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Grand opening for IBM Cloud Marketplace is on for next week

— The grand unveiling of IBM Cloud Marketplace is set for Monday at the company's Impact show in Las Vegas.
Apr 24 03:50:44 pm GMT / Structure ? Cloud Computing News and Analysis»

FinancialForce Gets $50M Cash Infusion

—  FinancialForce.com, the ERP provider built on top of Salesforce.com, announced today they have received $50M from private equity investors, Advent International. The investment is actually part of a broader investment in UNIT4, FinancialForce.com’s majority investor. Salesforce.com is also a minority invest...
Apr 24 03:44:09 pm GMT / TechCrunchIT»

4 REALLY cool stories.

— It’s funny to me, I’m learning every day how organizations are truly organisms in a sense – alive, adapting, stretching. In a very important sense, company “brand” is the echo of all the humans working hard and doing cool things.... ...
Apr 24 03:23:41 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

Lost Warhol works uncovered from old Amiga floppy disks

— The lost pieces of art were hiding on commercial software.
Apr 24 03:21:12 pm GMT / Uptime»

A Digital Universe of Infinite Possibilities

— By Vic Bhagat — EMC Chief Information Officer The digital universe, which is expected to grow to 44 zettabytes by 2020, represents an infinite opportunity for CIOs to drive agility and accelerate value for an organization.  However, as a CIO, … Continue reading → ...
Apr 24 03:17:15 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

EMC World NDA breakout on VNX and vVol

— We are interested in getting customer feedback on our vVol implementation and would like to invite a couple of joint VNX-VMware customers that can invited to NDA sessions. If you are a customers that are highly virtualized (VMWare) or interested... ...
Apr 24 02:33:54 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

Linux Foundation Aims to Prevent Next Heartbleed, Recruits Tech Giants

— IBM, Intel, Cisco, Dell, Facebook, Microsoft and others join the Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative to prevent future crises like Heartbleed.
Apr 24 02:10:00 pm GMT / IT Infrastructure - RSS Feed»

Risk of follow-up DDoS attack rises to one in three, Akamai report finds

— Organisations have a roughly one in three chance of a follow-up DDoS attack after a first incident, Internet giant Akamai has calculated using figures from the final quarter of 2013. This was a significant spike compared to the rest of the year.
Apr 24 02:01:00 pm GMT / Techworld.com Data Centre»

DevOps Lessons for Small Businesses

— As Eric Reis, pioneer of the lean startup movement notes, a software startup’s ability to succeed depends solely on how quickly and inexpensively they can try new features. The challenge is if you are a typical startup, you are your ops team and development resources are the biggest determinant of time-to-market, and...
Apr 24 02:00:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»

If Data Storage Vendors Made Cars…

— Take a moment to consider the things we put up with on a daily basis because they have been understood and accepted as the status quo. Perhaps the old adage, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t,” rings no truer than for traditional on-premise data storage systems. Sure, there have been numerous im...
Apr 24 01:45:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»
Apr 24 01:00:18 pm GMT / Data Center Knowledge»

Microsoft OneDrive for Business changes files

— What started as a startling first-hand account on myce.com about OneDrive for Business modifying files, has spread widel
Apr 24 12:54:39 pm GMT / Cloud Computing - Infoworld»
Apr 24 12:52:30 pm GMT / Data Center Knowledge»

Salesforce.com adds 'SOS' for service, taking cue from Amazon's Mayday

— Salesforce.com was so impressed by the Mayday customer support feature that Amazon.com rolled out for its Kindle Fire HDX tablets that it's now working to create its own version.
Apr 24 12:28:00 pm GMT / Computerworld Cloud Computing News»

IBM to Manage IT Infrastructure Globally for Fiat S.p.A., Chrysler Group and CNH Industrial

— IBM, together with Fiat S.p.A., Chrysler Group LLC, and CNH Industrial N.V., today announced a multi-year strategic services agreement to manage the IT infrastructure and services that support the day-to-day operations and locations, while enabling new opportunities for innovation, for the three organizations wor...
Apr 24 12:02:09 pm GMT / IBM Press Releases - Services and solutions - United States»

NaviSite Expands NaviCloud Vault Enterprise Replication & Storage Solution

— NaviSite, Inc., a Time Warner Cable Company, announced on Wednesday a key addition to its suite of cloud storage and data replication solutions with the launch of its NaviCloud® Vault: Data Domain® solution. Enabling a secure, reliable, highly available, off-site replication service that leverages EMC® Data Domain d...
Apr 24 12:00:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»
Apr 24 11:30:30 am GMT / Data Center Knowledge»

Consumers are meh about 3D printers

— 3D printers may be gaining ground in the workplace, but the same isn't true for consumers, according to Juniper Research.
Apr 24 10:28:00 am GMT / Computerworld HP News»

Linux trailblazer Mark Shuttleworth on why it’s OpenStack that matters now

— On this week's Structure Show, Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth on why we have to move on from the operating system wars to get to cloud goodness.
Apr 24 08:37:53 am GMT / Structure ? Cloud Computing News and Analysis»

IBM Expands US Federal Healthcare Practice

— IBM today announced new investments in its US Federal Healthcare Practice to address the rapidly growing technology needs of public sector health institutions. The company added big data solutions for advanced clinical care from its Watson Group, new collaborations with IBM Research focused on data management and...
Apr 24 04:01:05 am GMT / IBM Press Releases - Services and solutions - United States»

#EngineersUnplugged S5|Ep8: Nexus 1000V on OpenStack!

