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VMware: 3 New Certification Exams for VCAPs and VCAs

The VMware Certification program has been working hard all summer on new exams. We’ve announced several over the past few weeks, and that streak continues with three more today! Two VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 Exams VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Deployment (VCAP6... [more->]

Social media's echo chamber fuels migrant backlash in Sweden, Finland - CNET

Refugees and migrants came to these Nordic countries in record numbers in 2015. Some Swedes and Finns are using Facebook and Twitter to voice opinions that would have seemed unthinkable a few years ago. [more->]

Man climbs into toilet to retrieve phone, gets completely stuck - CNET

Technically Incorrect: A Norwegian man drops his phone down a public toilet. His slim friend volunteers to retrieve it. Cue the rescue squad. [more->]

Top 5 Data Center Stories: Week of August 26


This robot is a lousy sandwich chef - CNET

In her latest clip, robotics video-blogger Simone Giertz proves that a robot is no match for a stubborn jar of peanut butter. [more->]

Trump tweets: Fatal shooting of NBA star's cousin is reason African-Americans will vote for me - CNET

Technically Incorrect: On Saturday, the Republican candidate offers another of his instant musings on America. Not everyone is moved. [more->]

ControlUp Live Demo: Unveiling ControlUp 6.0

ControlUp CTO and co-founder Yoni Avital walked through a live demo of ControlUp 6.0 and its new capabilities for Citrix admins including: XenDesktop integration, detailed ICA bandwidth and latency metrics, Hyper-V integration, and new reporting features. CTP and CUGC member Theresa Miller moderated the post-presenta... [more->]

Thrill-seeking unicyclist rides on edge of 840-foot-high chimney in Romania - CNET

It takes someone with superhuman balance and nerves of steel to unicycle and juggle on top of a tall, crumbling structure. Meet Flaviu Cernescu. [more->]

Facebook changes Trending Topics after criticism - CNET

The social network adds a more automated design that strips human-written descriptions from its list of popular topics, following months of criticism over how it displayed news stories. [more->]

When tech firms judge on skills alone, women land more job interviews - CNET

An experiment with removing gender from job applications makes the case that bias influences hiring. [more->]

Xangati Storm Tracker: Advanced Performance Monitoring for Hybrid Cloud

Is your performance monitoring tool outdated? If your current tools are legacy, then your applications are likely suffering from contention storms such as sudden spikes in website traffic. With Xangati’s Storm Tracker, you can immediately identify contention storms in your virtualized and hybrid cloud environment... [more->]

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Availability is NOT equal to Responsiveness

How many of us IT professionals have been in a meeting similar to this: The chairs of various departments throughout the company are sitting around a long table and are giving a monthly summary. IT presents that the applications, network and servers were some amount of 9’s available and may explain an outage. The mee... [more->]

Travel Advisory - CNET

Scams and scares to watch out for on the road. [more->]

Up close and personal with Tokyo's 59-foot Gundam statue - CNET

In Tokyo there's a 1:1 scale "replica" of a Gundam mobile suit. Here's what it looks like up close. [more->]

The 16 fastest combat planes in the US Air Force - CNET

These impressive, fast and incredibly expensive planes are currently protecting America's freedom. [more->]

Growing up in the intelligence era

 IT is shifting from the SaaS workflow applications that characterized the cloud computing era to those that help customers make decisions: the intelligence era. The source of competitive advantage is shifting from code to unique data + self-learning code. This brings a change in the expectations of investors. Her... [more->]

How will driverless cars make life or death choices? Google exec admits he doesn't know - CNET

As Uber rolls out its driverless cars in Pittsburgh, Google futurist Ray Kurzweil says he's still working out the moral dilemma in the case of a potentially fatal accident by an autonomous vehicle. [more->]

[Security-announce] UPDATED VMSA-2016-0007.2 VMware NSX and vCNS product updates address a critical information disclosure vulnerability

—–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Update your feed preferences                     [more->]

