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Microsoft Shakes Up Its Board, Boosts Its Dividend 11%

—  Microsoft has announced two coming board departures, two board additions, and a boost to its dividend. Leaving the board are Dave Marquardt and Dina Dublon. Marquardt is best known for his work in venture capital, and Dublon for her work at JPMorgan Chase. Taking their places are the appointed Teri List-Stoll fro...
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@ThingsExpo | Intimate Symbiosis – the Apple Watch (#IoT)

— A recent Time magazine essay on the Apple Watch said, “The Apple Watch represents a redrawing of the map that locates technology in one place and our bodies in another…  The Apple Watch signals the advent of of an “always-on Internet”, … Continue reading →read more
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Cisco Brings Sourcefire Technology to Next-Gen Firewall

— The vendor's ASA with FirePower Services solution leverages technology obtained when Cisco bought Sourcefire almost a year ago.
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Dell Storage SC4020 Delivers High Performance at a Compelling Value for Business Critical Applications

— Business critical OLTP applications, running primarily on Oracle and SQL server today, are experiencing rapid growth in both scale and performance needs.  In the current economic environment, businesses are constantly  striving to meet the growing needs of enterprise transactional workloads while limitin...
Sep 17 02:36:25 am GMT / Inside Enterprise IT»

Micron Unveils Highest-Performing SSD in Its History

— The M600 drive comes with 256-bit hardware encryption; it will offer capacities ranging from 128 GB to 1 TB.
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Why T-Mobile needs Wi-Fi calling: its network can’t match AT&T and Verizon

— When your network is behind, you have to find other ways to compete.
Sep 16 10:30:31 pm GMT / Uptime»
Sep 16 09:48:50 pm GMT / Data Center Knowledge»

vArmour Emerges From Stealth With Real Virtual Security

— After raising $42 million in funding, the security startup reveals its technology platform to secure modern IT infrastructure.
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@CloudExpo | How to Overcome the Cloud-Savvy IT Talent Shortage (@dhdeans)

— Senior executives at large multinational enterprises are already demanding that their CIO has a plan in place to ensure that they can effectively procure public and private cloud services for their organization. In smaller companies, some IT managers are now expected to acquire the knowledge and skills to perform a sim...
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Hitachi LPARs Provide Safe Multi-Tenant Cloud With Intel E5v3

— Hitachi’s Intel Xeon based Compute Blade servers (CB 2000 and CB 500) feature an embedded logical partitioning (LPAR) capability implemented in the blade server firmware, based on technology originally developed for Hitachi mainframe and Unix systems to provide platform partitioning for reliability and quality of ser...
Sep 16 08:41:48 pm GMT / Hu Yoshida»

ITD: Load Balancing, Traffic Steering & Clustering using Nexus 5k/6k/7k

— Data traffic has grown dramatically in the recent years, leading to increased deployment of network service appliances and servers in [...]
Sep 16 08:36:07 pm GMT / Data Center Networks»

Salesforce's Benioff To Step Down From Cisco Board

— Benioff will leave in November, ending a two-year stint that saw Cisco grow its presence in the cloud arena.
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@CloudExpo | @WaveMaker Makes aPaaS for Enterprise Via @Docker

— WaveMaker CEO Samir Ghosh is taking a new pass at aPaas, and leveraging the increasingly popular Docker open-source platform, with the announcement of WaveMaker Enterprise. The new version of the company's eponymous software “enables instant, end-to-end custom web app creation and management by professional and non-p...
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Get OpenStack Savvy at OpenStack Silicon Valley

— OpenStack Silicon Valley is sold out, but if you are one of the lucky few attending today, please stop by and visit the Oracle OpenStack team. Chat with Ronen Kofman, director of product development and get the scoop on what he and the team has been up to.
Sep 16 07:45:24 pm GMT / Oracle's Virtualization Blog»

FCC Receives 3 Million Comments on Net Neutrality Proposals

— Now that the public comment period is over, the FCC will review the comments and look to decide what to do about its latest proposals.
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Does PaaS Have a Future in the Cloud?

— PaaS is generally viewed as a dev/ops environment; it offers a flexible, virtual platform that can be created, shared or dismissed with relative ease.
Sep 16 06:45:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»
Sep 16 06:22:23 pm GMT / Data Center Knowledge»

Gigaom: SQL-on-Hadoop tech Apache Drill is ready to use and part of MapR’s distro

— MapR has integrated the Apache Drill SQL-on-Hadoop engine into its big data platform. MapR led the development of Drill, which is part of a larger movement within the company toward building…
Sep 16 05:24:53 pm GMT / Structure ? Cloud Computing News and Analysis»

UCS M-series – As little as possible but Absolutely NO LESS!!