— In this week’s episode of Engineers Unplugged, Colin Lynch ( @UCSGuru ) and Giuseppe Paterno ( @gpaterno ) discuss Nexus 1000V running [...]
Apr 24 12:42:48 am GMT / Data Center Networks»

In just one year, Zynga lost nearly half of its daily active users

— Amid executive reshuffle, gaming studio loses $61M in Q1 2014.
Apr 23 11:40:44 pm GMT / Uptime»

IBM hopes new chip can turn the tables on Intel

— An IBM project to widen the use of its Power server chips inched forward Wednesday with Big Blue trying to challenge Intel for a bigger role in the hyperscale data centers run by the likes of Google and Facebook.
Apr 23 11:28:00 pm GMT / Computerworld Servers News»

IntraLinks buys DocTrackr for $10M to beef up document encryption and tracking

— IntraLinks plans to integrate DocTrackr's digital rights management capabilities and user-controlled encryption in its content management service.
Apr 23 09:54:33 pm GMT / Structure ? Cloud Computing News and Analysis»

Apple CEO Tim Cook Lauds Office On iPad, Chides Microsoft For Not Delivering It Earlier

—  Apple CEO Tim Cook took time to answer a question about Microsoft Office for iPad arriving this past month, and his answer was surprisingly long. “I do see that Office is a very key franchise,” he said, and also added that he “wholeheartedly welcome[s] Microsoft to the App Store.” Cook adm...
Apr 23 09:54:25 pm GMT / TechCrunchIT»

EMC Revenue Up Slightly, But Profits Dip 32 Percent

— The company charted $5.48 billion in overall sales that, with all the bills paid, resulted in profit of $392 million.
Apr 23 09:34:00 pm GMT / Data Storage - RSS Feed»

iPhones and profits up, iPads down for Apple in Q2 of 2014 [Updated]

— Apple beats its guidance, but it isn't growing like it used to.
Apr 23 08:57:32 pm GMT / Uptime»

Sponsored post: Securely manage business documents in the cloud

— Cloud-based collaboration tools streamline external and internal communication and allow distributed teams to share information seamlessly. But easy file sharing can also lead to easy file hacking. Lock down your confidential company information with a document management platform that provides true enterprise-level se...
Apr 23 08:55:49 pm GMT / Structure ? Cloud Computing News and Analysis»

Net neutrality dead for good? FCC may endorse pay-for-play deals

— ISPs could charge for improved access as long as they don't block Web services.
Apr 23 08:42:44 pm GMT / Uptime»

In progress: Apple’s Q2 2014 earnings call happens at 5pm EDT today

— A quiet quarter for Apple is expected to yield mostly flat results.
Apr 23 08:36:50 pm GMT / Uptime»

Apple Patches OS X and iOS Flaws, Provides Heartbleed Update

— OS X and iOS get patched for the "triple handshake" flaw as Apple provides a Heartbleed update for its WiFi access points.
Apr 23 08:30:00 pm GMT / IT Infrastructure - RSS Feed»

What Is 'Real-Time' Anyway...?

— So what does real-time mean anyway? An example is, what are referred to as, “hard-real-time systems” [2], where computation must meet stringent timing constraints and one must guarantee that those computations must be completed before specified deadlines. Failure to do so can lead to intolerable system degradation ...
Apr 23 07:52:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»

Pure Storage CEO Says $225M Round Gives It Flexibility And R&D Runway

—  Pure Storage, a company that has pioneered a way to deliver solid state disk performance for a mechanical disk price, announced today it has received $225 million in Series F venture funding at a valuation of $3 billion. Those are impressive numbers, but it doesn't stop there. According to company president David...
Apr 23 07:04:22 pm GMT / TechCrunchIT»

Raspberry Pi alternatives emerge to fill need for speed

— Raspberry Pi isn't planning a hardware upgrade of its popular US$25 computer anytime soon, but faster options are emerging for users attracted to such board-like devices.
Apr 23 06:59:00 pm GMT / Techworld.com Data Centre»

SDDC Still More a Project than a Product or Service

— Simply defined the SDDC promises that you’ll be able to treat “all” of your IT infrastructure as if it’s completely malleable. That there are no restrictions to how you can use and assign everything from border controls to VM size as long as you stay within the technical capabilities of the devices. The promise...
Apr 23 06:57:00 pm GMT / Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal»

Buying Criteria vs. Use Criteria

— When I talk to our customers about the advantages of a Hybrid storage array, I frequently come across many questions that I can be categorized as either buying criteria or use criteria. A couple quick definitions are in order to begin. Use criteria are the most important of the two because this...
Apr 23 06:45:58 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

10 Tech Companies Proving Innovation Isn't Dead

— Some companies have delivered innovative technologies, including some with long track records for innovation. Some haven't been successful yet but show promise.
Apr 23 06:40:00 pm GMT / IT Infrastructure - RSS Feed»

IIG Developer Events in 2014

— Where should DEVELOPERS go in 2014 to gain hands-on experience, networking opportunities, free certification exams, 1:1 consulting and access to the top IIG contacts?   The answer is:   Momentum World, hosted within EMC World at the Venetian ...
Apr 23 06:37:52 pm GMT / EMC Feeds »

You’re on the Cloud, But Do You Have a Plan?

— “Getting on the cloud” may be a priority in the executive suite, but the consequences of decisions on infrastructure are headier than many realize.
Apr 23 06:23:00 pm GMT / Arthur Cole»

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