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What you should know about the iPhone 6's 'Touch Disease' (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 52) - CNET

It's time to update your iPhone's software right now. Also, is the iPhone 6S really faster than the Note 7? And Apple Music starts to flex its muscle. [more->]

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Is Spotify punishing artists who cozy up to Apple Music? - CNET

When singers and bands give exclusives to subscription-music rivals like Apple and Tidal, Spotify is depressing those musicians in search results, a report says. Spotify says that's not true. [more->]

Trading in stock of medical device paused after hackers team with short seller

St. Jude Medical declares claim of vulnerability "false and misleading." [more->]

How to market your iOS app right in the App Store – ASO in 7 steps

I talk a lot about app development and app management and collect resources that should help you to take the right steps when you develop an app. But what happens once the app is developed? How to make it visible in the App Store? Especially, when organizations develop consumer facing apps like eCommerce shops, city [&... [more->]

Whoops! False Northern Lights alert triggered by lawnmower - CNET

British group sent out a red alert for scenic aurora borealis, but uh, a staffer on a riding mower just drove too close to the sensor. [more->]

Styley Star Trek stamps will deliver your mail at warp speed - CNET

New postage honoring 50 years of obeying the prime directive will soon whisk your letters to any starfleet address...on this planet at least. [more->]

Stormtrooper who bonked head in original Star Wars movie has died - CNET

British actor Michael Leader will be remembered for his long-term role on the BBC's popular "EastEnders," but the famed space blooper will never be forgotten. [more->]

Why Rackspace is Going Private, According to Its CTO


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Xbox boss talks Scorpio, cross-play with PS4 - CNET

Is Scorpio hurting Xbox One S sales? Will there ever be cross-play between Xbox One and PS4? Xbox boss responds to those questions. [more->]

AT&T doesn’t want to repay money it got from alleged overcharges

FCC accused AT&T of overcharging schools, wants to collect fine. [more->]

GIFs show how we'd all survive Mars without Matt Damon - CNET

We'll all have to breathe, eat and drink when we colonize Mars. These cartoons show how we'll reuse waste and pollutants to do it -- just like Mark Watney in "The Martian." [more->]

ORACLE OPENWORLD - Hands on Labs for Oracle Linux and Virtualization

Hi everyone,  This week's Friday Spotlight is about Oracle OpenWorld Hands-on Labs for Oracle Linux and Virtualization. Last week, we covered our conference sessions. If you are still deciding whether or not to come, the sessions below should be the reason to attend. These are 1-hr sessions where you will be gu... [more->]

No, software engineers aren't the highest paid employees in tech - CNET

Technically Incorrect: You thought that coding is where the money is? A new report says that isn't true. [more->]

Netpicks: Everything coming and going on Netflix for September 2016 - CNET

"Marvel's Luke Cage" and "Narcos" anchor a heavy-hitting September for Netflix. [more->]

The Bowlus Road Chief is the original aluminum travel trailer - Roadshow

First built in 1934, two years before the Airstream came to be, the Bowlus Road Chief is back and it's chock full of 21st century technology. [more->]

IBM Opens Cloud Data Center in Korea


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VMworld 2016: EMC #1 In All-Flash. Period (mic drop)

While the SDS and HCI battles rage – the other furious infrastructure battleground is the all-flash transition in the external storage market (in SDS and HCI which are newer categories, there’s not “historical base”). Like HCI – there’s a lot of chest beating (including us).   I... [more->]

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Sneak Peek: Blob Storage for SoftNAS Cloud on Azure – The Video

We’re always adding new and exciting features to SoftNAS Cloud. In this video, we show you a sneak peek of how SoftNAS Cloud front ends Azure Blob Storage with NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI and AFP support. Learn more at www.softnas.com/azure [more->]

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Is the Data Lake the Right Tool for Analytics?

The most disturbing aspect in development of a Big Data analytics engine isn't the infrastructure to be deployed, but the urgency. [more->]

VMware: Try Out AirWatch Express for Free Today!

