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Flickr offers new public domain licensing in wake of SpaceX photo release

Creative Commons Zero—the CC licensing with fewest restrictions— now an option. [more->]

Symantec Signs Multi-Megawatt Lease at Santa Clara Data Center


Distributed Cloud?

Distributed cloud service is a growing phenomenon. It fills several roles, distributing data for use by distributed applications, for data protection, and for other reasons. We have been seeing an increase in the number of distributed applications. Non-distributed applications lack the resiliency that is required to wo... [more->]

DroneDeploy Snags $9M As Its Drone Control Platform Soars Out Of Beta

 DroneDeploy is on a mission to make drones accessible to industrial users who have a business need for conducting outdoor landscape mapping and monitoring. So, in other words, it wants drones to be put to work by people other than enthusiastic dorks with a gadget habit — doing tasks like helping farmers spo... [more->]

Snapdeal Acquires RupeePower, Will Add Loans, Other Financing To Its Marketplace

 India’s Snapdeal has been on an acquisition spree in the last several months, tapping into the $1.1 billion it has raised from the likes of Softbank to expand from being a marketplace for goods into a platform for all kinds of online transactions. The latest chapter in this story is today’s news that ... [more->]

The Next Generation of Dense-storage Instances for EC2

Perhaps you, like many other users, store and process  huge amounts of data in the cloud. Today we are announcing a new generation of Dense-storage instances that will provide you additional options for processing multi-terabyte data sets. New D2 Instances The new D2 instances are designed to provide you with addi... [more->]

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IBM Launches Major Internet Of Things Offensive

 IBM is wasting little time when it comes to the Internet of Things. The company outlined a major Internet of Things strategy tonight with a series of announcements that included a $3B investment to establish an Internet of Things unit inside of Big Blue along with a partnership with The Weather Company. The ... [more->]

FCC Assigns Spectrum to Create Citizens Broadband Radio Service

NEWS ANALYSIS: New 3.5 GHz band will allow what the Federal Communications Commission calls innovative uses to take advantage of a variety of wireless technologies. [more->]

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Sling TV didn’t tell users its newest channels “restrict” certain programs

“It's like a sports blackout, but for a mediocre TV program,” reddit user says. [more->]

ENIGMA: Cracking an Encryption Engine

On the way home from New York last week I saw the movie “Imitation Game”, which is the story of Alan Turing who led the effort to break the Enigma code with fellow mathematicians at Bletchley Park in the UK during World War II. Although, I rarely watch movies on long plane rides, I was [...] [more->]


My father was born in Hawaii, where Ohana means family. In the Hawaiian culture ohana binds family and friends, to work together and remember one another.   So when I think about HDS and SAP the word OHANA comes to mind.  Why you ask?  Because Hitachi and SAP’s partnership is entering its 21st year and we [...] [more->]

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'White Boxes' Help Cut Cost of Building Giant Enterprise Data Centers

The adoption of open hardware produced by ODMs threatens traditional server and networking vendors. But Dell, HP and others are pushing back. [more->]

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The Next Billion-Dollar Market Opportunity Is Mobile Enterprise

 Enterprise mobile applications – like enterprise cloud applications a decade before – are poised to become a $100 billion market opportunity. I’ve worked with enterprise technologies exclusively for more than a decade and have watched as cloud apps took the enterprise by storm, giving businesses... [more->]

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China Behind Sustained DDoS Attack Against GitHub: Researchers


Amazon launches “Home Services” business, wants to give you drum lessons

TaskRabbit-like business model has been in the works for a year. [more->]

Coho, Intel Rev Up Docker Containers with Flash and Hadoop


World Backup Day 2015: A Reminder of the Pain of Lost Data

Thinking ahead and taking the time and attention needed to ensure the protection of data valuables is well worth it and doesn't cost that much. [more->]

Rethinking the Enterprise in the New Digital Age

The enterprise must also live up to its responsibilities for the development and optimization of the new digital ecosystem. [more->]

Inside Sales for the Empowered Buyer

IDC recently reported on the power swaps occurring in the sales industry: “A rich dialog has shifted online and away from the sales person.” Accenture noted the trend similarly, saying “the customer journey is now dynamic, accessible and continuous.” Customers … Continue reading &... [more->]

Video: Apple Data Center Expansion in Reno in High Gear


File Governance Policies and Features By @JimLiddle | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

