SFAMA Presents: A Social Media Panel on Old Spice

Here’s another event that I had attended in August. SFAMA rounded up 4 prominent marketing experts for a panel discussion on the success of the Old Spice campaign. Here are my notes from the event…

  • The Old Spice commercial was done tastefully… Not at the expense of women, unlike Axe.
  • In social media, action is better than inaction
  • Social media expects honesty rather than perfection.
  • It’s about the commitment to social media interactions rather than simply campaigns
  • Be ready to expose everything bit have a process to deal with situation. People are talking about you regardless
  • Participate, measure, monitor
  • In social media, the rich get richer
  • Resonate with the “lifestyle” of your audience
  • “give it time”… It take time to build a brand
  • Social media… You get what you put in
  • There HAS to be ROI though… Measure the engagement
  • Should be treated as an OpEx and something that everyone in the company should participate in
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