— Welcome back! Thanks for your interest in our journey from that painful “you wasted our engineering” moment to the product we announced on Sep 4 th – UCS M-series Modular Servers . There’s good [...]
Sep 16 05:15:08 pm GMT / Data Center Networks»

AT&T to Build UC Platform for Shell

— The carrier over five years will build a UC solution that enables communication via a range of devices and over top mobile platforms.
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Cisco ACI Policy Model spans Physical, Virtual and Container based environments

— I find Linux containers among the most fascinating technology trends of recent past. Containers couple lightweight, high performance isolation and [...]
Sep 16 04:03:50 pm GMT / Data Center Networks»

Advance your Captiva & Documentum Skills – Latest IIG Training Schedule

— If you're interested in honing your technical skills, or in hearing the expert's view on IIG technology capabilities, there are multiple courses available throughout the remainder of 2014.   Captiva users can find Captiva 6 & 7 classes available Update your feed pref...
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Sponsored Post: Apple, Flipboard, All Your Base, Scalyr, FoundationDB, AiScaler, Aerospike, AppDynamics, ManageEngine, Site24x7

— Who's Hiring? Apple has multiple openings. Changing the world is all in a day's work at Apple. Imagine what you could do here.  Siri Operations Developer. Apple is looking for talented developers to help build the next generation internal cloud platform for Siri. This person should be excited about solvin...
Sep 16 03:56:28 pm GMT / High Scalability - Building bigger, faster, more reliable websites.»

IBM’s New Watson Analytics Wants To Bring Big Data To The Masses

—  IBM today announced a new product called Watson Analytics, one they claim will bring sophisticated big data analysis to the average business user. Watson Analytics is a cloud application that does all of the the heavy lifting related to big data processing by retrieving the data, analyzing it, cleaning it, build...
Sep 16 03:00:51 pm GMT / TechCrunchIT»

@CloudExpo | @SendGrid Co-Founder Says 65% of Email is Now Mobile

— Isaac Saldana is co-founder and president of SendGrid. The roots of the company were born of his frustration in getting emails delivered through apps he was building, he tells us. So he started a company with the snappy name, which as one might expect, featured an SMTP API. He applied and was accepted to th...
Sep 16 03:00:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»

Gigaom: Microsoft weighing German-only data center, report says

— Looks like there may be a data center building boom coming in Germany as Microsoft reportedly weighs a German-only facility.
Sep 16 02:25:53 pm GMT / Structure ? Cloud Computing News and Analysis»

#InnovateThink TweetChat on Friday, September 19 at 10 a.m. PST: The Way Forward for IT Innovation

— In the hyper-competitive Internet of Everything (IoE) era, every company must be ready for rapid innovation, sudden market transitions and [...]
Sep 16 02:05:19 pm GMT / Data Center Networks»

Business Metamorphosis Exercise

— I am teaching an executive MBA course at the University of San Francisco with Professor Mouwafac Sidaoui titled “Turning Big Data into Business Power.” It’s a wonderful experience, as I’ve always dreamed of being a college professor. Maybe this is my second career once I retire from fly...
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Building the Security Team of Today and Tomorrow

— By Dave Martin — Vice President and Chief Security Officer Technologies such as mobile, social networking, analytics and cloud computing are changing the security landscape, and security technologies are rapidly evolving to address that change. It’s not just the technology … Continue ...
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Study Shows U.S. Data Centers are Wasting Valuable Power

— Photo Credit:   The need for organizations to improve energy efficiencies has never been greater, as the price of fuel is increasing and several areas of the country are already mired...
Sep 16 01:00:00 pm GMT / ServerTech Blog - Information for the Data Center Equipment Manager»

3D Printing Company Stratasys Is Buying GrabCAD For Around $100M, Beating Out Autodesk, Adobe

—  Some M&A activity afoot in the world of hardware design: GrabCAD, an online community that has been described as the ‘Github for mechanical engineers’, is getting acquired by 3D printing giant Stratasys, a source tells us. The companies plan to announce the deal a little later today [Update: ...
Sep 16 12:22:43 pm GMT / TechCrunchIT»

EUC Use Cases: Secure Hybrid Cloud

— Whenever I talk to security vendors and others about where security is going, or more to the point, should go, I draw out a use case I have developed over the years. It has grown and changed as the concept of the secure hybrid cloud has developed and expanded. The example I use demonstrates the… Read more →...
Sep 16 12:17:58 pm GMT / The Virtualization Practice»
Sep 16 12:00:27 pm GMT / Data Center Knowledge»
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Gigaom: Cloud darling Docker gets $40M in funding to push its container technology

— The closing of the funding round ends a momentous summer for the container management startup in which companies like Google, Microsoft and VMware have all pledged support and a bunch of…
Sep 16 11:30:48 am GMT / Structure ? Cloud Computing News and Analysis»

Scalr beefs up cloud management tool — and not just for developers

— Scalr 5.0 keeps a watchful eye on multiple clouds and brings new insights to developers, IT, and finance departments, said company founder Sebastian Stadil. Scalr beefs up cloud management tool — and not just for developers originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. Continue reading… ...
Sep 16 11:10:13 am GMT / GigaOM Cloud Computing»

Infor plots move into cloud financials in strike against Workday

— Infor is hoping to elbow its way into Workday's turf with an upcoming cloud-based financial software suite dubbed Financials Xi.
Sep 16 11:05:00 am GMT / Virtualisation»

Cloud talent wars move to the executive suite

— Brian Stevens, the former CTO for Red Hat, is now managing Google Cloud. This move will provide more cloud leadership at Google, but it also leaves questions about what's happening at Red Hat.
Sep 16 10:00:00 am GMT / Cloud Computing - Infoworld»

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