With recent high profile data breaches companies should ensure they have the five following file governance policies in place in their company to secure their file assets. Ensure that an Identity Management policy is in-place, is clear, and if one exists that it is validated and checked regularly. Check whether service... [more->]

Andreessen-Backed Teleport Launches A Mobile Search Engine For Globally Nomadic Tech Workers

 It’s a big hairy vision — knowledge-workers freely migrate around the globe, and city and federal governments compete to lure them. Teleport, a startup founded by early Skype employees around the idea of supporting an increasingly global mobile workforce, is taking another step toward that reality tod... [more->]

Microsoft Jumps Into The Mobile Device Management Fray

 Microsoft made good on its promise to add mobile device management (MDM) to its Office 365 productivity service, making the feature generally available today to commercial customers. Microsoft has added, in English, the ability for large companies to manage Office on the phones of their employees, regardless of w... [more->]

Interoute Lands New Investors to Fuel Cloud Acquisitions


AT&T’s newest fiber customers to pay $40 more than Google Fiber users

There's no $70 Google Fiber in Cupertino, so AT&T can charge what it wants to. [more->]

DDoS and Attacks Against Port 23 on the Rise

Akamai's 4Q14 State of the Internet Report found a 20 percent gain in average connection speed, but also a large jump in DDoS attacks. [more->]

HP’s Big Data Platform Haven Gets Better at Languages


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No Masters in Disasters Needed By @BDVandegrift | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

The concept of a cloud facilitating applications is by no means new. Those of us who diagrammed network connectivity around 1993 will recall drawing a big puffy cloud symbol in between two local area networks. The cloud represented the mysterious Internet – that mash-up of routers and other items bouncing our packets... [more->]

Content.Next in Life Sciences – Sneak Peek of Momentum 2015

As we’ve mentioned, Momentum 2015, EMC’s Enterprise Content Division’s annual conference at EMC World is fast approaching. And as has been the recent tradition, the conference will take place in Las Vegas. Now, before you associate “Vegas” with “Boondoggle” let me … Con... [more->]

Verizon tells Congress to rein in FCC’s power over Internet providers

Net neutrality order and Communications Act both need a rewrite, Verizon says. [more->]

How We Scale VividCortex's Backend Systems

This is guest post by Baron Schwartz, Founder & CEO of VividCortex, the first unified suite of performance management tools specifically designed for today's large-scale, polyglot persistence tier. VividCortex is a cloud-hosted SaaS platform for database performance management. Our customers install agents tha... [more->]

How TiVo Taught My Wife About Hybrid Cloud

Matt Liebowitz There’s a famous quote that says, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” That statement is true. But I’m sure many of us have examples of where we’re challenged to explain something we know very well in a simple manner. Take the examp... [more->]

Painless Polyglot Persistence By @IBMCloud | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

When it comes to building applications, one database definitely does not fit all. Traditional SQL databases are great for storing highly structured, normalized data and performing analytics and reporting. NoSQL has attracted developers with its awesome flexibility, and JSON-centric document stores like Cloudant make we... [more->]

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Is Big Data a Bubble Set to Burst?


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Introducing the Next Level of Appliance-Based VDI

To truly be competitive and productive in today’s business landscape, workers need to be able to access their data and applications from anywhere, without having to worry about IT security or performance issues. I’ve mentioned previously that virtual desktops are the perfect solution to enable that type of ... [more->]

SafeLogic “Sponsor” of @CloudExpo New York | @SafeLogic [#Cloud #IoT]

SYS-CON Events announced today that SafeLogic has been named “Bag Sponsor” of SYS-CON's 16th International Cloud Expo® New York, which will take place June 9-11, 2015, at the Javits Center in New York City, NY. SafeLogic provides security products for applications in mobile and server/appliance environments. SafeL... [more->]

AWS Week in Review – March 23, 2015

`Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week: Monday, March 23 A post on the provided a helpful pointer to some new documentation on Amazon S3 Client-side Crypto Meta Information. The disclosed the availability of a New Security and Compliance Workblook: IT-Grundschultz. Tuesday, March 24 We announ... [more->]

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Hybrid Flash Array Matters

Check out the new VNX Hybrid Flash Array Calculator As red hot as the All Flash Array market is, the Hybrid Flash Array market will continue to be >4X the size of the all flash array market through 2018, according … Continue reading → Author information Joe Catalanotti Jo... [more->]

One Stack, Two Stack, Three Stack, Four: A CTO’s Evolution to the Well-Run Modular Hybrid Suite

