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We scream, you scream, we all scream for slow-melt ice cream (Tomorrow Daily 237)

Ashley and Khail get excited about the possibility of slow-melting ice cream and discuss a non-profit company offering VR experiences for special needs kids. And they show off Land Rover's new "Transparent Trailer" prototype. [more->]

Cats don't need their owners, researchers say

Technically Incorrect: A group of UK researchers insists that cats are just fine on their own. They don't get a sense of security from specific humans. [more->]

X-ray of a fossil finds other fossils inside

An X-ray scan of a fossilised sea urchin revealed a large number of fossilised clams inside. [more->]

Facebook's WhatsApp hits 900 million active monthly users

The messaging app, which has added 100 million new users in the past four months, has experienced 50 percent growth in the past year. [more->]

Crave giveaway: Eight Tile Bluetooth trackers for finding lost items

If items like your phone, keys and wallet keep running away, tag them with these little tracking devices that pair with an app to keep you and your stuff together. [more->]

Friday Spotlight: Oracle VM Server Performance and Tuning Blog

This Friday spotlight announces a new series of blog articles on Oracle VM performance, starting with Oracle VM Performance and Tuning - Part 1. Oracle VM is designed to provide excellent performance "out of the box" through its architecture and default configuration. Still, there are opportunities to enha... [more->]

Exoskeleton gives paralysed man use of his legs

A man who has been completely paralysed for four years has been able to take thousands of steps using his own muscles, thanks to a robotic exoskeleton. [more->]

Airline pilot allegedly caught texting during takeoff

Technically Incorrect: A passenger films someone apparently texting on an American Airlines flight during takeoff. It turns out to be a pilot from another airline. [more->]

Force Friday: May the Force be with your bank account

Hours of live "Force Awakens" reveals introduce more toys and other "Star Wars" products than you can shake a lightsaber at. Here, a look at some of the newest stuff this side of the galaxy. [more->]

Facebook's next step: Help advertisers do their jobs better

The world's largest social network is expanding the tools it offers to help advertisers understand how well their ads work, so users are less frustrated by them. [more->]

The many faces of the Samsung Gear S2 (photos)

Samsung's newest smartwatch wears a modern design. [more->]

New rules require feds to get warrant for cell phone surveillance

Civil liberties advocates welcome the change, but say the public will remain largely unaware if their information has been caught up in criminal investigations. [more->]

Twitter hashtag of the week: Biologists snort at stupid animal names

Technically Incorrect: Have you heard of the bananaquit? How about the Slippery Dick Wrasse? If you haven't, the #StupidCommonNames Twitter hashtag is for you. [more->]

Wildfires likely torched more than 7 percent of Earth's trees in the past decade

New research estimates that there are currently more than 3 trillion trees on Earth, but CNET's Eric Mack ran the numbers and found a shocking number are going up in smoke. [more->]

Nexenta, SanDisk Go in Together on OpenSDS Array

The new-gen storage system combines NexentaStor with InfiniFlash IF100 data center hardware and is designed to scale from 64TB to 2PB configurations. [more->]

A lonely look at Batman, Vader, Gollum and other sci-fi icons (pictures)

In the photographic world of Nathan Wirth, classic sci-fi characters look beautifully solitary in their striking black and white landscapes. [more->]

Apple envisions laptops that run for days without a recharge

The tech giant files a patent application for a built-in fuel cell system that could power electronics for "days or even weeks without refueling." [more->]

Arrests made over zombifying drug known as 'devil's breath'

Can a sniff of powder believed to be used by witches in the Middle Ages turn you into a zombie at the beck and call of your attacker? Maybe so, three arrests in Paris indicate. [more->]

T-Mobile launches video calling for some Samsung Galaxy phones

Using the regular phone interface, T-Mobile subscribers can make and receive video calls from Samsung's new Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5. [more->]

Samsung's new smartwatch, better Blu-ray and a fridge with a view: The top products from IFA 2015 (Day 2)