Get Mobile Device Management from just $2.50 per device. Try it for free today: http://bit.ly/2bbFcQv From the fine folks at VMware Airwatch. [more->]

The Major Challenges of Enterprise Mobility | @CloudExpo #IoT #M2M #API #Cloud

"Going mobile" seems to be the mantra of modern day enterprises, with 63 percent of them firmly believing that mobility leads to competitive advantage. Their belief is not without cause, as a recent survey by Nielson reports that 93 percent of consumers who research products via mobile go on to make the purchase, while... [more->]

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The Jagdwagen is Porsche's first real utility vehicle - Roadshow

No, the Cayenne was not Porsche's first 4x4. [more->]

Customer Q&A: Learning from Honeywell’s Software-Defined Journey

Learning directly from our customers by investigating their needs and collaborating with them on solutions is the key to our success as a company. Recently we’ve had the great pleasure of supporting Honeywell Process Solutions as they built out a stack for their Experion System Infrastructure, which takes advanta... [more->]

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AT&T explains why it sometimes delays Google Fiber access to poles

Google Fiber can’t always access AT&T utility poles despite US-wide agreement. [more->]

Nvidia improves virtual graphics monitoring in its latest Grid update

Nvidia first took the wraps off its Tesla M10 high-density server graphics card (can we call them virtualizable GPUs or vGPUs yet?) back in May, and it’s now shipping those cards in volume. The company says system administrators will soon be able to get Tesla M10s in 23 systems from its major hardware partners, i... [more->]

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For August 26th, 2016

Hey, it's HighScalability time:     The Pixar render farm in 1995 is half of an iPhone (@BenedictEvans)   If you like this sort of Stuff then please support me on Patreon. 33.0%: of all retail goods sold online in the US are sold on Amazon;  110.9 million: monthly Amazon unique... [more->]

Managing the creation of new Active Directory user accounts with duplicate usernames

I keep getting questions about how to handle duplicate usernames during new Active Directory user accounts. Even as organizations are moving to the cloud, cleaning up AD, and merging with other companies, duplicate usernames is a hot topic. Now, if we go back to the basics of creating user accounts with the Active Dire... [more->]

U.S. Regulator Backs ITC's Import Ban of Arista Products

The U.S. Trade Representative is backing the ITC's ban of Arista networking products that infringe on three Cisco patents. [more->]

VMware VSAN Assessment: What’s New

The VSAN Assessment is a free SaaS based tool which gives you a comprehensive analysis of your vSphere environment and highlights the value of VSAN if implemented. With the VSAN Assessment you can: Identify which VMs are a suitable candidate for VSAN – All Flash or Hybrid View Sizing and Hardware recommendations (# ... [more->]

NoviFlow's @IXIAcom SDN | @CloudExpo #SDN #SDS #DataCenter

Ixia (Nasdaq: XXIA) has announced that NoviFlow Inc.has deployed IxNetwork® to validate the company’s designs and accelerate the delivery of its proven, reliable products. Based in Montréal, NoviFlow Inc. supports network carriers, hyperscale data center operators, and enterprises seeking greater network control an... [more->]

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Password Policy Complexity

How to make sure your passwords meet security requirement in Remote Desktop ManagerHere at Devolutions, we like to have fun – seriously, you should see our game room! We also have a few team members who can be described as “professional pranksters”. So yeah, there’s never a dull moment around here. BUT…there... [more->]

Conversations with a Product Manager: Stand it up and secure it with Server Automation 10.50

HPE Server Automation (SA) is HPE’s server lifecycle task automation solution. The latest release continues to provide Server Administrators with an easy and reliable option to manage server environments. Here to answer some questions on the latest release is Cosmin Rus, Product Manager on the Data Center Automation ... [more->]

Citrix: The Internet of Things: Connecting Our Devices, Connecting Our Lives

As computers get smaller and networks become more pervasive, the very nature of computing is changing.Technology has evolved to help enterprises with their problems, so they can be free—free to focus on business. This has been a gradual process and it’s been going on for decades, helping people and organizations do... [more->]

