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Girls In Tech: The Fast Track of Mariam Naficy

Back in August I attended a Girls in Tech presentation with Mariam Naficy, the founder of Mariam is a serial entrepreneur who found an early success with shortly after graduating from business school. Here are the notes I captured from the session:

On female purchase power…
Women are responsible 58% of spending online & 70% of spending offline. Lots of potentials to tap into.

On career goals….
Cut to the chase and get to the end goal as soon as possible. If you have an idea or vision, pursue it now. Don’t wait.

On business plans…
Biz plans are always flawed. A flawed business plan doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.

Be responsive.

On capitalization stragey…
Financial strategy in the beginning is important. Don’t over- or under-capitalize.

Be pragmatic

On marketing…
Now’s a good time to build brands through traditional media. Buy remnants in magazines. There are also lots of innovation in affiliate channels (ie: paid banner for target blogs)

Experiment lots. Seeding helps.

On ideas…
Most great ideas aren’t recognized in the beginning.

On oneself…
Believe in yourself and not care too much about what other ppl say or think.

Talk to your customers.

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