This is the best tech we saw at IFA in Berlin on the first day of the show. [more->]

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Take a virtual ride on Six Flags' insane new 'wing seat' roller coaster

New Jersey amusement park gives a peek at its Total Mayhem ride coming next year. But make sure you haven't just eaten before watching this video. The thing is crazy. [more->]

IBM, ARM Form Alliance to Simplify the Integration of IoT


Cedexis Gives Real-Time View of Internet Outages

The company launches Radar Live, which tracks network traffic on the Internet around the world in real time and shows where disruptions are occurring. [more->]

Welcome to our New Colleagues at Elemental

Earlier today we announced that we had reached an agreement to acquire Elemental Technologies of Portland, Oregon. Elemental has pioneered a number of software-based solutions for multiscreen content delivery and powers many of the world’s most innovative app-delivered video offerings and new services like 4K TV. Ele... [more->]

Back to Business: A Round-up of Resources for Windows Server 2003 Migration | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Transitioning from the freedom of summer to the structure of back to work and school can be tough for all of us. Yet, September is a time of renewal, a time to refocus on our goals and remember that, sometimes, making big changes begins with small ones. The key is not to overwhelm ourselves, but to keep moving forward,... [more->]

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The Case for Disaster Recovery Services Beyond Business Continuity By @Stratustician | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Disaster Recovery isn’t a new concept for IT folks. We’ve been backing up data for years to offsite locations, and used in-house data duplication in order to prevent the risks of losing data stores. But now that cloud adoption has increased, there have been some shifts in how traditional Disaster Recovery is being ... [more->]

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Microsoft Acquires Organizational Analytics Service VoloMetrix

 Microsoft today announced that it has acquired VoloMetrix, a service that specializes in analyzing organizational performance using anonymized data it gathers from across a company’s corporate communications systems. Organization analytics is something Microsoft itself has been looking at, too, and its Delv... [more->]

Union says Verizon spends $3.50 per year maintaining each landline

Verizon lets copper landlines degrade in fiberless areas, union claims. [more->]

A Strong Partnership: Cisco and Microsoft

Cisco continues to develop their partnership with Microsoft becoming a critical component of the Microsoft Data Centers across the globe. 80% of the data centers around the globe already include Cisco networking switches and routers. More and more of these same Data Centers are also making the switch to Cisco UCS serv... [more->]

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Microsoft Launches New Azure VMs for Compute, Storage Intensive Applications


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How Agari Uses Airbnb's Airflow as a Smarter Cron

This is a guest repost by Siddharth Anand, Data Architect at Agari, on Airbnb's open source project Airflow, a workflow scheduler for data pipelines. Some think Airflow has a superior approach. Workflow schedulers are systems that are responsbile for the periodic execution of workflows in a reliable and scalabl... [more->]

Databox Raises $3.3M Seed Round To Help Marketers Understand Key Metrics

 Businesses of all sizes now have access to reams of data about their performance, but it can be difficult to read the story behind the numbers. Boston-based startup Databox’s goal is to make data relatable. Its mobile app draws in data from different analytic platforms, analyzes it, and then presents the re... [more->]

Learning to Trust in the Cloud


The Long Road to the Cloud – Changes in Application Deployment Criteria

In today’s world as more and more customers prepare to take advantage of cloud technologies, they are finding that private cloud and colocation services are essential options in their journey to the cloud. We are lucky to have Dan Harrington, as a guest blogger. Dan is a Research Director covering Datacenter trends a... [more->]

Channeling Cloud Revenue in a Growing Managed Services Market

Our recent infographic, Making the cloud work for you and your customers, offers a clear and concise look at how, by partnering with Rackspace, your company can broaden your offerings, boost revenue and deepen customer relationships. [more->]

Why the C-Suite Should Look to IT to Stay Competitive By @FerventGeek | @CloudExpo #Cloud

