countries, the company sells to and interacts with millions of customers every day. In addition to their retail locations, they follow an omni-c... [more->]

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Verizon to disconnect unlimited data customers who use over 100GB/month

Customers using more than 100GB must move to limited data plans by August 31. [more->]

Intel Profit Falls With Slow Growth in Key Data Center Unit


China’s Biggest Exchange Launches Colocation Data Center


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Ensure Application Availability with Oracle VM Training

Virtual environments introduce challenges for isolating and solving problems. In the Oracle VM Server for x86: Implementation course, ensure the availabliity of applications by learning to detect problems at every layer of the Oracle VM environment. You will capture a configuration snapshot of your environment befo... [more->]

Veeam Management Pack data in Microsoft Operations Manager Suite -Part 1

If you are a System Center Operations Manager (OpsMgr) user, you must have heard already about the Microsoft Operations Manager Suite (OMS). Whether you are at an event, watching a webinar or reading online about this solution, the most asked question we get around OMS is whether you should keep investing in OpsMgr or ... [more->]

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