Chris Gaudlip The recent passing of Leonard Nimoy, a great inspiration to many, motivated me to write this.  What his simple television character inspired within me can be applied to the industry transformation we are living right now.  As people know me, they might argue that I tend to live ... [more->]

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Increasingly, Pay-Per-Use Is Paying Off By @AriaSystemsInc | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

You hear the terms “subscription economy” and “subscription commerce” all the time. And with good reason. Subscription-based monetization is transforming business as we know it. But what about usage? Where’s the “consumption economy”? Turns out, it’s all around us. When most people think of usage-based... [more->]

Debut of Windows 10 IoT: Get a Head Start | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

Although Windows 10 is not RTM yet, the following are the rumored version. However Microsoft is extending the reach by adding Windows 10 IoT to the above list. It is Windows 10 for embedded and supports universal apps and drives and can work for the whole spectrum of devices from simple devices to complicated industria... [more->]

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Governed Placement Services and Data Value

The article Metadata Lakes and Data Value, written in February of this year,stated the following: ...as data architects go through the process of moving silo'ed data sets into a Business Data Lake, they should simultaneously build a governance structure known as a Metadata Lake. The diagram be... [more->]

Chris Fleck: Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

I had a chance to speak with Chris Fleck, Citrix’s VP of mobility solutions and associated alliances, for episode 14 of our Virtualization EUC Podcast a while back. Our conversation focused on mobility, naturally. Talk revolved around some of Citrix’s newer acquisitions, such as Zenprise, which is an MDM solution f... [more->]

Apple’s FoundationDB Deal Sends Waves of Concern Across Open Source World


Will Automated Alerting Replace the NOC? By @PagerDuty | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

If you have a Network Operations Center (or NOC, as the kids call it), you have a skilled set of eyes monitoring your system and alerting your engineers when things go wrong. (If you have something like a NOC, such as a first tier team that processes tickets, we’re looking at you, too). You also probably have strict ... [more->]

B.I.G Data and Analytics Have Become Notorious

As Biggie Smalls stated, “It was all a dream.” Big Data and Analytics are now notorious! Together, they’re transforming the way businesses run and dictating critical business decisions. In 2015, enterprises are now beginning to realize the benefits of Big … Continue reading → ... [more->]

Oracle VM Server for x86: Implementation Training Released

If you are using Oracle VM and have experience of installation and configuration, you can now deepen your knowledge of this product by taking the all-new Oracle VM Server for x86: Implementation training course.  This new 3-day instructor led course will teach you how to enhance cloud effectiveness with rapid ... [more->]

Cloud & Manufacturing: M2M to the Rescue?

Manufacturing comprises 17 to 18% of the global economy, and is set to rack up about $13.5 trillion in revenues this year. China assumed leadership in the sector a few years ago and will account for about $2.5 trillion this year; manufacturing revenues in the US will approach $2 trillion. The developed world and China... [more->]

Zynga investors can sue FarmVille creator for alleged IPO fraud, judge says

Lawsuit back on the table for Zynga, where fortunes have plunged since 2011 IPO. [more->]

Liaison's "Data-Centric IT Approach" @CloudExpo NY | @LiaisonTech | [#Cloud]

Are your applications getting in the way of your business strategy? It’s time to rethink your IT approach. In his session at 16th Cloud Expo, Madhukar Kumar, Vice President, Product Management at Liaison Technologies, will discuss a new data-centric approach to IT that allows your data, not applications, to inform bu... [more->]

Box CEO Aaron Levie Talks IPO Delay And Growth Strategies

 Regardless, Levie didn’t have much time to savor the moment. He told TechCrunch in a wide-ranging interview last month that Box has no intention of standing still and he discussed his plans to keep the company growing, while trying to find ways to get more efficient. He also talked about the long road to IP... [more->]

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Infrastructure as a Toolbox By @SoftLayer | @CloudExpo [#Cloud #Microservices]

Countless business models have spawned from the IaaS industry. Resell Web hosting, blogs, public cloud, and on and on. With the overwhelming amount of tools available to us, it's sometimes easy to overlook that many of them are just new skins of resources we've had for a long time. In his General Session at 16th Cloud... [more->]

MTA Awards @VicomComputer Long Term Technology Agreement | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

Vicom Computer Services, Inc. was awarded an 11 year contract with the MTA. The MTA launched a request for proposal in September 2013 for a project encompassing and creating a fully redundant core data network across the three core data centers and upgrade user access to applications and facilities throughout NYC Tran... [more->]