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[download] Database #Monitoring | @CloudExpo @Solarwinds #ML #DataCenter

Get deep visibility into the performance of your databases and expert advice for performance optimization and tuning. You can't get application performance without database performance. Give everyone on the team a comprehensive view of how every aspect of the system affects performance across SQL database operations, h... [more->]

Mysterious mummified knees ID'd as Egyptian Queen Nefertari - CNET

Bone fragments thought to have belonged to the famous ancient queen get the royal scientific treatment, and you could say the findings have legs. [more->]

72,000 candles on birthday cake sets a new world record - CNET

Nice burn! An 80-foot-long sponge cake completely covered with flaming birthday candles puts all your Grandma-is-so-old jokes to shame. [more->]

Amazon Go's cool, but we'd like 5 other physical stores - CNET

The mega-retailer will open brick-and-mortar convenience stores. It got us musing about other Silicon Valley companies we want to see open shop on Main Street. [more->]

Android Nougat update steps up your gif, emoji game - CNET

The changes make a more diverse array of emojis available to Pixel and Nexus users. [more->]

Cisco-Arista Trial Reveals Bad Blood Over Networking Tech


Uber will start up its own AI research lab - Roadshow

The ride-hailing company bought an artificial intelligence company, and artificial intelligence research comes next. [more->]

What NetApp Will Preview at Gartner DC Conference

The emphasis will be about data: how to store, clean, protect, access, massage, analyze, transport and otherwise spoil it silly so that it can bear fruit for enterprises. [more->]

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Trying, and failing, to sneak into Amazon’s Skynet take on grocery shopping

How does Amazon's "no clerks," camera-filled grocery store look from, er, the outside? [more->]

Bill Gates blogs about his 5 favorite books of 2016 - CNET

Books about tennis and tennis shoes top the Microsoft co-founder's reading list. [more->]

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Google removes autocomplete suggestions about Jews, women - CNET

The search giant will no longer suggest you search whether these groups are "evil." [more->]

Chicago City Council might ban autonomous cars - Roadshow

Their reasoning, of course, involves thinking of the children. [more->]

Meet Zo, Microsoft's newest AI chatbot - CNET

The tech giant introduces another AI chatbot, Zo.ai, but is limiting the topics it's able to address. [more->]

Super Microsoft SQL Server Clusters for SharePoint – Part 1 – Build on SharePoint

When I demonstrated AlwaysOn for SharePoint Disaster Recovery setups a while ago, the SQL cluster model I setup wasn’t strictly speaking highly-available. This is because there’s no failover for SQL Servers synchronising data between both SharePoint farms. A couple of people have pointed this out now and as this is... [more->]

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Rebel against the cold in Star Wars 'Rogue One' jackets - CNET

New Star Wars jackets based on outfits worn by Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor and Death Troopers debut December 9. But they don't come cheap. [more->]

5G is here from AT&T, for one business customer - CNET

Standards for 5G technology are still in development, but AT&T offers one business customer access to the next-gen network as part of a limited trial. [more->]

Netflix: Get your 'Stranger Things' merch here! - CNET

The streaming giant is breaking with tradition and testing merchandise for "Stranger Things." Because, well, so many of us are like, "Please take my money." [more->]

Dell Customized VMware ESXi 6.5 Upgrade Scenarios White Paper

VMware recently announced vSphere 6.5 release. Dell supports direct upgrade to Dell customized ESXi 6.5 from both ESXi 6.0 Update 2 and ESXi 5.5 Update 3 branches. This document talks about some of the best practices to be considered before upgrading to Dell customized ESXi 6.5 in terms of UEFI Secureboot. This whit... [more->]

Tech heavy hitters, celebrities bet science can fend off Trump - CNET

Mark Zuckerberg joins other big names in Silicon Valley and Hollywood to hand out $25 million for advances in tech and science at the Breakthrough Prize ceremony. [more->]

7 Tips for Backup Storage Ransomware Protection

The ransomware threat is real and it’s much more than just a PC problem. Here at Veeam, we see customers and partners encounter ransomware in a number of situations including the data center. One important part of being resilient to ransomware is being able to recover from backups. That’s the Availability you want ... [more->]

Disk or Solid State Is Only the First of Many Options

For the time being, legacy applications perform just fine with magnetic media and will likely provide value to the enterprise for a while longer. [more->]

VMware Access Point Radius two-factor authentication with SafeNet (SAS) –

Security is king, always has been and always will be. For a customer we are deploying a new environment with VMware Horizon 7 as the employees destination. To give them remote access we are deploying VMware Access points in the perimeter network. VMware Access point is a new solution (not so new anymore) that replaced ... [more->]

Fitness trackers outpace smartwatches with consumers - CNET

A report from IDC shows that fitness trackers are the muscle behind the wearables industry. [more->]

Microsoft begs for unity in a divided world - CNET

Commentary: For its holiday ad, Redmond shows people who are making a difference in the world. [more->]

HPE and Schneider Electric to Partner on ‘Micro Datacenters’


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Police 'mug' suspect to get into iPhone while he's using it - CNET