While the Beatles may not have been too concerned about cloud uptime or network security when they wrote their famous ballad, they had the right idea about turning to friends for a helping hand. It’s a lesson CIOs should take to heart. After all, the IT department – including network, systems, applications and dat... [more->]

Back That SaaS Up Music Video Premiere: Lil’Cloud & Admin Funky Cheez Lay Down Data Protection Law

Spanning has been fighting the good fight to educate cloud application users on the importance of SaaS data protection for five years now. But now, two new SaaS data protection soldiers are on the scene: Lil’Cloud and Admin Funky Cheez. Update your feed preferences ... [more->]

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The Increasing Value of Big Data Analytics By @Dana_Gardner | @BigDataExpo #BigData

Converged infrastructure solutions are hastening the path to big-data business value and cloud deployment options. We'll also delve into how the right balance between open-source and commercial IT products helps in creating a big-data capability, and we'll further explore how converged infrastructure solutions are hast... [more->]

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Flexible Cloud Storage Now Available for OnMetal

Rackspace is pleased to announce the ability attach Cloud Block Storage volumes to OnMetal servers. This has been one of the top feature requests for OnMetal, and it really opens up the product to new use cases. [more->]

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Are Cybersecurity Enhancements Drowning in the New Rec Center?

The trusty Jansport you’ve used for years is dilapidated and it’s time to replace those three ring binders. Paper supplies to fresh bedding are filling up the trunk. Let’s not forget the full size mirror for the back of the door. Mom & Dad are throwing in a jammer RFID card for your w... [more->]

City-run ISP makes 10Gbps available to all residents and businesses

We're not sure who needs 10 gigs, but it's available in Salisbury, NC. [more->]

Data Center Consolidation: a Manager’s Checklist


Bi Modal IT: Escaping the Timid Middle

Dave Shepherd In my last post I talked about the need for careful, fact-based planning in assessing and delivering a digital transformation strategy and roadmap. I’d like to talk more about the approach we use to help our clients in this post. Moving between Mode 1 (Traditional / Industriali... [more->]

Tegile's Newest Flash Array Unifies Block and File Storage

All-Flash systems feature built-in snapshots, remote-replication, near-instant recovery, onsite or offsite failover, and VM-aware features. [more->]

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VMware Announces Project to Boost Microsoft 10


Who Needs Generators? Data Center Taps Directly into Grid for Power


Amazon S3 Update – CloudTrail Integration

You can now use AWS CloudTrail to track bucket-level operations on your buckets.  The tracked operations include creation and deletion of buckets, modifications to access controls, changes to lifecycle policies, and changes to cross-region replication settings. AWS CloudTrail records API activity in your AWS accou... [more->]

Moving Towards an Information Model for Capital Projects

My first job was as a software developer in a major Spanish EPC company. I was hired to develop a search engine able to query the myriad of different systems and in-house applications available in the company and provide web … Continue reading → Author information Josemaria Sot... [more->]

Keystone NAP Taps into Fiber Networks from Sunesys and Comcast Business


Introducing the AWS SDK for C++

My colleague Jonathan Henson sent me a guest post to introduce a brand-new AWS SDK! — Jeff; After a long effort, we are proud to announce an open-source C++ SDK for scaling your native applications with Amazon Web Services. The AWS SDK for C++ is a modern C++ interface with lightweight dependencies. We designed it [... [more->]

VMware and Cisco UCS Enhance the Advantages of vRealize

Cisco and VMware continue to work together to deliver the benefits of automation and the software-defined data center (SDDC). The integration of Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) management software with VMware vRealize Operations 6.0 is another example of the ongoing investment by both companies. It delivers ... [more->]

CSC, AWS and Microsoft Score $108M Federal Government Cloud Contract


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Cloud Cruiser Launches App for Hybrid Cloud Usage Management


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Hulu to offer an ad-free option for monthly subscribers

