idea blog, 24 august 2009

Earlier this week I read on NY Times about the GPS run craze sweeping through the running community and wondered if there’s an iPhone app that tracked your GPS coordinates and “drew” them for you to upload to sites like I found the following apps that sort of accomplishes that.

Trails – Primarily designed to record maps while hiking, on bike trips or while jogging directly on your iPhone.

InstaMapper’s GPS Tracker – Periodically uploads iPhone’s GPS coordinate to a website to be shared w/ other people.

Neither application does exactly what I’m envisioning. So here goes idea #1 for today’s blog… and that is an iPhone application that basically tracks your GPS coordinates and plots its movements over a period of time, producing a “drawing”. Sort of a fun / waste-your-time application that can be applied to running, hiking, roadtripping. Thoughts?

Another idea that crossed my mind this morning while brunching with a couple of friends. We attempted to go to Zazie first but weren’t willing to wait the 1hr+ to get a table. Instead we stood in line with for a table at the Pork Store in the Haight. Seeing that most of my fellow brunchers had iPhones in hand, I wondered if there’s an application that tracked restaurant wait information. What i found was Waithound. It’s not an iPhone app, unfortunateky, instead it appears to be a lightweight web application. Not sure if the app is used much (if at all) as I couldn’t find wait time for a few of my fav dining spots here in San Francisco.

So here’s Idea #2, an iPhone app that a) allows users to submit wait time for restaurants, b) allows users to look up the wait time of a particular restaurant, and c) shows the wait time for restaurants near the current location. If you are an iPhone developer and decides to write this app, all I ask is a mention and a link back to this blog. 😉

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