Commentary: Encryption be damned. British police created novel tactic to get past Apple's insistence on privacy and security. They grab the phone while it's being used. [more->]

This accessory fixes everything that's wrong with Apple's new MacBook Pro - CNET

The HyperDrive USB-C adapter adds useful ports to the MacBook Pro. [more->]

Symlinks in Microsoft Windows 10! – Building Apps for WindowsBuilding Apps for Windows

Symlinks, or symbolic links, are “virtual” files or folders which reference a physical file or folder located elsewhere, and are an important feature built in to many operating systems, including Linux and Windows.The Windows’ NTFS file system has supported symlinks since Windows Vista.  However, it hasn’t bee... [more->]

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Dip into DeepMind's 3D playground where AI comes to learn - CNET

How do you teach navigation skills to an AI agent? Why, you play laser tag with it, of course. [more->]

Deep-fried Furby Connect melts into your worst nightmares - CNET

A deep fryer and a Furby meet in a melding of fake fur, plastic and electronics that will both horrify and fascinate you. [more->]

See a fleeting glimpse of 'Game of Thrones' in HBO teaser - CNET

Blink and you'll miss them, but HBO teased hungry "Game of Thrones" fans with several images from the next season of the series. [more->]

“Bullsh*t and spin”: Autonomy founder mocks HP’s $5B fraud suit against him

 How could Dr Michael Lynch raise a $1 billion venture capital fund while being sued for $5 billion over alleged fraud in the $11 billion sale of his company Autonomy to HP? “The reality is, that doesn’t take much time” since he has a team of lawyers on the case, Lynch said on stage during TechCr... [more->]

Just got Oculus Touch? Here are 53 games available tomorrow - CNET

Starting December 6, you'll be able to play a bunch of virtual reality games using Oculus Rift's new Touch controllers. [more->]

Dell Agent-free out-of-band Infrastructure Monitoring System using Docker container

Docker is an open source, lightweight containerization platform for distributed applications with a principle of “Build once, Run Anywhere”. It provides an ability to package software into standardised units on Docker for software development. It’s an OS virtualization layer that takes advantage of Linux ... [more->]

Microsoft Video: Accessible authoring tips and updates in Office 365

Office 365 Accessibility Product Manager, Malavika Rewari, walks through specific tips and updates that help you to author accessible content with Office 365 and ensure your peers with disabilities can consume your content without any issues. Watch as she demonstrates accessible templates in Office for PCs and Macs; au... [more->]

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Face-planting 'Planet Earth II' fox earns internet's love - CNET

A fox's epic face-first leap of faith into the snow sparks an outpouring of Twitter sympathy and understanding. [more->]

Citrix Customer Story Video: York County Schools Empowers Freedom & BYOD

Join industry thought leaders from York County School Division as they share how they streamlined IT deployments and provide a virtualized learning environment to restore the natural learning process to better engage with students and improve teaching and learning from any device, anywhere, anytime. Find more customer ... [more->]

FCC Republicans try to protect AT&T and Verizon in net neutrality case

With Trump about to take over, FCC pursues controversial zero-rating probe. [more->]

This startup nearly tripled the VW E-Golf's battery capacity - Roadshow

Don't expect an upgrade like this to cost the same as the standard E-Golf, though. [more->]

Volkswagen's new brand Moia will take on sharing economy in 2017 - Roadshow

Moia will be Volkswagen Group's 13th brand, which sounds like a lot, because it is. [more->]

[slides] Speedy #DigitalTransformation | @CloudExpo @Apcela #IoT #BigData

Major trends and emerging technologies – from virtual reality and IoT, to Big Data and algorithms – are helping organizations innovate in the digital era. However, to create real business value, IT must think beyond the ‘what’ of digital transformation to the ‘how’ to harness emerging trends, innovation and... [more->]

VMware vROps Editions: Series Overview

This is part of a blog series on VMware vRealize Operations Manager Editions. The series breaks down the key aspects and differentiators between the three vROps Editions (Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise), including the critical components of extensibility and customization. The primary source of extensibility in vRe... [more->]

The Tech that Turns Each of Us Into a Walled Garden

(source)   How we treat each other is based on empathy. Empathy is based on shared experience. What happens when we have nothing in common? Systems are now being constructed so we’ll never see certain kinds of information. Each of us live in our own algorithmically created Skinner Box /silo/walled garden, ... [more->]

Reinforcing IT security with privileged account management

In the webinar, we will cover: 1) The access points through which criminals can enter your IT kingdom 2) How to identity thefts and sabotages 3) How privileged account management can protect the door to your IT kingdom Learn more at https://www.manageengine.com/ About ManageEngine ManageEngine delivers the real-time ... [more->]

StrongDM raises $3M to keep database info from leaking out

 When companies are looking to secure the information they have in their databases, it’s a pretty big challenge no matter how you slice it. Unless you have a large security budget that can manage permissions and figure out who is doing what, you are probably cobbling together whatever technology you can from... [more->]

Developers: Will AI Run You Out Of Your Job?

