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Secure Cloud through Automated Compliance | @CloudExpo @CloudRaxak #Cloud #BigData #DevOps #Microservices

Cloud computing delivers on-demand resources that provide businesses with flexibility and cost-savings. The challenge in moving workloads to the cloud has been the cost and complexity of ensuring the initial and ongoing security and regulatory (PCI, HIPAA, FFIEC) compliance across private and public clouds. Manual secu... [more->]

Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of October 2nd


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Elon Musk explains how he would bomb Mars

Technically Incorrect: Tesla's CEO wants to create constant nuclear pulse explosions so that there'd be two little suns to heat the planet and make it ready for our arrival. [more->]

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Google's new holding company drops 'Don't Be Evil'

Technically Incorrect: Alphabet decides to lose Google's most famous line, perhaps finding it a touch outdated. [more->]

Amazing life-size Legend of Zelda cake looks too real to eat

An Australian cake artist whips up an incredible dessert that looks exactly like Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda video game series. And it only took 6.6 pounds of sugar. [more->]

iPhone 6S teardown reveals upgrades galore, similar hardware layout

Bill Detwiler cracks open the iPhone 6S and discovers plenty of hardware upgrades, but no major changes to the internal layout. [more->]

A look at the tech that fuels professional air racing (pictures)

The Red Bull Air Race takes the thrill of professional racing to new heights. CNET gets up close with the racing planes in the air and on course during a stop at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. [more->]

Docker Container Lifecycles By @JFrog | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps #BigData

Docker is hot. However, as Docker container use spreads into more mature production pipelines, there can be issues about control of Docker images to ensure they are production-ready. Is a promotion-based model appropriate to control and track the flow of Docker images from development to production? In his session at D... [more->]

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See the phases of the moon as you sip from this artful cup

A clever glass lets you hold a moon, at various stages of the lunar cycle, in the palm of your hand. [more->]

Technology to smooth today's travel turbulence

From CNET Magazine: Smartphones, online services and biometric scanners are already easing the way for travelers. Expect even more tech to transform your journeys in the not-too-distant future. [more->]

Tim Cook: A back door for the good guys is a back door for the bad guys

Technically Incorrect: Apple's CEO says that encryption is "a must" in today's world. He believes that everyone is coming around to that view. Except, perhaps, the FBI. [more->]

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AT&T accuses Federal Communications Commission of favoritism

The FCC is dragging its feet on granting AT&T a waiver to offer a Wi-Fi calling feature, while letting competitors go ahead, says the company. The feature fails to meet accessibility rules for the disabled. [more->]

Watch the high-tech (for 1995) computer simulation of the OJ Simpson murder case

On the 20th anniversary of the OJ Simpson verdict, we dig into the CNET Vault to find this amazing-for-the-time computer simulation, depicting how Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were killed. [more->]

One Apple Ring to rule them all

A patent application reveals Apple's concept for their own smart ring. 3D Touch is the game changer Brian thinks it will be, and iPhone 7 rumors are already here. [more->]

Main Star Wars movies to focus on Skywalker family

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy reveals that the main Star Wars Saga movies will center around the Skywalker family, as opposed to the spinoffs that will be about new characters. [more->]

Chilling atomic explosions emerge in rare HD video

A fascinating chapter in American atomic history comes alive with the availability of a rare video showing bomb tests. [more->]

Tempered Networks Enhances Its HIPswitch Tech

Tempered Networks aims to bring Host Identity Protocol to the enterprise and the emerging Internet of things world with its latest HIPswitch technology. [more->]

Tech-savvy dolphin retrieves woman's dropped smartphone

A cell phone dropped into the Atlantic Ocean is returned to its owner by a helpful dolphin. [more->]

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Experian loses data again, 15M T-Mobile customers in danger

This isn't the first time Experian has exposed consumer records. Meanwhile, Patreon also loses customer data in a breach, and Android owners need to beware of a new bug. [more->]

Las Vegas odds on who will set foot on Mars first are totally nuts

Oddsmakers apply statistical science to pick sports winners, but CNET's Eric Mack says one handicapper seems to have ignored the stats when picking the team of scientists to win the race to Mars. [more->]

Rare shark caught off Scottish coast won't win any beauty pageants

Scientists catch an unusual shark that looks like a cross between a blobfish and an electric eel. No wonder the poor species doesn't go out in public much. [more->]

Real-time sleep data powers new website about dreamers

Live data from snoozers equipped with sleep sensors triggers an innovative new website meant to highlight the power of dreams to spur social change. [more->]

Bond's on a dark mission in final 'Spectre' 007 trailer

Sony Pictures has released the final trailer for the upcoming 007 film "Spectre," building the hype for James Bond's triumphant return to the big screen. [more->]

Some iPhone 6S owners say their phones randomly power down

No specific action seems to trigger the problem, but a few people say the home button feels warm. [more->]

Zoom Doubles Capacity of Video Conferencing Service to 50

The move gives customers greater flexibility and one more reason to look at Zoom when evaluating collaboration services, CEO Eric Yuan says. [more->]

Sprint continues decline, plans job cuts and cost cuts of $2.5 billion

News comes days after Sprint dropped out of major spectrum auction. [more->]

How to Select the Right Cloud Management Tools


Spot Fleet Update – Console Support, Fleet Scaling, CloudFormation

There’s a lot of buzz about Spot instances these days. Customers are really starting to understand the power that comes with the ability to name their own price for compute power! After launching the Spot fleet API in May to allow you to manage thousands of Spot instances with a single request, we followed up […] [more->]

The Download: Oct. 2, 2015 — Cybersecurity Edition

This week in the Download we're highlighting three powerful posts in support of our new Rackspace Managed Security and Compliance Assistance offerings. As most executives are coming to understand, no company today, whether startup or enterprise, should try to handle all its security by itself. [more->]

Friday Spotlight: Oracle Linux, Virtualization, and OpenStack Showcase at OOW15

Happy Friday everyone! Today's topic will be about our amazing showcase at Oracle OpenWorld, Oct 25-29. The Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack showcase is located in Moscone South, booth #121, featuring Oracle product demos and Partners.  In past years, our showcase had been a great location to see demos of ... [more->]

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Amazon Adds Open Source Elasticsearch Platform to AWS Cloud


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Life and Tech With Robert Scoble #24

Each week, Rackspace futurist Robert Scoble connects with startups and other innovative companies, then makes connections and shares insights in his free, weekly email newsletter, Life and Tech. [more->]

Unusual Malware May Infect IoT Devices to Protect Them: Symantec


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The Easy Way and the Hard Way to Energy Efficiency

In today’s data center environment, established firms stuck with legacy infrastructure have the ability to retrofit systems for the new era. [more->]

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AT&T says T-Mobile and Sprint Wi-Fi calling violates disability rules

AT&T says it can't offer Wi-Fi calling, while competitors "defy" FCC rules. [more->]

Weekly DCIM Software News Update: October 2