Dissecting Amazon Web Services

Just reading this article on AWS and thought I’d share some interesting numbers (in addition to the Quantcast data I shared earlier):

  • 52 billion objects are stored in S3 and that S3 requests regularly peak at 80,000 requests per second.
  • EC2 is experiencing monthly growth of “almost 10%.”
  • Amazon has U.S. data centers in Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, Palo Alto, Seattle, and St. Louis, and international data centers in Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.
  • Amazon recently leased a 110,000-square-foot data center in northern Virginia and it’s constructing a new data center in Boardman, Oregon.
  • Amazon spent $86M on Rackable equipment in 2008, a 54% increase over its spending with the hardware vendor the year before.
  • AWS has experienced two outages in the last six weeks, one caused by a lightning strike on June 11, the other an hour-long glitch on July 19 that affected a half-dozen of its services.

It’s still not clear on the revenue impact that EC2 & S3 has on Amazon’s overall business as that’s lumped into earnings for other non-retail categories including credit cards, Amazon Enterprise Solutions, and other marketing activities. Though with the investments that they are making, I think we should expect Amazon to begin going after cloud-based compute & storage solutions.

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