Much has been written about how artificial intelligence (AI) will put white-collar workers out of a job eventually. Will robots soon be able to do what programmers do best — i.e., write software programs? Actually, if you are or were a developer, you’ve probably already written or used software programs that can ge... [more->]

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Millions in US still living life in Internet slow lane

DSL and satellite drag down US broadband speeds, new FCC data shows. [more->]

Citrix SmartScale and Microsoft Azure

Being heavily invested in Azure these days, and what I often see is that people want to leverage Azure and all the new cool technology that becomes available there but often the price is to high when doing the calculations based upon what they already have, and now with the release of N-series in Azure, […] [more->]

Citrix: The Library in Citrix Cloud

Introducing the Library in Citrix Cloud: a new way to show each and every configured offering that was created inside a service. This will improve the end-to-end experience of managing offerings and subscriptions, making the whole process more streamlined and productive. Previously, Workspaces was the place where all... [more->]

IT Trends for 2017: Third in a Four Part Series

I have divided up what I see as IT trends for 2017 into three sections. Data Center trends, Technology Trends, and IT/OT/IOT trends. In my first post in this series I gave an overview of 10 trends for 2017. My second post covered four data center trends and this post will describe four technology trends for 2017. ... [more->]

DRaaS’ Deciding Factors: RTO and RPO

There are an almost unlimited number of scenarios where you would need a disaster recovery solution. An actual disaster like an earthquake or flood; something a little less serious, like a power outage; or something that’s a complete disaster for your company but doesn’t make the nightly news, such as a user error ... [more->]

Turning Up the Heat in Data Center Cooling

How do you cool today’s modern data centers, running increasingly high density and high performance equipment built to manage exploding amounts of enterprise data?  This presents a substantial cooling challenge for data center managers. Fortunately, we at Dell IT have found a way to take the... [more->]

AzureStack breakdown of Network Controller

Now I’ve previously blogged about some of the other networking component in AzureStack (Software Load Balancing) and Distributed Firewall which are essential components on how we can achieve a software-defined network. Now both the dfW and SLB are just components that operate in the data plane, but would not be possi... [more->]

Experiences that Meet Expectations

I recently found myself standing at one end of a large field.  People were everywhere and it was extremely loud.  It was 37 degrees Fahrenheit and raining.  I think I even saw a few snowflakes mixed in.  I stood there soaked and shaking, but didn’t mind.  I was cold and wet on the outsid... [more->]

Gartner: What CIOs Say About BI and Analytics

Gartner Symposium is one of the largest gatherings of CIOs, with events around the world throughout September, October, and November. The U.S. Event in Orlando, Florida was sold out with over 10,000 attendees. At the U.S. Symposium, I facilitated a round table discussion on how to modernize BI and analytics portfolios,... [more->]

Five Keys to Prepare Successfully for the Transition to DevOps


5 Business Benefits of Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

Imagine being able to provision a database that is highly available and compliant, in an hour.  Now imagine being able to do that, and more, with a click of a button. Today’s technology is changing how databases are being managed, making such desires a reality. Databases are the foundat... [more->]

A new tool can crack a credit card number in six seconds

 In what amounts to a very clever brute force attack, a group of researchers has figured out how to find credit card information – including expiration dates and CVV numbers – by querying ecommerce sites. The process, which was outlined in IEEE Security & Privacy, involves guessing and testing hund... [more->]

CENTURY dives deep to track student performance and help teachers build custom curriculum

 When Priya Lakhani went to pick up her daughter from school one day, she asked her teacher how her daughter was doing. It was when she was walking home with her daughter that same day that she realized she wouldn’t always be able to have those types of opportunities to engage with teachers. That prompted he... [more->]

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Big Data Driving Customers’ Holiday Experience

The holiday season is nearly upon us (I’ve already heard Christmas songs being played…really?) and retailers are usually the big winners during the holiday season. However, leading retailers are already thinking beyond the current holiday season, and not just from marketing and merchand... [more->]

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Who Is Your Watch Talking To? | @ThingsExpo #IoT #M2M #ML #WearableTech

We're entering the post-smartphone era, where wearable gadgets from watches and fitness bands to glasses and health aids will power the next technological revolution. With mass adoption of wearable devices comes a new data ecosystem that must be protected. Wearables open new pathways that facilitate the tracking, shari... [more->]

Airbnb and NYC bury the hatchet

Home-rental startup drops lawsuit, opts for "one home, one host" rule. [more->]

Impraise lets you tell your coworkers what a good job they’re doing

 “We’ve come a long long way together, through the hard times and the good. I have to celebrate you baby, I have to praise you like I should using a 360-degree feedback tool sold as as SaaS by founders who went through Y-Combinator in S14 and have offices in New York and Amsterdam,” Fatboy Slim o... [more->]

Top Five Data Center Stories – Week of Nov. 28


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EY’s Jeff Wong brings startups into the boardroom

 In this episode of Technotopia I talk to Ernst & Young’s Jeff Wong. Jeff is a former startupper and early member of the eBay team. Wong is EY’s future guru now and is helping his clients build out interesting new products in the blockchain space. We had a far reaching-conversation but what I reall... [more->]