The streaming service has more intense competition, and people hate ads. [more->]

Google Classroom Launches Chrome Extension So Teachers Can Instantly Share Links With The Entire Class

 Google calls Classroom a “mission control for teachers,” allowing them to access all of Google Apps for Education within one central place. Teachers can use the product to chat with students, help students with their work and keep track of the daily goings on in the classroom. Today, the product is in... [more->]

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Google Docs Gets Voice Typing, Templates, Smart Sheets And More

 “Get ’em while they’re young” is a battle cry for every company. The younger your users are, the more you can evolve with them over time and keep them locked in to using your products. When I was in school (old person voice), Apple had a huge presence by doing educational partnerships whic... [more->]

Why Purpose-Built Storage Still Rules Over “Unified Storage”: How ScaleIO Spanks Ceph on Performance

Collectively it’s clear that we’ve all had it with the cost of storage, particularly the cost to maintain and operate storage systems.  The problem is that data requirements, both in terms of capacity and IOPS are exploding and growing exponentially, while the cost of storage operations an... [more->]

The battle of the internet buttons: Top IoT clickers that promise to make consumer's lives easier


Building a Software Defined Data Center: Automation, Orchestration and Agility

Despite the emergence of IT as a Service and the rise of self-service catalogues, most IT operations—including EMC’s—have remained largely manual when it comes to filling users’ requests for networking, storage and compute, struggling to keep pace with growing demand. Until now, that is... [more->]

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Addressing the Top Five DCI Challenges


“NightShift” caches Netflix shows on your home network to boost speed

Startup's product helps Netflix users manage slow connections and data caps. [more->]

What IT Support Used to Look Like... By @JaqTech | @CloudExpo #Cloud

If you ever saw the classic SNL sketch in which Jimmy Fallon portrays "Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy" you're probably familiar with the pain and humiliation he causes the end users he is tasked with supporting. Condescending. Impatient. Way smarter than everyone else. Unfortunately, this is how people use... [more->]

Digital Transformation: Crossing the Skills Chasm By @DHDeans | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Most informed CEOs seem to know intuitively that the most qualified person to lead their forward-looking business technology advancement isn’t likely to have the profile of a typical legacy CIO. In contrast, the role of a Digital Business Transformation innovator has very different requirements to the traditional IT ... [more->]

The Changing Mobile Worker: Balancing Productivity and Security

As an IT veteran, I have observed and helped drive tremendous change, not just in the technologies we use but how we use them. Among the more dramatic shifts has been the definition of being a mobile worker. When I was a mainframe programmer in the late 80’s, being “highly mobile” meant I... [more->]

Social CRM Provider Capillary Technologies Raises $45M, Acquires MartJack

 Capillary Technologies, the Singapore-based social CRM company, has raised a $45 million Series C to fuel its evolution into an omnichannel retail platform. The round was led by Warburg Pincus with participation from returning investors Sequoia Capital and Norwest Venture Partners and brings Capillary’s tot... [more->]

Citrix: New Migration Tool to Transition from VMware View 6.1 to XenDesktop 7.6

The application and desktop virtualization war between Citrix and VMware continues to escalate. Yesterday, Citrix released the VMware Migration Tool, which enables a fast and easy transition from VMware View 6.1 to XenDesktop 7.6. This tool works to migrate not only to on-premises XenDesktop environments, but also to C... [more->]

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The Latest Edition of the “OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook” Offers Updated Recipes

Now everyone can get in the kitchen with OpenStack. To help operators, administrators and anyone working with OpenStack, a trio of Rackspace experts have come together to write the "OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook - Third Edition." [more->]

App Owners and Backup Admins Can Simplify Their Data Centers and Lives

When application owners and backup administrators have conflicting priorities, it can be difficult to run an efficient data center. Technical limitations of the past forced application owners to rely on the backup admin for backup and recovery of their database.  … Continue reading ͛... [more->]

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