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Staying Compliant in the Cloud Without a Cybersecurity Attorney By @BThies | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Cybersecurity is a complex field, and with laws varying across states and countries, keeping cloud usage compliant can become a real headache for enterprise security decision-makers. As regulations continue to lag behind the rapid pace of technological advancements, many IT security professionals turn to the expertise ... [more->]

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Raspberry Pi's latest computer costs just $5 - CNET

The British company is making learning to code as affordable as a skinny latte. [more->]

LG restructures leadership after smartphone slump - CNET

The South Korean company is hoping to breathe new life into its various businesses by giving them more autonomy. [more->]

Amazon reveals its 2015 Black Friday deals - CNET

Get a sneak peek at Amazon's Black Friday sales, which includes hundreds of items, daily deals and local 2-hour delivery. [more->]

Exploding Open Source — CIO Lessons from the Edge By @ABridgwater | @CloudExpo #Cloud #BigData

The combined notions of open source and the ‘community contribution’ model of collaborative software application development are, of course, not new. The history of open source is actually traced back to early software exchanges between universities driven by academic principles of knowledge sharing in the 1960s. S... [more->]

Chip-based credit cards are old news; why is the US only rolling them out now?

Two months after the Oct. 1 liability shift, not much has changed. [more->]

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Airbus proposes new drop-in airplane “cabin modules” to speed up boarding

Take your seat in the departure lounge, then be dropped straight down into the plane. Cool. [more->]

Cross-Channel Marketing in a Digital World | @CloudExpo @Adobe @24Notion #IoT #M2M

In his General Session at 17th Cloud Expo, Bruce Swann, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Adobe Campaign, explored the key ingredients of cross-channel marketing in a digital world. Learn how the Adobe Marketing Cloud can help marketers embrace opportunities for personalized, relevant and real-time customer engagem... [more->]

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In-Flight WiFi Adoption Boosted by Budget Airlines

The decreasing costs of in-flight WiFi hardware will for the first time make connected IFE attractive to low-cost airlines on short-haul routes. [more->]

Lenovo reportedly axing its Vibe brand of smartphones - CNET

Reports out of China indicate that Lenovo is closing the door on its Vibe series of phones to consolidate its product offerings. [more->]

Gore and gravy: Terrifying Thanksgiving films (pictures) - CNET

Gather around the dinner table and count your blessings that you'll never run into these serial killers, Satanic turkeys and aliens. Many of these horror films are available to add to your streaming queue. [more->]

Biosensors take shape as temporary tattoos (Tomorrow Daily 278 show notes) - CNET

Chaotic Moon's "Tech Tat" is designed to be a temporary biomonitor. It can be placed anywhere on the human body, making it more discreet than a wrist wearable, and biometrics it gathers are sent to an easy to use app. [more->]

PlayStation Plus free games of December 2015 for PS4, PS3, PS Vita - CNET

Sony is closing out the year with these six free games for subscribers. [more->]

Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Sell Microsoft Azure Cloud Services


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Architecting the Optimal Big Data Platform

As many IT executives are finding out, there is more to Big Data than simply finding a place to store and analyze it. [more->]

Cloud Native On The Meetup Circuit

As the year draws to a close, Andrew Clay Shafer’s team is going on tour! Seven meetups in five cities makes for a whirlwind three weeks. You can join us in Minneapolis, Columbus, Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, D.C. between November 30th and December 17th to chat about devops, Do... [more->]

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Amazon Rolls Out Dedicated Physical Servers


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How Innovative Data Center Design Raises the Bar of Industry Standards


Six Reasons Your API Is the Windows Vista of APIs By @JustinRohrman | @CloudExpo #API #Cloud

Does your API suck? Okay, that one needs a little explanation. If you've developed an API, it exposes some functionality to users. It might suck to learn. The documentation might be unclear and the function signatures counter-intuitive. It might suck to use, doing a lot of things, but never particularly what you reall... [more->]

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Data Protection Prescribed for Steadfast Preventive Healthcare

As winter and end of year nears we think about getting flu shots, drawing down balances in our flexible healthcare accounts, and New Year’s resolutions that will help keep us healthy. At St. Charles Health System, we also embrace a … Continue reading → Author information Chri... [more->]

Citrix: The Impact of Bob Calderoni’s Operational Announcements

Late Tuesday, November 17, Citrix provided a public operational review update. The short summary is that the GoTo products will be spun off into an independent business, Citrix is focusing on its core competencies, and 1,000 people have been laid off. Having talked to a few people at Citrix, I know that these are ch... [more->]

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HP earnings: A final report from a vanished company

Hewlett-Packard reported its fourth and final quarter Tuesday, wrapping up 76 years as a Silicon Valley computing giant, having split into two new companies. The earnings report fell below Wall Street expectations. [more->]

Catching Phish with a Spear: Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Every week, or even every day, we all see emails from our banks, credit card issuers, or insurance companies, where we are asked to urgently click on a link due to a compromised account or to download an important notice. Even worse, we all have friends or relatives who have sent a cool video o... [more->]

Did You Move the ECM Needle Forward in 2015?

Life Sciences organizations face a range of complex challenges including patent losses, merger and acquisition activity, and pressure to identify and accelerate time-to-market for new drugs. As Life Sciences companies navigate the turbulence of industry change, executives are looking for …... [more->]

Why CA Stopped Selling its DCIM Software Suite


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Introducing RSA Archer GRC 6 to Our Federal Community

Through the years, as federal information assurance professionals, we’ve seen a lot of adjustments and evolution. We had an arms race in buying newer and better firewalls, more secure networking devices, IDSs, IPSs, and SIEM tools. We bought generations of scanners and sensors. We watched sev... [more->]