3 Myths About Data Storage TCO that Need to Go

I am avid motorcyclist. Nothing comes close to the visceral experience of riding a Ducati sports bike. But like all vehicles, bikes require care and feeding, and Ducatis – especially the older ones – require considerably more than most. Servicing is a complex operation that needs be performed by specialist every fe... [more->]

How Autonomic Control is Transforming IT

How Autonomic Control is Transforming ITSoftware is eating the world but humans control IT. Does this sound right to you? Four decades of technology innovations: PCs, cell phones, smart phones, internet, GPS, social media…. IT enables all of these disruptive innovations. Yet when it comes to its own operations, nothi... [more->]

My Cloud Learning Journey: Part 8 & “The Big Picture”

“Sorry if I am not getting to the end of all these explanations. My mind is over-active and I start working on all different parallels,” says Paul Teich about half way through our chat. He isn’t wrong; I am furiously taking notes but half of them seem to stop in the middle and lead on […] [more->]

Simplicity, speed and value, oh my! How HPE Hyper Converged 380 rises above other vendor’s solutions

You may have heard about the newest hyperconverged solution from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), the HPE Hyper Converged 380 (HC 380) powered by Intel®. The HC 380 is an all-in-one compute, software-defined storage and intelligent virtualization solution that is cloud and composable ready. It is designed to provide ... [more->]

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Citrix & Microsoft On-Demand Webinar: Making Cloud Simpler, Business Faster

If you missed our live virtual event on August 23 – Citrix and Microsoft: Making Cloud Simpler, Business Faster – you can watch the recording right now or anytime.It’s must-see content for any organization wanting a simple and integrated cloud solution for mobilizing their workforce – leveraging the market-lead... [more->]

WhatsApp does about face, will serve ads in Facebook-owned app

Nominal subscription fee was dropped in January of this year. [more->]

VMware EUC #GameChangers: Disrupting the Status Quo & Changing the Game

#GameChangers: a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way. When Pokémon Go launched, they had over 100 million daily active users worldwide—within six days! This was game-changing for augmented reality. And game-changers don’t come around every day. Inn... [more->]

Cloud Economics 101: Contingent costs and calculating true TCO

This is the second in a series of blogs on cloud economics. In the first blog, I discussed the role of cost in determining your right mix of hybrid IT. Later in this blog series, we will be reviewing some tools and methodologies for calculating TCO (total cost of ownership, or operation) of public cloud, […] [more->]

Data Center Connectivity: Why Your WAN is More Critical Than Ever


VMworld 2016: DataCore Introduces Second-Generation Universal VVols Software Functionality, Certified by VMware to Manage All Types of Storage

Allows VVols to Work Across all Types of Heterogeneous Storage DataCore Software today unveiled the second generation of its universal vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVols) software technology. DataCore is the only VMware-certified software vendor supporting universal VVols functionality, and these powerful new capabilities ... [more->]

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VMware: Thrive and Prosper: New Opportunities for MSPs

As the pace at which companies are moving to the public cloud continues to accelerate, service providers are evolving their cloud services strategy. Many are choosing to focus on delivering high-margin value-added services such as desktop and application management, patching, or help desk services in lieu of investing ... [more->]

Advanced IT analytics using Analytics Plus

ManageEngine Analytics Plus integrates with ServiceDesk Plus in less than 5 minutes, and offers advanced ITSM analytics. Learn more at https://www.manageengine.com/ About ManageEngine ManageEngine delivers the real-time IT management tools that empower IT teams to meet organizational needs for real-time services and ... [more->]

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Simple and Flexible VDI Solution with Cisco HyperFlex VDI for Citrix

Application and desktop virtualization solution with Cisco HyperFlex VDI for Citrix, featuring Calvin Hsu, VP Product Marketing, Citrix and DD Dasgupta, VP Datacenter Marketing, Cisco. [more->]

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